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Posted on Wed Apr 4th, 2018 @ 7:14am by Ensign Elena Reis & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson

Mission: For Honor
Location: USS Tornado
Timeline: Backpost


Reis had gone down to the shuttle bay alone. She had pulled a shielded device out of hidden little corner of the security office. She arrived at one of the shuttles near the late shift change, clearing past one of the flight control officers as just 'getting ahead' of routine weapons checks on the shuttles. Then, nice and away from everyone else, she hooked up the device. She was perfectly aware it would send an alert to the Chief Intelligence Officer. When the device clicked on, she stripped off her jacket, just wearing a simple but effective Orion blouse. Then she waited.

Mean while in the intelligence office. Pip had been monitoring long range communications to prevent leaks and breakes in protocol. The Predictive Intelligence Program (Pip), picked up a signal. Its curiosity followed the signal back into the ship.

Deck 4 where the shuttlebay was located. It followed it's programing and began intercepting the transmission.

Finally, after seconds that felt like an eternity, the device lit up and switched on. "Identify yourself," A hoarse voice came through the device.

"You know who this is." When there was no response to her, she growled, "Fine, Qil-Fa'ari Varos,"

"Code..." The voice toned quietly.

"Ugh," Reis groaned, switching to Kolari, "When the mouse laughs at the cat,"

"There is a hole nearby." The voice responded. "You're off schedule, Mouse. And not using video."

"We're in Klingon space, I can't risk video." She responded, looking down at the blouse and realizing how she was basically flying blind here. "I need information, now. I may not have another chance to get it. I need to talk to someone higher up."

"What?" The hoarse voice laughed at her. "No. We don't-"

"I know it is off schedule." She said softly. Her mind kept going back to the orion ideals, begging her to keep calm and collected, not to give away the anger and frustration she felt. So she did. Somehow. "I am out of time. I need whatever information you have. I'll use what I can get. I'll talk to the Tabadi if I have to."

There was a silence. Then, "How long can you stay in contact?"

"I don't know. Not long. FCOs will get curious soon..."

"I'll see what I can do. I'll be in touch soon, Mouse." Then there was static.

Reis leaned forward and hit a button on the device, setting it to a sort of standby mode, and then fell back into one of the seats in the shuttle. "Lets see how bad that turns out..." She said to herself, resting her face in her palms.

Pip alerted Scott of the transmission and send it to his visor while he readied his riffle and put on his infiltration vest as he headed down to the shuttle bay.

As the door opened he ran up staying light on his feet toward the shuttle.

"Ensign Reis, you are ordered to stand down!" Erickson said entering the shuttle with his riffle holstered.

"Stand down?" She said, "I'm not doing anything," She pointed to the device, "See, off. Pull the transmission if you want to." She glanced up from her hands and narrowed her eyes, her tone a bit more curt. She said something, that clearly was an impolite question, before finishing, "You brought a rifle? You were thinking about shooting me? Seriously," Again, a clearly less that polite question.

“My pistal is charging. Hence the riffle. You broke protocol. We are deep in Klingon territory and you send out a transmission that could effect the safety of the ship and crew. I’m taking you in pending an investigation.” Scott said.

"I broke schedule, yes." She said softly, "But I didn't put anyone in danger. It's a low powered sub-space comm device operating on merchant channels with an Yridian encryption cycle and with a Rigelian IFF-code." She shook her head, "If I shot off a message directly, even, it would be barely detectable if you were looking. But I didn't. I timed it properly, made sure there were events in the way to muck up any readings. Not to mention all the relays." She sighed, "Seriously. Take a look at the thing, read the logs. Go over it yourself. We're almost out of range, due for a coarse heading shift in about half an hour now. Even the Syndicate would have to trace a lot to try to find us... and it'd stop being accurate soon."

"And we need any information we can get. Period." She glanced over to him. "You know that. So one last shot before that opportunity goes away." She gave a smirk, "And I'm not going to resist if you push it - so you didn't have to come armed."

“I don’t get to this very often,” Scott moved toward the device, lowered his riffle and used his tricorder to scan it and download the logs. “Sorry about the riffle. SI trianes you to be paranoid so you can stay on your toes.” He closed tricorder and placed it back in his belt.

“If you wanted to gather intelligence you should of just come to me. I could help you.”

"Yes, you could. And have," Reis added with a sigh, "But you could have also said no, and cut off any chance I might have had." She played with her fingers for a moment, a bit of a nervous tick, it seemed. "More realistically, I would have panicked and backed out after talking to someone thinking about it reasonably..." She admitted with a shrug. "The truth is, I probably just put myself out there for nothing..."

"I have to have something more, you know?" She said glancing over to him. "The crew isn't in a good place, morale wise. We're going into a fight - most likely blinder than we think. With a new, divisive commander and losing our veteran security officer..." She sighed, "I need an edge... intel is key, right?"

“It is. But burning bridges and not knowing who you can trust is the not the best way to get it done. If I had said no. We would be having a different conversation right now. One we’re I might need shoot you,” Scott replied. “Let’s get your information back to my office and see if all this was even worth it.”

"Give me a minute..." She said, "We'll be out of range shortly... and if someone higher up agrees..." She shrugged and pushed herself up off of her seat. She moved over to the device and gave a shake of her head. "And I trust you." She said softly, "Otherwise I wouldn't have had you ping my name. Or given it to you." A light changed on the console, causing her large eyes to twist over to the change. She pulled the device up and looked at it for a moment. "New data file." She said softly as she looked at the device. She shrugged, and sighed a little bit. "Maybe something..." She said, watching the light and then as soon as it shifted again, she pulled a connector from the back of the device, shutting it off and disconnecting it from the shuttle. The orion offered over the device and smirked, "After you."

Scott nodded and took the device and walked out first from the shuttle. "What are you expecting to find?"

"Not a ton. You know the Syndicate..." Elena said tapping the device. "But. Rumors, ship sightings, weapon sales, contacts within the SoK," She shrugged, "Anything that can paint a fuller picture. Maybe get us an officer we can twist if we have to." She sighed, "If we were real lucky, maybe even an insider with a lot of Syndicate debts." She took a glance over to him. "I don't tend to be that lucky though."

“There can be truths in rumors and even in falsified information. Lucky for you I have some new programs that we can use on the data.” Erickson replied he placed his riffle on the back. “To be honest this was kinda fun. I’m looking forward to close quarter combat.”

"Looking forward to it?" Reis said softly with a shake of her head. "I mean, I like a good spar. But when I get in that close... I can feel everything." She was a bit vague there. She gave a little shrug, and then added, "But I have been training with stun batons lately... you know, old Earth MACOs carried them. Some brig guards still do, I guess. Police too." She paused for a moment and stopped, "But I have to admit, I'm better at close quarters." They were close enough to his office that she was nervous about it again, looking down at the little device in her hands.

“I’m handy with those too.” Erickson entered the code to the office door. “After you.” He replied to her. Scott looked at her. “Nervous?”

"Nervous, me?" She said with a light nod, "Yes, always." She joked a bit at her own expense before setting the device on his desk. "I mean... surely there is some information on there, but its one of those things where I don't know what the cost will be. At least, not really."

Scott plugged in the unit to main computer and uploaded the contents of the unit to main monitor. After a moment of looking at some of the information. "This shipping manifest has been manipulated." he said and moved it aside to be looked at later with closer eyes. "Most of this stuff is not what I expected from the Orion syndicate."

"Wait, what?" Reis said as she stepped over and watched the screen. "Okay, all I see is a shipping manifest." She admitted, "What exactly is manipulated? And what doesn't look like Syndicate?" She asked. "I mean, victurium is boring and just a construction alloy, but if it makes a profit..." She trailed off for a second, "Oo. Jevonite. I have a jevonite heirloom." She shook her head, shaking of the distraction. "Sorry, question remains. You're the expert, what's wrong with this picture?"

"Here, you see the weight registered on the manifest. On this location it's measuring at 22,000 tons. When it left this ares it changed down to 21,000 tons. However, nothing has been added to the manifest from what the Quartermaster indicated. Also, what are they doing with these combinations of ales. Orion stomachs are not able to break down this type of yest. So in turn manipulated manifest. Question is what did they offload that was over 1,000 tons"

"Well, its unlikely that it was weapons or similar." She paused seeming to just think on the item. "Wait. They sent me a clearly doctored manifest?" She tilted her head to one side. There was something familiar with all of it, then she said something quietly. "Payment." She seemed to answer the earlier question. "See if you can find any Klingon officer names in the files. I think they may have just sent us a lead or a warning."

“Cross checking now.” Scott adjusted his search pattern and waited for the computer to bring back the results. “This name looks familiar.” Scott replied bringing up the data.

"Yes it does..." She groaned, "I think I remember seeing it in a security briefing. I can find it." She said softly, "A weapons officer aboard some ship, I think. That narrows it down, I know..." She shook her head. "I'll find him. That's the lead we need. If he accepted payment, that might be the sort of leverage that can give us a bonus..."

"Agreed. I'll keep looking deeper into this. Hopefully, this is the kind of lead that we need."

"Yeah." Reis nodded, "And thanks, again, for not just shooting me or something."

"No, problem. Thank you for not giving away our location." Scott replied.



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