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New Protocol?

Posted on Thu Mar 22nd, 2018 @ 1:47pm by Crewman Darrell Wallace & Ensign Elena Reis & Petty Officer 3rd Class Taru Eclipse

Mission: For Honor
Location: Security
Timeline: Current

Taru "marched" swiftly into the door of the Security Office and announced: "Petty Officer 3rd Class Eclipse here. I have an appointment with Ensign Reis about Protocol..." He stopped realizing he had rammed head first into the door, as his armor was still on(He must have fallen asleep with it on). Then he passed through the now open doors and looked in for the first time at both the Security Office. Once again he started: "Petty Officer 3rd Class Eclipse here. I have an appointment with Ensign Reis about Protocol..."

Crewman Wallace was at the desk going over reports as the new chief marched in. Darrell was, at first, taken aback by the man in the bulky Starfleet tactical armor. Thinking the man a bit overzealous, Darrell understood that some zeal was what the ship and crew needed.

Darrell put down the PADD he was looking at and stood before the man who was technically his superior. "Chief Eclipse I presume. I shall summon the Ensign right away."

Darrell went to the door to Elena's office and chimed his presence.

"Its open, Darrell," Reis said, her voice just a bit pitched as if she was waiting for an excuse to stop doing whatever paperwork had been given to her.

"Ensign Reis," said Darrell, "there is a Cheif Petty Officer Eclipse here to see you."

"Wait." Reis spoke from the office, rustling around after something for a minute and then giving a go ahead. Then the door to the office, with the hybrid officer standing there with a slight smile.

"Ensign Elena Reis," The cygnian introduced herself, her tone shifting a bit as she noticed the armor on the newcomer. "Acting Chief of Security and Tactical." She cast Wallace a glance and then back to Eclipse, before she motioned back to the office. "We can talk in here." She said softly before moving aside to give Eclipse space to enter the office.

Taru took a seat, got up, got out of his armor, and then finally sat back down. “Ensign Reis, could you first brief me on the current protocol and then afterwards we will get to the phaser assignment simulation ideas...”

"Current protocol, yes..." Reis said softly before wrapping back around to 'her' desk. "Just standard. Shifts are set by the Captain, we'll assign them as we can - but we have a tiny department, so expect to pull double shifts from time to time, as we are required to have security personnel on duty at all times." She took a breath, "As for phaser protocol. All our department is required to have proficiency, and of course on duty security officers should carry type two phasers when on appropriate duty. Type three phasers can be handed out during red alert situations." She paused for a moment. "I have a list of operations and other personnel qualified to carry phasers." She blinked her large eyes and smiled, "What were your thoughts?"

“First of all, I will need that list. Second, I need an exact inventory of all available weaponry. Umm... and I was thinking about having a phaser located in the bridge as a last line of defense...” Taru stated. After a second of what looked like deep thought, Taru asked “Would it also be possible to utilize one of the Holodecks for training and/or testing? I would like to see where I stand compared to the rest of the Department.”

"You're Master-at-Arms. The armory manifest should be available to you, and I'll send over the list." She paused, "As a quick rundown. We have enough type one and type two for most of the ship, and about twenty type three phasers total, either standard rifles or modified. On the manifest at least." She added. "As for the bridge, we keep one type two phaser at each security station locked."

She tapped around on her computer console for a moment, her large eyes scanning the crew manifest as it showed who was proficient in Type Three Phasers. As the computer finished compiling them, she sent the file to the Master-at-Arms. "As for Holodeck time, we can use them for training purposes, yes. I can secure one. Were you thinking just a phaser training course, or something more complex?"

I was think about having a phaser training course combined with a simulated boarding of our ship by enemies, in order to create something that could happen. And it shouldn’t just include security personnel as we can’t be everywhere, so I’d include at least one member of each department into our training program, at least for a little bit.

"I think we could set that up. Close quarters simulations are probably a good idea." Reis sighed lightly and looked across the room for a moment before taking a moment to add an idea. "Not all departments. Medical should be exempt. Any other non-combatants. Close related groups like Intel and Ops should probably send two." She said. "And I have to ask," She realized she needed to be a bit more of a chief for a second, "What do we gain from this beyond some increased readiness? And what are we measuring within the teams?"

“The simulations would be a way of measuring competence and a harmless way at improving mistakes that could end up in someone having to report to the Med-Bay. Of course increased readiness is great, but i would definitely like to view how others within the Department would cope with such situations...” Taru stated. If it’s of no trouble though...”

"Not a bad idea." Elena said quietly. "I'll get clearance, but I can't promise when we'll be able to do it." She waited for a second and gave a smirk, "Anything else official, Petty Officer? Or unofficial?" Reis asked softly.

“Well... not really Ensign...” He replied. Unsure of what to say or do next, Taru squirmed nervously in his seat.


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