Rising Notes

Posted on Wed Apr 4th, 2018 @ 7:23am by Ensign Elena Reis & Ivy Sharzin

Mission: For Honor
Location: Science Deck - Security Station
Timeline: Backpost


Reis was blessed, or cursed, with an mixed Orion and Cygnian biology - so her sleep schedule was almost impossible to understand for most species. She slept a few hours a couple times a day most days, so she was often up at weird hours. Tonight was no different. She had decided to do something a bit different than normal for her. She had set herself to checking the security stations on the decks. Double checking the arms and settings at each. She had an eerie feeling they would need to be ready.

So, she had set out for the night with a padd sticking out of her thigh pocket, a wrist mounted tricorder and the little glint of her headset in the dimmed halls of lightly used corridors. She was lost in her work, or rather, the music. She had been stressed, so her music played loud. It would have been audible to anyone passing by her, though they might not have necessarily been able to make out the exact song - that is, had she not completely lost herself in it. Her voice played along with the song, notes rising and falling in near pitch perfect harmony with some song one would more likely find in a club on Betazed than hear sung quietly by a security officer double checking the status of phasers. There was a sway, dancing, in her steps. As terrans described it, she was was acting like no one was looking. Though being from the Betazed area, she wasn't bashful about it either - and her own empathic abilities did give her a little notice when people were coming.

Ivy was definitely ready to head back to her quarters, to fall into her box of dirt, and relax for several hours. She had been helping the science team, and the work had continued long into the night. Most had given up their free time to continue the work concerning the two Mindo’s.

As Ivy began to leave the science department, some sounds from the security station seemed to call to her. Not literally of course, but it was music, a little louder than normal, and the rythem seemed to be inviting. The Cadet walked over cautiously to the security station, where the door was open and the music flowed out, like in a wave of a storm. Stopping at the open door Ivy peered in to see a green woman cleaning a weapon and dancing at the same time. All his brought a smile to Ivy’s face, but then that fell away when a voice of song began to continue on with the music and rythem.

Ivy had experience music before and enjoyed crew members singing, but this was somehow different. She was almost transfixed. She was then startled to see that her hand on the doorway was responding by tapping out a rythem that blended with the other. The surprising part was that her hand seemed to be doing it all on its own, without any of her control.

Ivy’s human form was totally and completely made by her. She had to focus daily to keep her body in a bipedal form that the majority of the crew would find more acceptable and in some cases attractive. The form really didn’t matter to her. It wasn’t painful, but it had to be maintained and nothing happened by accident or on its own. Or did it? She thought as she watched her hand continue to tap out a pattern. It was definitely a first. And what surprised her even more was that her addition rythem was very much complementing the green woman’s sounds.

This situation was just too wonderius to ignore. Ivy took a few steps inside the station, smiled, and waved slightly toward the green woman, most likely an Orion.

Reis felt someone behind her. She had felt each movement - and without looking she could even tell who. Thanks to her natural empathic abilities, she felt the movements, the holding of forms the slightly less than 'normal' feel of their resident plant based lifeform. When one was used to mammalians, the feeling of another form was challenging at first. She had grown more used to it. That wasn't what stuck out to her. At first she misread the thump of a hand as a knock - but before she could respond, she realized how it matched the beat of her music. So, she opted to just continue on her work for now - at least to the end of the song.

She continued singing, letting her voice carry perhaps a bit more confidently. She felt the natural drive towards shyness, but forced that away. It was late, and she was stressed, so she was defiant and refused to give in to that nature. She kept dancing as well. Nothing extraordinary, but her lineage was not lost. Fluid, graceful movements, if small, timed with the music and beat.

Ivy entered the room slowly, but not caustically, for there was nothing to fear here. The smile on her face continued as the Orion woman before her began to move about to the music. Ivy guessed this was her for of expression thru dance. She had no desire to interrupt, but continued slowly around to the green woman’s side.

As the song ended, and the last stanzas faded in her headset, so too did the Cygnian's voice fade. As there was a brief moment of silence, she voiced a quiet, "Echo, stop playback," Then she spun around on her heel, giving a quick smile, "Sorry about that," She nodded and pulled one earpiece off, tucking into her uniform pocket. "Can I help you?"

Ivy was not startled, but really didn’t really know what to say. Ivy made clicking and popping sounds which her translator on her necklace said, “Hi. I’m Ivy.” She paused a second and added, “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

"You're not interrupting," The cygnian said in her own language, thinking it only fair to show her first language wasn't Standard either. "And you're right... I don't think we've been formally introduced." She seemed to remember before she offered a quick bow. "Elena," She said, giving her own name. "I guess you noticed the music, then?"

Ivy was pleasantly surprised and pleased by the ‘bow’ from the Ensign. It wasn’t the typical physical handshake in many bipedal customs. In addition was her use of her own language. Here again, Ivy was pleased that her translator was able to provide the rendering to her in ‘pops and clicks’.

A broad smile spread across Ivy’s face as she replied, “Yes. I enjoyed it very much.” She looked down at her hand, remembering. Looking back at Elena as she flexed her fingers, “A little more than I even realized myself. . . If that makes any sense.”

"It probably does," Elena spoke with a quick smile, before giving a quick glance across the plant based life form. It was odd. She was, in a way, almost invisible to Elena empathic senses. Or perhaps blurry was a better word. The cygnian blinked and gave a shrug. She just kept the conversation going, though. "I can't work without music. I mean, I can, but I hate it. Not the music you're used too, though, if I'm guessing?" She said, motioning towards the translator. "Probably a lot different sounds culturally."

“Yes. Different,” Ivy replied, “but a good rythem though, or beat as some people refer to it.”

Ivy was feeling very good about this new connection she was making with Elena. To encourage it more she said, “You sing very well. Do you create music as well?” Ivy thought about her phrasing and stated, “I mean to say do you play musical instruments as well?”

"Mhm," Reis intoned lightly with a little smirk, "When I was a kid, I found out I had pretty good pitch. I can't explain it, but I can hear and mimic notes well. Near perfect pitch, though I don't think that's true..." She paused, "Anyway, my dad taught me how to play some instruments, and after he was killed," She felt her voice struggle a bit at saying that outright. "I kind of chose to drown myself with music. So... yes. I write music. Play any instrument I can find. Probably should have been a musician, but if I hadn't ended up here."

Ivy all of a sudden felt like she had talked her way into a corner, with no way to turn but the obvious. She then simply suggested, “Maybe we should play or create some music together.?” The last word was changed into more of a question. Ivy was quite surprised that her translator had gotten it right for her uncertain intent.

"Maybe we should." Reis said quickly, with a little bit of a shrugging gesture as she adjusted her weight. "It's been a while since I've played with anyone or done anything, really." She grinned, "But I'm always willing to take a swing at it. Other than that though," She said with a nod, "Anything else you've ended up getting into on the ship? I don't think I've seen you around much, but I might just be working too much."

Ivy turned to look behind her, as if someone was walking by, but she knew there was no one. Her hearing was much to good for that kind of confusion. She realized that she needed an excuse to consider what to say. Looking back at Elena and replied, “Other things?” in a self questioning way, and added, “I mostly work here in the science department, and the labs of course.”

An idea came to her meeting mind and Ivy relayed, “I have an idea. We could meet in one of the group areas, and you can bring some of your music for us to listen. We could then play or sing along with it?” Here again she ended the sentence in a question, looking for acceptance or confirmation.

Elena thought about it for a moment. "I might... be able to do that," She said softly, with a little bit of a blush. "I don't..." She sucked in a bit of air, "I like to socialize, but contrary to popular belief I can get a bit nervous with that kind of thing." She shrugged, "Like, shy or choked up. If that makes sense... and they don't like officers drinking away their nerves, so, I can't go that way." She smiled a bit, "But we might be able to work up to that."

Ivy felt that she might be imposing on this new friend and didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. After a second or two of thought she suggested, “Well, would you rather have our, um, musical interlude in a more private setting?” She again thought quickly and added, “Your quarters or mine?”

Reis gave a little bit of a laugh, and tilted her head to one side. "Well, my quarters has all my musical stuff in it. Synths, speakers, instruments..." She said softly, "But also a cat and a moth, so, if you have an issue with pets it might not be the best option. And, it is still junior officer quarters. So, small."

“I don’t find any of this issues to be a problem to me,” Ivy replied, but then looked concerned. “What’s a ‘moth’ ?”

"Oh, uhm. Hm." Elena was a bit caught off by that question. "How to explain it... its a flying nocturnal insect. They start off as caterpillars, and then grow into winged insects. Cygnet has large ones. And I've had one for a pet for a long time." She paused and took a moment. "She mostly flutters around and eats dust. Soft, and harmless."

Ivy looked concerned as he began the explanation. But when she realized that it was an innocuous lifeform, she asked, “And you have a trained Moth in your room? Do they eat green plants?” She then gently stroked a blade or two of the long thin green blades that made up the hair on her head.

Reis thought about it and then gave a little shrug, "Not sure. Do when they're young... but now she mostly eats..." She gave a pause and twist of her head. "Dust? I guess. You should meet her. If she tries to eat pieces of you, we can put her up in a cage or something."

Ivy expressed a bit of nervous fear by changing facial expressions, not knowing what to think or say. She began to think scientifically and began to babble, “Dust aboard a spaceship is mostly very fine particles of matter consisting of plant pollen, human and animal hair and skin, textile fibers, and even potting soil. All of which should be removed by the ship’s onboard filtration system.” She looked to Elena with concern, “I certainly hope it’s not starving.”

"I hadn't thought about that..." Elena said with a little tap of her finger on her cheek. "I guess she does fine. I mean, I also have little plants in her habitat - but maybe I should expand it." She took a moment and then gave a wide smirk. "Want to go see her? I can show you what instruments I have and we can set something up for a jam session soon." Reis didn't so much wait for an answer as start that direction, watching Ivy with a keen interest.

Ivy turned and followed Elena, not because she had to, nor because feeling responsible to, but because she felt she needed to. This was all so interesting.