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Ways to Unwind

Posted on Tue Mar 27th, 2018 @ 6:03pm by Lieutenant Davmorda Rex & Mindo "Mindos"

Mission: For Honor
Location: Mindos Quarters
Timeline: Current

With Lieutenant Eunidas currently off ship, Commander Shaqdac made Davmorda his temporary First Officer. It was not a position she ever thought she would hold, also no one she ever sought for, but the job had to be done and she was his first choice, perhaps his best choice. After all, it was only temporary; just until Caradan returned.

Davmorda had a little business to tend to but decided on a quick stop by the replimat. The Rex symbiont was being a little more restless than usual and Davmorda kept having to tell herself that she was not actually seeing the final glimpse of a child running about the Tornado each and every time she turned to look.

The stop by the replimat was for a few shots of vodka. That always seemed to remove the edge without leaving much in the way of side effects. Besides, Davmorda was on duty. The replimat knew that and she used her security clearance to override the replimat’s safety protocols.

With, what turned out to be, four shots burning their way down her esophagus, Davmorda went about her business. With the phantom child gone and her symbiont swimming in something of a drunken lucid dream, Davmorda was able to focus solely on her duties.

The first of her duties was to dismiss the security personnel standing outside the civilian quarters of Mr. Mindos. With a few taps on the terminal by the door, she removed all security restrictions applied to Mindos and returned his status to that of any standard civilian. He was no longer restricted as he was but also not given the access his counterpart enjoyed.

Davmorda then depressed the chime alerting Mindos of someone calling at his door.

Mindos lay on his bunk in the cramped quarters he'd been given. Since he wasn't exactly a VIP, he was denied the more luxurious guest quarters. He also did not get many visitors, and since he knew Caradan was off the ship, he guessed this visitor must be his other self.

The doors opened. He was dead wrong. Instead it was a very attractive Trill woman, no doubt both old and young, he thought. He sat up in his bed and gave her a good look.

"Hi," he said, reaching over to his night stand where a bottle of tranya sat uncorked. He took a swig and held out the bottle. "Thirsty?"

’Go on. Take it. Live a little.’

Davmorda was uncertain if that was her symbiont speaking or her own thoughts. Regardless, “No,” she lied. Still, she followed that up with, “Thank you.”

She stepped in, taking his offer of a drink as permission to enter. The door closed behind her and she stood erect in the middle of the room. Her hands behind her. “I am here on official business. The commander has decided that our scans from both Medical and Science have not yielded anything incriminating to you in regards to our previous assumptions that you could be a sleeper agent. In short, your civilian access has been reinstated and you are free to move about the ship as any civilian would. Without the watchful eye of Security or Intelligence I might add.”

Mindos took another drink and set the bottle back on the table. "Good to know," he said. "But I get the feeling that's not really why you're here." He gave her a questioning look. "Why wouldn't the CO tell me this in person? He hasn't even bothered to speak to me... come to think of it, I don't even know what he looks like." Mindos' sarcastic tone matched his other, that was for sure; but his approach to Davmorda differed somehow from the other one.

'We got us a live one.'

'Not now. In fact not ever.'

"Well the commander is a busy man." 'Yeah? Doing what' "I'm his yeoman and have been his personal assistant for some time now. I dare say I know Aki Shaqdac better than he knows himself. Whatever he needs, handing out orders, delivering reports..." 'killing people' "...I make it happen. It's my job."

She stepped forward a few steps almost involuntarily. "The commander wanted me to deliver this news to you and to see to your needs."

Mindos leaned back against the wall, still sitting on the bed. He was aware that he either needed to get a very stiff drink, or else have a very stiff time. This Trill woman was interesting. And Mindos had had a hard time keeping his urges down. For one thing, the other him hadn't been as generous with the drinks as he had hoped, and the replicator could only give him so much before the computer's stuck-up voice would, in so many words, "cut him off."

He did his best to keep his shakes down, but something had to give, and Cara was gone...

He sighed. "You see to his needs, you see to my needs... what do you need?" Now he leaned forward, bringing his knees to his chest and folding his arms over them. "A woman as stunning as you doesn't just land a job as some tight-lipped commander's play-thing. There's more to you. Much more, I think." He paused for a moment, giving it some thought.

Visions flashed through Davmorda's mind, visions of a Trill marine twisting some poor bastard's head around and enjoying each and ever crack that reported from the neck, visions of that same marine covered in blood, visions that remained within Davmorda's own memory from before she was Joined, of the number of guys and girls alike that she used to her advantage or pleasure then kicked to the curb when she was done with them. She was not yet done with Aki Shaqdac.

'Oh yes, there is so much more to US.'

Davmorda played easy to get only when it suited her. This was not one of those times. Really, she saw no scenario where the Feserian would ever suit her needs.

"My needs," her eyes danced a bit greedily to the bottle of Tranya. She had never tried the stuff but just knowing there was alcohol made the little worm inside her wiggle. "My needs are to finish my rounds, complete reports, then hit the gym."

'Wait. Don't leave. At least let him get a taste or have a touch. Twist his little arm around and pull that shoulder out of socket.'

Through Rex's memories, Davmorda noticed Mindos running a hand up and down that bottle and little sensually.

'Let him know what it means to...'

Davmorda straightened. "If there is nothing else..." She started to turn away.

Mindos leaned back again, his posture loosening. "You don't like me, do you? The other me, I mean."

She stopped in mid turn but did not turn her body back toward him, just her face. "I haven't dealt enough with the lieutenant to formulate an adequate answer. My situational awareness is quite attune however and I have read his responses to the commander. Contrary to you, the lieutenant has actually met Commander Shaqdac and Lieutenant Mindo shows no sign of trust or like toward the man. So much that I see that lack of trust spill over onto me. You see, it is not so much that I do not like him, but he does not like me."

'Oh, Dav sounds disappointed.'

"And that matters to me not one bit," she said almost angrily. "'Like' has no role to play whatsoever. I only aim to ensure that this crew is able to function adequately to perform their jobs."

Mindos let out a long sigh. "Hmmm... I see. Duty first. Well, if you ever want to unwind, or have a drink, you know where to find me."

"Hmmm," she nodded. “Cramped quarters, replicated alcohol and a computer that will cut you off. Not what I envision when I want to unwind.”

’And murdering holographic bad guys is?’

Davmorda started to finish turning away.

’Wait. Don’t crush his dreams and leave him to stew. Throw him a bone before you grind him down.’

“The holodeck,” she turned back to him, “1900 hours. That is if you wish to see how I unwind.”

Davmorda had heard rumors of Mindo’s holoprograms, his cabin and the love-making within. She could feel Rex mentally tapping its fictitious fingertips together in a villainous manner of one about to enjoy the look of surprise when the recipient of his plot realized the stark contrast in tastes.

“I must return to my duties.”


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