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My 2 Mindos II: Mindos Interview

Posted on Wed Mar 28th, 2018 @ 2:26pm by Crewman Joey Logano & Lieutenant JG Mindo "Minduno" & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson & Ivy Sharzin & Chief Petty Officer Davi Ran
Edited on on Wed Mar 28th, 2018 @ 2:35pm

Mission: For Honor
Location: Science Lab
Timeline: BACKPOST (Immediately After Meeting of the Minds)


Lieutenant Mindo had left the room, and now it was Sharzin, Wallace, Logano, and the version of Mindo known as Mindos.

“Computer," said Ivy, "close the door and begin recording of audio, video, and lifesign function changes of all present.” She watched the door close slowly and then heard what sounded like a vacuum seal to the room.

There was an audible chirp sound, then the computer responded, “Recordings have been initiated.”

Ivy glanced at Wallace and Logano with a slight smile before turning to Mindos. Ivy felt that she wanted to do this in a positive way and not with hostility. “Before we begin, I would like to confirm how you would like to be addressed by us at this time? That is to say, what would you prefer that we call you?”

Mindos shrugged. "My name is Mindo. I guess you can call me Mindo. The other Mindo suggested he be referred to 'Minduno' while I would be referred to 'Mindos.' But who's to say I'm the second Mindo? What if I'm the first?"

“Hmm,” Crewman Wallace let out a singular nasal laugh in a ‘that’ll be the day’ sort of way. “If you claim to be Mindo and you don’t have memories of you and I nearly dying on that Klingon death planet, then there’s no doubt about it. You ain’t real.”

Mindos eyed Wallace with a severe look. "Say that to my face, Crewman," he said. "I'll show you who's real."

Ivy looked at each as they spoke. She realized that this was not going well, and definately not in the direction she hoped.

"Sorry," Wallace started in a sarcastic manner, "Can't stoop that low. I'm also forbidden from striking a civilian."

"Can't stoop that low?" Mindos laughed. "What, you have a bad back? Also, I happen to be a lieutenant on this ship. You can give the position to the other guy, but I have just as much experience and knowledge as him, and that includes my extensive self-defense training."

Ivy wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t want this interview to turn into an interrogation, let alone an altercation.

What Mindos didn't say was his "extensive" self-defense training mostly consisted of someone getting punched several times in the knee until finally they got a good hold and punched the hell out of the little guy. The fights were never very long, but Mindo never once submitted. His alcohol consumption dulled his senses to where he didn't really feel much pain. Usually his opponent would get tired and throw him down and say something like, "Stay away from my girlfriend," and then walk off with bloody knuckles and sore knees. While Mindo was impervious to hangovers, he wasn't impervious to waking up sober the next day. He'd always been told hangovers were very painful. Mindo's "hangovers" often included bruised ribs, a black eye, and a note from someone saying, "I don't think this is going to work out. You're a really nice guy and..." and then words Mindo never bothered to finish reading. Lather, rinse, repeat the next week. This was what he thought of when he heard the words "Starfleet Academy."

Reminded of this, Mindos reached up to feel the scar on his forehead acquired from a particularly bad night. It was a small, sensitive line at the edge of his hairline. The real Mindo, he knew, would have that scar. Sure enough, he felt the soft scarred tissue just under his hairline. It felt smaller than he remembered, but that could just be his imagination.

Ivy spoke up nervously, “Gentlemen! We will not have an argument, debate, nor fight.” She turned to the Crewman, “Mr. Wallace, you will refrain from instigating Mindo, or I will have to ask you to leave.”

Joey kept himself quiet, trying to ignore the situation and the exchange.

"Aye ma'am," said Wallace. "That was unprofessional of me. That will not happen again." He stood back against the wall near the entrance.

With that situation quelled, Ivy turned back to the interview, “Mindo, what do you feel your perception of time is to this time on this ship? That is to say, do you feel you are from our future, our past, or another dimension?”

Mindos toyed with the idea of claiming to be from the future with some kind of horrible message, but as that was not the truth he decided to answer seriously.

"I'm from here," he said. "I have no knowledge of the future and I'm definitely not from another dimension. As for the past, aren't we all technically from the past?"

"The past can also be manipulated. Excuse me while I check with rest of the science lab,” Scott replied.

This gave Logano something new to ponder over. All the test showed that this version of Mindo had the same quantum signature as everything else in this universe, so he was definitely from this universe. But, from a different time…? Joey worked his controls to put that to the test.

Ivy looked to Lt. Erickson with a question, but didn’t ask. She gave him a nod then returned her focus to Mindo. “Mindo, what is the last ship’s mission you took place?”

Mindo thought hard, trying to remember the last days before he woke up in the strange place.

"It was shortly after you arrived," he said to Ivy. "Takato was still Captain. Cara... I mean Lt. Eunidas, had just taken over as first officer. I remember my confession about the Rhys... after that, it's all a blank."

“Ma’am,” came Joey with a raised hand. “That does make sense.” Joey started into a brief history; a time Ivy might not have fully remembered as she was still developing. “Captain Takato was captured and we warped back to Starfleet Command. We got a new commanding officer, who brought a Yeoman with him. There were many people on and off the ship during that time. We even lost a few personnel. If someone did manage to acquire a DNA sample of Lieutenant Mindo, they could have gotten it offship.”

Ivy listened intently to the Crewman, then looked thoughtful before turning and looking at Mindo as she questioned Logano, “Are you speculating that this Mindo might be a duplicate made from a DNA sample, where genetic memory was retained within the sample?” Ivy the looked at Logano for a direct answer.

“It is only a theory,” Joey responded. He stepped up to Mindos with his tricorder and performed a scan. “In my study of xenoarchaeology and theory, the Klingons have always been trying to produce a clone of Kahless to include his memories but they have always failed. There is speculation that the Obsidian Order, the Tal Shiar even, are attempting just that; to produce a clone whose original memories could be triggered. I could not put it passed Section 31 to look into the same thing.” He finished his scan and browsed through the results. “Again, there is no proof…” he looked at Mindos, “yet…that this is even possible.” He returned to the station he was working from. “You would need more than a simple skin sample though. Brain tissue…would be my best guess. Something from the memory cortex.” He ended with a shrug. “This is all theoretical of course.” He looked at his terminal then sprang up with an idea. “Perhaps if Lieutenant Mindo has a gap in his memory. Some memory he may not even know is missing at the moment. Something profound maybe, but not frequently thought on. But a memory that this Mindo possesses. That could be a sign of success in this theory.” Joey ended his monologue and suddenly had a terrible thought that if this was true, then the Mindo clone would have more complete memories than the original Mindo. The debate of who is the real Mindo would never end.

Ivy listened intently to the long explanation by the Crewman. She kept one eye-pod on Legano, while the other one on Mindo to see his reaction. Since her compound eye-pods work independently, she had this capability.

Joey admired Ivy for her uniqueness and her abilities. He has to dwell on that later though as there was work to be done. “If you two,” he looked between Ivy and Mindos, “would continue this Q&A session, perhaps we will find something that the Lieutenant is missing. We could put this theory to the test.”

Ivy looked thoughtfully for a moment before looking at Mindo, “Are you acceptable to continue?”

"Sure," replied Mindos. "Yes."

Ivy looked thoughtful again, remembering Mindo’s last comment about his memories. Ivy asked, “What do you recall after leaving the Tornado? Faces, names, locations?”

Mindo thought hard, trying to piece together what little he remembered. "It's all a big blur of images and feelings. To be honest, I can't even remember how I got here. I remember the feeling of needing to get here, but I can't remember the details. I remember images and feelings. Fear, confusion, a bright light, a cavern... the one thing that stayed with me the whole time was the need to get back here. Back home."

Ivy considered the words and phrasing used in his explanation. Before he was quite arrogant, defending that he was the real ‘Mindo’, but now he wasn’t sure about many things, let alone how he arrived onto the Tornado just a few minutes ago. She glanced at her time piece, thinking to herself Over an hour ago now.

Joey was making notes at his terminal. Primary, he was concerned with how Mindos worded his response; his speaking of ‘needing’ without actually knowing how he achieved that need. ’Sounds a little like mental programming. Recipients of such procedures normally have undying wills to accomplish a certain task, typically without explanation save for a ‘need’ to get it done.’ He finished writing and continued looking over scans while listening on.

Ivy continued the interrogation with understanding, “I understand that you feel uncertain and confused, but I think that things will become more clear as we progress. Wouldn’t you like that as well?”

Mindos swallowed, his mouth was getting dry, and the effects of the alcohol were wearing off. Things were going to get much harder for Mindos if that happened.

"I would like that," Mindos replied. "I need something to drink."

"I can replicate you a glass of water," said Joey enthusiastically. He immediately stood and started toward the replicator.

"Do you have any bourbon?" Mindos asked. He could already feel himself getting irritable.

Joey stopped in his tracks, mere feet from the replicator. He looked back at Mindos then to Ivy with a questing look upon his face as though asking her, the ranking officer in the room, if it was advisable to provide Mindos with alcohol.

Ivy found Joey looking at her, and it took a minute for her to understand. “Ohh,” she exclaimed, and considered what was said earlier about alcohol and Mindo. “Yes. Proceed crewman.” Ivy turned to Mindo, “I think that just might be what the doctor ordered.” She actually recalled that phrase from a Earth novel she had resently read.

Joey continued to the replicator. He was unsure if allowing the consumption of alcohol was a good idea, especially if withholding it meant the possible revelation of whatever or whoever this Mindo duplicate was. It seemed Ivy knew what she was doing however. “Computer, one glass of…bourbon.” The computer took an additional moment as it immediately recognized the user as a crewman and not a commissioned officer.

=^=”Ranking officer security clearance code required,”=^= said the computer.

Joey turned back to Ivy as the computer awaited her credentials.

Ivy was very surprised to see that everyone was looking at her. She had felt comfortable about asking the necessary questions and guiding them all through the process, but it was just now that Ivy Sharzin realized that she was the ‘Ranking’ Officer in the current group. She sat up a little straighter and took on a more confident expression and said, “Computer. Security authorization: Delta, Five, Echo, Epislon, three, Eight.”

A second later there was a chime, and the computer stated, “Authorization recognized.” The replicator then activated, providing a 4 ounce glass of brown liquid.

Joey thanked the computer as he always did, grabbed the glass and took it over to Mindos. Joey felt that was an awful small amount. He had heard of Feserian physiology. Being one to avoid the consumption of alcohol himself, he was decidedly unsure if that was an adequate amount. Perhaps though it was enough just to take the edge off, but to leave Mindos still teetering on the edge. An interrogation tactic?

"There you go," he said as he placed the glass by Mindos. Joey returned to his terminal.

"Thank you," said Mindos. He was a little disappointed at the amount the computer had given him, but he downed the bourbon and didn't complain. Now wasn't the time to be picky.

Mindos looked around the room now and saw everyone watching him. He suddenly felt very self-conscious.

Ivy tilted her head as she recognized some change in Mindo, but not certain what it meant.

"Why are you all staring at me as if I'm going to go crazy and start killing everyone?" he asked.

Ivy glanced at the others in the room and then back at Mindo, “What else can you tell us? Any detail can be important.”

"If I may," said Joey with a raised hand. He could see that Ivy, though technically an officer, was quite inexperienced with her questions. So was Joey to be true, but, after having served on the Tornado for some time, he heard plenty of rumors. ", Mr. Mindo, could you tell us a few things regarding your previous assignment; the," he looked at his PADD, "U.S.S. Rhys. I understand there were some goings-on that Starfleet Security and Intelligence were interested in."

Mindos sighed, not wanting to delve into the whole matter again. It was now a matter of public record, but he understood why they would ask that question. The real Mindo would know everything that happened.

Ivy saw the reaction from Mindo, realizing that there was quite a bit of history in his current file that she was not aware. She knew that somethings information might be released as unclassified for public consumption, but kept in appendages that have to be requested to be seen. Sharzin was very curious now and looked to Mindo.

"I was on the USS Rhys for about a year and eight months. During that time I was the subject of horrible acts involving sexual molestation, blackmail, and embezzling. The Captain of the Rhys, a man named Drake Davies, was working closely with a man named Robert Willford in a plot to steal money from a foreign government. The account they used to launder the money from was in my name. When I found this out, Davies threatened to release private information about me if I didn't confess to his crime. After I confessed, I was questioned by Vice Admiral Bradford Chase about the incident. I told him everything, but I wanted it kept secret. He arranged a demotion and reassignment for me as an easy punishment. That's how I was assigned here as an Ensign. As it turns out, Captain Rhys' dirty deeds reached far and wide, and a few weeks before I arrived here, Rhys died in his home on Earth."

He didn't add the part about Chase using him and his friend Greep for his own gain, or the part about Greep being an agent for Starfleet Intelligence and the one who personally killed Captain Rhys under orders from Chase. Almost all of that was classified information, and Mindo was not authorized to share it.

Ivy looked at Logano, “Does that information fit with what you…ahem, know from the files?”

“Apologies Ma’am,” said Joey, “but the information regarding Lieut…Mr…um… well, his time on the Rhys is categorized as secret. It will take a command security code to unlock it. I’m afraid no one in this room has that clearance.

Davi looked up to Joey as he had kept quite taking notes on Mindos vitals. "Maybe Erickson should be in here to determine the validation of that information..." He replied.

Ivy disagreed, “No. I do not wish to change the structure of the questioning…for now. We can confirm this data with Mr. Erickson later.

Joey continued. “It does however, agree with the…um…rumor mill aboard the Tornado. Perhaps,” he turned to the workstation he was sitting at, “perhaps this level of security means interference with Starfleet Intelligence and not just Security. Mr. Mindo,” he turned to Mindos and felt a bit more comfortable calling him ‘mister’, “You were copied. For some reason, you were copied and duplicated. Only someone in the highest levels of Intelligence could pull something off so controversial and secret. Section 31 even. Tell us, do you have any experience dealing with SF Intelligence, someone who came across as Section 31 or someone perhaps hiding their true rank and position, someone with an underlying agenda?”

Ivy remained quiet as she became irritated that Mr. Logano had jumped to a major conclusion, which most likely was true. But, that didn’t excuse his in appropriate announcement.

"I wouldn't know," said Mindo. "But I think Greep would."

“Greep?” Ivy asked abruptly. “Who’s Greep?”

"Greep is one of my Engineers... and my friend," said Mindo. "And he knows a lot more about these things than I or my double even know. You should be able to find him in Engineering."

"Um," Joey raises his hand. He knew Ivy was not yet entirely familiar with the crew of the ship. She had only spent one day in Engineering. Despite Greep being one you could never forget upon meeting him, Ivy probably never met the man. "I am sorry to say this...but...Crewman Greep has not been a part of this crew since..." he looked between Ivy and Mindos, "since we last returned to Federation Space. His whereabouts or current assignment," he said as he looked at his PADD, "are unknown at this time. That, and Greep's updated profile is sealed." Joey shook his head as he turned his focus to Ivy. "Not even Commander Shaqdac has authorization to unlock this file."

“What?!” Ivy called out, realizing that Mindo had said the same thing.

"What?!" Mindos was shocked. "Why did he... where did he..." Something occurred to him then, but he dare not say it. He knew where Greep was. Or rather, who Greep was with. But he dare not say it. His own life could be in jeopardy, as could his double's. Despite everything, Mindos still cared about his double.

"Greep wouldn't have left without saying goodbye," said Mindos. "Maybe the other me knows more about that. But I'm on empty. I don't know what else to tell you."

Joey looked up from his readings and focused his attention on Ivy. "Ma'am, based on these readings, there is no doubt that he is telling the least he thinks he is." Looking back at his readings for a double-check, Joey reaffirmed that Mindos was telling the truth based on his memories whether they were fabricated or not. He looked back to Ivy and gave a nod.

Ivy understood the situation. She gave a confirming nod to Logano. She turned to Mindo, “I believe, for the moment, that we have enough information to report to the Captain, drawing specific conclusions.” She lastlooked at the faces in the small room and asked, “Are there any further relevant questions to be asked of Mindo before we close?” She looked again at each of the faces.

"I have nothing further to add ma'am," said Joey.

“Very well then,” Ivy stated professionally, “Mr. Mindo, thank you for your answers. Security will take you back to your quarters until this matter is resolved.”


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