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New Cellmate

Posted on Wed Mar 28th, 2018 @ 2:07pm by Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas & Ryoko Takato

Mission: For Honor

The lights flashed on. Ryoko had no idea how long she had been kept in the room and in utter darkness, but the sudden emergence of light, filling the room, was a frightening surprise.

There was commotion outside the door. Some Klingons spoke and the metal door squeaked loudly at is slid open. A large Klingon stood in the door way with a severely disheveled and soiled Starfleet personnel over his shoulder. The Starfleet crewmember did not move or make any commotion at all and could have passed as being dead.

“Your new cellmate,” was all the Klingon said to Ryoko. He handled his prisoner harshly and threw her into the air.

The prisoner was female. And it was Caradan.

She landed on the floor without any attempt to control her landing. Caradan rolled like a limp sack of clothing and stopped in a position that any human would find highly uncomfortable.

The Klingon turned without further words and left. The door close behind him.

Ryoko looked on and did not see any movement at all from Caradan. She did shake minutely but gave no indication to right herself, to make herself comfortable. She had no words. Closer inspection showed that Caradan had been beaten repeatedly. Her uniform was torn, soiled, and bloodied. She was cut in many places. She bled as well but no blood actually fell free. Being a part of her being, it was forbidden from falling away. It was, after all, only mimicked blood.

Caradan’s hair was dry and matted. Her skin was discolored in places due to bruising, but mostly from not being able to regenerate. There were cracks in her skin and some seemed to want to flake off. Her uniform, in places, seemed to merge with her skin.

It all became clear that something was keeping Caradan in her form and disallowing her to regenerate and any Changeling that could not regenerate would eventually dry out and die. On top of all that, it was obvious that Caradan was abused by her Klingon captors; abused in almost every way imaginable.

Looking pretty beaten up herself and weaken from all the sessions. Ryoko smirks and shook her head "You never learn to listen to you..." She stated and kneels next towards Caradan "Getting captured to find me is a foolish attempt at your humor."

Caradan merely shook when she heard Ryoko's voice. Without lifting her head, without rolling over, without moving even the slightest, "C...C...Cap...Captain," she managed.

She placed her hand on Caradan shoulder and that made her flinch and gasp, "Stay down Lieutenant, rest a bit. I bet you have some big story to tell me how you even possible ended up here don't you" Ryoko spoke as placed her now long hair back on her back and gave a soft smile at her.

The Changeling mumbled something; a short phrase. She said it again. Still mumbling, but more coherent this time, "Computer, end program," as though she thought this was all some sort of simulation. She flinched again under Ryoko's hand. "Computer...end program." Caradan made no other movement save to bring a hand up to her face wiping her eyes. The Changeling seemed to be weeping. "End program."

Still, Ryoko kept her hand on the Changeling, and Caradan still flinched as thought it was all the strength she had left in an attempt to escape.

“You…” said Caradan weakly, “you’re not real. They’ll kill you…if you try…to rescue me.”

After a short pause, she tried again with, “Computer, end program.” She followed that up with what seemed to be the last bit of strength and managed to shout, “Go away?”


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