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I Can Do This

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 5:53pm by Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas & Commander Aki Shagdac

Mission: For Honor
Location: Tornado Ready Room
Timeline: Immediately following "Arrival at RaQ'Al"

Caradan was on Shaqdac’s heels toward his Ready Room as she handed control of the conn to Hamilton. She was quick to speak even before the door had a chance to close, before Aki had a chance to sit down.

“Captain,” she said, “I have an idea that I’ve been working on and I see this as the perfect window of opportunity.” She straightened before his desk as he was seated. “You don’t like me and I understand and accept that, but please hear me out on this. My abilities, as a Changeling, have improved greatly with Lieutenant Rrareth’s help and guidance. I’ve actually managed to fool a tricorder into reading me as human. I am certain I can do the same as a Klingon. Let me go on an away mission; a solo mission to infiltrate the Sovereignty of Kahless. I can mimic my way into their ranks. I will strive to find the location of Captain Takato and even…” she wanted to sweeten the scenario, “…even see about toppling the SoK and possibly ending this civil war. I have a plan that could throw the Sovereignty into chaos.”

Letting a deep breath go "I never stated that I dislike you, Lieutenant, I dislike your kind that I had to bare with" Aki stated looking at Caradan "We are taking risk here by even docking at that base" He started looking at the base out of the window "But it might be our only chance to get closer into their ranks. So without the consult of Starfleet, I agree with this and I want you to use the SoK vessel to get behind their borders and locate Takato or any Starfleet personnel" Looking at Caradan "So get in there, get the info and get out. We will beat them up so they are forced to pull back"

“I…” Caradan taken somewhat aback. She had misread Aki into thinking he did not like her for what she was, only to find out that he liked her for who she had become, despite what she was. It still hung with her, that time he refused to acknowledge her gender of choice despite his accuracy in stating that she was just a Changeling and neither male nor female. He still appeared to harbor some reservations but it did seem that this captain had found some acceptance of his XO.

“I thank you captain,” though she did expect more of a fight from him. At this though, this seeming end to all things, when the stakes could not be higher, any idea that seemed to have even the slightest chance of success seemed like a good idea, despite the risk.

Suddenly though, the weight of what she proposed fell upon her. It suddenly became real that she offered herself to head out, alone, to infiltrate a vessel filled with enemy Klingons to perform a mission that could invariably end in her death.

Caradan, the Changeling who only wanted to fix things and entered Starfleet to become an engineer, that Changeling that vowed not to impersonate anyone and to use her abilities for good, was now offering herself and her abilities to infiltrate, to possibly kill, to overthrow, and possibly topple a government. Still, the resulting good seemed to outweigh all the negativity.

“I can do this, Captain. I will not settle on anything less than success. I will reveal the location of Captain Takato and other prisoners. I will unleash chaos among their ranks. I will get a message out to you as to where to find me.”

"I know you can, but keep your focus on starfleet personnel. I know you are personal affection towards Captain Takato, but please look at the bigger picture" Aki replied looking at Caradan "Just be carefull out there"

“Bigger picture,” Caradan said lowly to herself as her eyes drifted downward. She snapped back to attention, looking Shaqdac in the eye. “I will, sir. Await my signal. If there is to be a shooting, then please have as many Klingons loyal to the Empire with you.”

"Be safe number one, I will try to mock the SoK at the base. Get prepared for infiltration" Aki said as he stood up and yawns a bit "Lets pick a fight..."

"Aye sir," Caradan said with something of a smile. "We'll need to make a show of it to get things started. Allow some of the crew aboard the station to socialize. I'll pick a fight and show the others my support for the SoK."


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