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Computer, End Program

Posted on Mon Mar 26th, 2018 @ 2:35pm by Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas

Mission: For Honor
Location: Klingon Battle Cruiser
Timeline: Current

Caradan did not have any more fight within her. Every bit of her hurt. Pain surge throughout her being, both from the beatings and from her form attempting continuously to return to its natural state; to regenerate.

That infernal device though, inside her chest, kept that from happening.

Like an animal only an hour’s time from death and knowing it, she did not fight back and simply allowed the Klingons to do whatever was next in store for her.

Caradan was being dragged, face down, through the ship. Her arms stretched before her. The Klingon dragging her expressed his displeasure. They rather enjoyed their prey to fight back. Her complacency was an irritation to the Klingons. Not that she was going for the little victories. Caradan was waiting for death to come. That, or for the Tornado to show up for the big rescue.

Weightless again, Caradan realized she had been tossed through a doorway and into a room. She hit the floor and rolled to a stop. Still, she did not move her limbs even the slightest. She laid there how she landed; in a sorry lump not showing any signs of life.

She still had her thoughts though and pondered again if she really was alive. Most lifeforms had extensive and confusing biologies. Changelings only had one make-up that even Starfleet scientists were still debating was even biological. She had a conscience and had independent thought though. Did that mean she was alive?

The room shook slightly and Caradan looked about with just her eyes. It shook again and she realized it was the entire ship and not just the room. There came a loud bass rumble, the sound of sparks from outside and some Klingon voices. They were swearing.

Was the ship under attack? Had the Tornado finally shown up? Was Caradan to be rescued? She actually thought if she deserved rescuing. After what she had been through, after what her Klingon captors did to her, she wondered if dying right then and there was a better fate.

The shaking continued and a spray of sparks erupted inside the room she was in. The alarm went off and she could also here footfalls outside the door carrying crew members to and fro. There came phaser fire, some cries of pain. A few voices called out and then were silenced.

A boom ripped through the ship and Caradan was hoping it would simply fall apart and she would find herself being sucked out into the vacuum of space. She could die there. It would be cold and lonely, but at least she would be away from her Klingon torturers.

Someone started working at the door to the room she was in. Finally deciding to look around and take in the details, Caradan realized it was a holding cell in a Klingon brig. Someone must have been scanning for human life signs as she was still in her human form, more like stuck there. The door seemed to hesitate as it opened and Caradan did not here any footfalls carry anyone inside. There came a voice though, calling her name. It was a familiar voice. Something else was said and it registered to her as a gasp as they peered upon the pitiful sight of the Changeling in dire need of regeneration.

A hand softly grabbed her shoulder to turn her over. Still refusing to move her mimicked muscles even a bit, that hand grabbed her face to make her look at its owner.

“Min…do?” she asked in a broken voice.

“Cara, it’s me. We got your signal. I’m taking you home.”

“Min…do?” she asked again in disbelief as he started to lift her up.

Hope flooded into her conscience and she finally moved a muscle to aide him in lifting her.

“Take me away from here.”

“Don’t worry. I set up a nice vacation on Fes…” and his words were cut off by the point of a blade slicing through his neck and emerging under his chin. The rest of his thought came out as a horrific gurgle from both his mouth and the gash in his neck as it flapped against the Klingon steel.

Caradan slipped form his grasp and she fell to the floor. Shocking emotion ran through her as the love of her life was soon to be no more, as this daring rescue was suddenly reduced to death and destruction.

The attacking Klingon grabbed Mindo by his head and slung him to the side. Mindo’s soon to be lifeless body flopped onto the floor; his life blood pouring forth from his neck. Caradan rolled onto her belly and performed a slow low crawl toward Mindo and his wide and worried eyes gazed back at her. He attempted to speak but the only sound he found himself capable of making was more gurgling.

Close enough to touch him one last time, Caradan reached forward and extended her hand to touch him.

“Min…do. Hold…on…my…love,” she said with all the strength she had left.

Allowing her hand to fall onto his, “Computer, end program,” her ears registered and her hand fell onto the cold floor. Heavy feet brought the Klingon to her but she refused to see him as she was still reeling from seeing Mindo die so violently only to see him vanish.

The Klingon said nothing else. He did, however, grab a greedy handful of her hair and yank her up.

“Ayeee,” she called out as he yanked her about and dragged her from the room.

Last time it was Kalin who came to her rescue only to be decapitated. This time, it was Mindo.

She was dragged into the brig, the real brig this time. A Klingon on duty stood and the two spoke at short length. After they agreed on whatever they were talking about, Caradan was tossed like a sack of old clothing into a holding cell.

The Klingon on duty in the brig spat on her then turned to leave after activating the containment field.

Caradan simply laid there with that Klingon saliva oozing down her face.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Commander Shaqdac’s voice rang throughout the ship. “Attention Klingon vessel, you Sovereignty has ended. You are in violation of Klingon Imperial law. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded.”

The Klingon commander apparently did not like that very much as all the lights suddenly went red, an angered Klingon voice responded over the comms and the ship shook as though hit with phaser fire. The Klingon brig guard ran into the brig, grabbed his weapon from the desk and left again. With the door open, Caradan saw many Klingon’s running about and shouting orders. There came another tremble to the ship with an immediate report of a deep bass ripping throughout the corridors. More Klingon voices could be heard and Caradan picked up the Klingonese for “We are being boarded.”

There came a skirmish just outside the brig door. After a minute of phaser exchange, blades were drawn and the fighting turned to hand-to-hand. The sound of steel on steel contact was heard for a moment until it finally died and the door to the brig slid open.

Both Scott Erickson and Meera Deloria walked through. Both were bloodied, partly their own blood but mostly Klingon. Both had disheveled uniforms and hair but that was expected when engaging Klingons hand to hand. Meera ran to the brig computer and worked her magic in lowing the containment field.

“Lieutenant Eunidas,” said Scott as he ran up. “let’s get you out of here.” He gently lifted her up to a seated position then raised her arm, positioning his head underneath to help her stand and walk.

Hope coursed through Caradan again that, this time, the rescue was real. “You got my message?” she asked.

“We did. Lead us right to you. And the Captain. Another extraction team is closing in on her position.”

“The war?” Caradan was standing but stumbling. Scott aiding her provided enough stability.

“It’s over. The SoK is crumbling. You did it.”

Phaser fire streaked into the brig and Meera ducked behind the terminal to avoid being hit. She popped up and returned fire. Scott readied his phaser in his free hand and positioned himself, ready to fight his way out of the brig and off the Klingon ship.

“Meera. On three. One. Two. Three.”

Meera popped up to return fire but a disruptor blast ventured into her face and continued through her head impacting the wall behind. A spray of blood and brain matter trailed behind her and her body twitched as it fell lifeless to the floor.

Scott let go of Caradan as a Klingon warrior ran into the brig. Caradan fell into a lump on the floor but she guided her descent so as to land and watch the ensuing battle. To her horror though, Scott and the Klingon met with the bat’leth sinking itself into Scott’s chest. The Klingon headbutted him then caught him before he fell. With an iron grip around Scott’s throat, the Klingon lifted him up and began skewering Scott. Blood and entrails fell free as the Klingon continued to cut, hack, and slash at him. He continued to cut away at Scott even as his limbs fell limp and there was clearly no life left in him.

Caradan fell forward, again with the realization that this rescue had failed utterly and resulting in the deaths of all her would-be rescuers.

“Klingon vessel,” came Commander Shaqdac’s voice again, “You are in violation of…” and then the words were cut off. The Klingon ship shook. Not from phaser fire or a torpedo hit but from debris flying into it.

A Klingon voice rang throughout the ship expressing joy and a victory over their Starfleet enemies.

“Computer,” said the Klingon that killed Scott, “end program,” and Caradan found herself, once again, in a Klingon holodeck. The lifeless bodies of Meera and Scott faded away leaving Caradan alone with the Klingon. Stepping up to her, he kicked her in the side and turning her over; face down. A hard hand grabbed her ankle and yanked her about again, dragging her from the room.

The scene played itself out again. This time, Laurel Oakley was the one rushing into the room to rescue her, only to be cut in half.

Later, it was Keselowsky, who took a blade into the face and was choked to death.

Then it was Mindo again. Then Riaan and Ziara. Scott again. Later, it was Meera then Captain Takato.

All failed and all died.

Finally, Caradan was thrown into a room. Another room that was very similar to all the others. Her Klingon torturer did not care to restrain her or even activate a containment field. He just left her there, in the middle of the room. Caradan was face down and did not care to take in her surroundings. It was just going to be the same thing again and again and again. Failed rescues and her friends and loved ones dying over and over again.


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