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Make Sure They're Ready

Posted on Thu Mar 22nd, 2018 @ 1:46pm by Lieutenant Davmorda Rex & Petty Officer 3rd Class Taru Eclipse

Mission: For Honor
Location: Replimat
Timeline: Current

Davmorda entered the replimat. She finished scanning information displayed on her PADD and set it to standby as she stepped up to the replicator.

“Steak, medium-well and…” she looked around and shooed something away from her ear, “two slices of cheese pizza topped with the Trillius Prime wild sabrebeast ground meat. One glass of water.”

The replicator came to life and produced her order. Taking it and turning, she scanned the room. There were plenty of people spread about. All seemed to be engaged in conversation. It suited Davmorda fine if there was no one to join as she rather enjoyed her alone time, even when among many others.

But…’just look at that specimen of a man.’

“Shut up you.”

But the man caught her eye already and she found herself walking up to the Tornado’s Master at Arms. She recalled his profile. “Petty Officer Taru Eclipse,” she said as she stepped up to him, “may I join you?”

Taru was surprised as to what had just happened. With the welcoming party being over, he had expected a lull of peace and quiet as the rest of the crew quietly scrutinized him. Looks like they decided to do so early on though.

“Of course Lieutenant Rex... so what can I do for you?” He politely stated

Davmorda lowered herself into the seat across the table from Taru. She adjusted her plate and silverware. “You seem to have already reviewed my profile.” She gave a smile of impression. “Do allow me to formally introduce myself. I am Lieutenant Davmorda Rex. Yeoman to the Tornado and personal assistant to Commander Shaqdac.” She looked at her plate; at the dish most would consider strange. Which should she cut into first; the steak or the pizza? Steak? Or pizza?

She decided to attack the steak first. “And a joined Trill whose symbiont has a past as a Marine.”

“Could you please elaborate on that last thing you said?” Taru said, “ ‘Cause I’m afraid I didn’t understand what you meant...” He thought about what he had just said, shook his head slowly, nodded and said “ please forget what I have just said — as it was rude of me to ask...”

“Quite alright,” though the man seemed to have more in common with Refkin than she initially assessed, “being a Joined Trill can be confusing at times even for me.” She chewed a bit on her steak. “Though I am a Yeoman, without any training in security, my symbiont’s previous host was a Trill Elite Marine. This means that I have all of the memories of Rex’s previous host while they were joined. Essentially, I remember the Marine training of my previous host. So,” she swallowed then started to cut at her pizza, “if you ever have trouble finding someone to take part in combat drills, ever want to spar, or just need some pointers, then I shall endeavor to avail myself to you.”

“Thank you for the explanation, and for the acknowledgment of knowing how to spar, but what is life usually like up at the top ranks and with Command?” Taru asked, knowing full well the answer to his question.

“Tedious,” was how she started that explanation as she took a bite of pizza. “Filled with reports, schedule rotations and handing out of responsibilities. My time is usually spent behind a desk where I find myself longing for physical exertion.” She swallowed. “Most of my days are advising the captain and handing out of orders from the top.” She tapped on her PADD. “I have something here for you as a matter of fact.”

“Ok then, but should I view it on your PADD or on mine?” He said as he took a sip of water from a glass that appeared to have come out of nowhere.

“I have not synced it yet with the main computer.” Davmorda placed her hand on her PADD and slid it her way, away from Eclipse. No one looked upon her PADD but her and her alone. “I will once I get back to my office. Essentially though, Command wants you and Ensign Reis to devise a refresher course on how to, non-threateningly, deal with Klingons. This station we are docked with has Klingons from both the Empire and the Sovereignty. Just like their previous Civil War, Klingons like to meet, drink together and taunt each other. They are quite violent in their display but they do keep from inflicting any major injury and do refrain from killing each other as they wish to meet their enemy in battle, not in a bar. You job is to set up a course to educate others to how they should behave toward the Klingons without getting themselves killed. The crew of the Tornado is free to leave the ship and enter the station, but anyone doing so needs to get approval from you and Ensign Reis first. Basically, you two are to make sure they are ready.”

“Understood” replied Taru while thinking of the order and what his refresher course would include. “Any other orders and/or commands that need following through or issuing?” He stated with a grin on his face.

’What time do you get off shift?’


’My quarters afterwards.’

“No,” Davmorda said with a slightly raised voice. She immediately caught herself. “I mean, no,” she said to Taru. “None at this time.”

’Come on. At least get to know the guy. Then you can…’

“If I may ask,” she broke in on that thought, “how is it that you ended up in Starfleet?”

“How I ended up in Starfleet? Hmm... Well I started working for the Government in San Francisco, which is where I found out about Delta Squad, which is an elite but classified unit based on Earth as a last defense and as guards. I applied, well - I got forced to, and joined the unit. After finishing my term of duty, I asked and received a commission to Starfleet Academy. There I majored in Weaponry and zoology and afterwards took The Advanced Tactical Training. I graduated Valedictorian and served on some vessels. And now I am here. But how did you end up in Starfleet?” Taru asked politely but with enough force for the question to be capable of being an order.

A wave of anger started to take Davmorda. I appeared as though a hand suddenly placed upon her should from behind. But, as she had grown accustomed to the source, she took a breath and quelled it immediately. It was not very often that people would inquire about her past.

“I was honestly afraid that I would never be Joined.”


“In light of that, I decided to have nothing to do with Trillius Prime at all. So, I left. I ended up on Earth and, after weighing many options, I decided to enroll in Starfleet. Without a set focus for my studies, I decided upon Yeomanship.”

’No direction either. Until I came along.’

“I worked to develop my body and to discipline my mind. However, and this was completely unexpected, I received a communique informing me that I was selected for Joining. I became Joined with the Rex symbiont. Suddenly, all the thoughts of what I would do as a Joined Trill came back to me, but I was urged to remain in Starfleet. As I was nearly done with my training anyway. Though I pondered changing my focus to security, weaponry, or even Marines…you see Rex’s previous host was a Trill Elite Marine…I eventually decided to continue my studies as a Yeoman.”

’What you need is man…with strength and direction.’

“I am now the personal assistant to Commander Shaqdac. What he needs done…”


“…I get done.” Davmorda finished and looked at her plate. Half eaten steak and pizza. Like Davmorda and Rex; quite the combination.

“Alrighty... well I’ll be right back” he said as he got up and started towards the replimat, after all, he was hungry. He ordered filet mignon and a set of sushi. Got his food, and then came back. He sat back down and said somewhat quietly, “what? I’m hungry.” Then he dug into his meal.

“Understandable,” Davmorda said. “People as active as you and I do require our caloric intakes,” she glanced down at her pizza, “as well as our proteins,” she glanced at her steak. Seeing his sushi and steak she realized that, maybe characteristically, they were one and the same.

’Perhaps we could be one and the same.’

Davmorda started to cut into her pizza again.

’Invite him to your bed and…’

She cut into it quite viciously.

“If you do need any assistance,” she broke in over the thoughts invading her mind, “with creating a curriculum, do let me know.”


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