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Bumped Timeline

Posted on Wed Mar 14th, 2018 @ 6:47am by Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson

Mission: For Honor
Location: Intelligence Office
Timeline: Current

Scott sat quietly in his office while he listed to the hum of the main computer computer working on some of his deeper complicated searches. He had placed his leg on top of his desk and his arms behind his head.

Just as he was starting to dose off, his computer came back with some answers.

He pulled up the data regarding the Brigadier General in charge of Personnel for the Marine Corps. He pulled up personal logs, after mission reports and even communication logs. The process for the Meera Deloria being discharged from starfleet and returned back home. The process was too fast and to quick.

It left Scott with an odd feeling ever since it happened. Normally the standard process for discharge if for an open communication to the said persons commanding officer, form their the person in question would be send to the brig and removed of ranking while a court of law would be presented with the information for discharge. Even dishonorable discharges are still treated with the same regulations.

The process that the General submitted the changes are not like him. He is the closest to thing to a 'standard by the book officer' then the book itself.

Per the files that Scott had on him, he made sure that every transfers, discharge, assignment, and promotion goes through every step like it's supposed to, now to suddenly throw the book out an airlock for the discharge of a marine.

Scott pulled previous information on the based generals that had also been assigned to the top to the marines most of the had been by the book, others where simply paper pushers. One thing he was hopping for did stand out.

Every similar discharge that was done in less then a week versus a standard process of 2 to 3 months. Something was starting to look familiar. Black mail.

Now, all he needed to find out is who was behind it. And what kind of trouble could the general get into that would warrant him being blacked mailed. Especially being 2 years from retirement.

He still had a few terabytes of data left to cycle over to confirm if blackmail is behind it. Once he is ready with more solid evidence and once the Tornado get's back to Federation space he will find a way to get Meera back into her post.

For now he downloaded the logs for the last 6 months into a padd and encrypted the data he had now. It was 0200 and he hadn't had more then a few hours of sleep for the last week and a half.

He made it back to his quarters and laid in bed reading the first part of the logs.



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