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Of Dancing

Posted on Mon Mar 5th, 2018 @ 3:30am by Ensign Elena Reis & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth

Mission: For Honor
Location: Tornado - Riaan's Quarters


Reis enjoyed the company of the Rrareths. She had since she had arrived. And her station on the bridge was next to the Caitian half of the couple - so in a way she felt closer to them than many people on the ship. If only because she worked so closely. Conversations were bound to come up. Then, weirdly, she got to know Riaan. So, when she heard what had happened, she had to do something. Of course, she didn't have any idea what - or if anything was a good idea. She knew she was a trigger to Riaan sometimes. Maybe she wasn't one who should be trying to help.

Those invasive thoughts kept the little cygnian standing outside her quarters for longer than she would have liked to admit. She felt Riaan inside, and every crewman that walked by and stared at her as she tried to work up the courage to hit the door chime. When she finally did, there was part of her terrified that she had made a bad choice. But she had to try to help. Even being turned down, at least Riaan would know she was there when she needed it.

Riaan looked like she had been crying when she answered the door. In some ways, not hearing anything was worse then hearing that Ziara was dead. There was a state of uncertainty about it that made it worse. When she was at work, she was mostly ok, putting up a stoic front. When Elena showed up, she wanted to smile at her friend. However, as always, she never was. "It's good to see you Elena, come on in." She said, motioning her in and towards the couch.

"I heard what happened - I mean, the rumor mill version," Elena said quickly as she slipped in and glanced around. "I just wanted to check on you," She thought about saying more. She let her hands sort of fold over themselves for a moment. She knew she was a bit nerve wracking. Still. "And see if there was anything you needed..." She paused, "And on the one thing you need most. I'm watching all the usual channels... and any extras I can slip into." She said with a quick nod. "But..." She just trailed off. She had heard all of those things before when she was younger, she knew Riaan had too. So she was a bit nervous, a bit unsure.

Riaan nodded, "But there is no news." She said, turning to the replicator. She could smell it already, the Orion side of Elena. However, even as that knot started to form, she took a breath and tried to center herself. She liked Elena, the ensign was caring and 'on the bounce' as a marine she met once had said.

Riaan considered what she should get from the replicator. "Tea." She ordered and two cups appeared in the replicator. She set them down on the table and sat down on the couch.

She looked up at Elena, expecting her to sit down. "So your the tactical officer. How do you handle this sort of tension?" She asked.

"I don't." Elena admitted before finally taking a seat, crossing her legs and getting a bit comfortable, partially to hide her nerves. "I mean..." She paused and took a sip of the tea from the cup closest to her. "Well, yeah. I just don't. I literally drown it out. Usually with music, sometimes with vices." She paused and she glanced up at Riaan and just looked for a moment. Her large eyes just held on her, scanning lightly. She stopped and sighed. "I try to find something I can control. I can control music. I feel like I'm in control when I'm..." She trailed off and shook her head. "But I'm realizing I can get that feeling other ways too." She shook her head again.

"Even during," The little cygnian admitted. "I tend to push down any sort of tension and just try to get through it and deal after." She held up a finger, "But," She said softly. "I've had some good mentors lately. You included," She added the last part a bit quieter. "And when you came and listened that helped me, a lot. More than you probably realized." She felt her cheeks get a little hotter, a quick blush. "I just hoped maybe I could help a bit the same way. If that makes sense."

Riaan took in what Elena said without judgement about it. "You are helping. So you use music to help ease the tension. What kind of music do you play?" She asked.

"I'm a dance club girl, so..." She shrugged, "Loud, electronic, dance beats usually." She gave an awkward little twist of her lips, "It probably annoys the people in the quarters around me..." She sighed, "But anything. Whatever I feel like. Find the first song that helps, and then follow that path into a genre." She took a breath and then gave a bit of a smile, "It helps me realize that I can't do much. But that I can find a path to lead me out." She paused for a moment to add, "I think, at least."

Riaan considered for a moment, "I like dancing as well, but the more elegant ballroom dance style. It's one of the few things that Moset taught me outside of biology that I still enjoy. Although I think it was probably who I was dancing with then that Moset taught me." Riaan ruminated.

"Oh, dancing!" Reis adjusted on the seat, sitting up straighter and leaning towards her a bit. "This is something I should have known earlier. I love the more elegant styles. Not to mention the little extras, like getting to dress up." She said with a quick nod. "You don't have to answer, but I am curious, who were you dancing with then?"

Riaan considered if she should tell Reis. She probably shouldn't it was a secret with the counselor. However, she couldn't guarantee how Elena would react. "This is something I don't talk about much. My father was good friends with Dukat, and for a long time Dukat was the only person who seemed to see me. I think I reminded him of Ziyal. Everyone looks at Dukat in the history books and they only read him as a monster. However, he wasn't or at the least he wasn't all monster. He was charming and gentle, and a good dancer. He genuinely loved Ziyal, even though it cost him everything." Riaan mused.

Reis was a child of the Dominion War. She remembered the name Dukat well, but she didn't seem to crushed by the admission. For her, that was a distant part of the war but she did know the history. "Ziyal?" Well, okay, she hadn't delved too deeply into the history. She did seem to understand with the context, somewhat, though. "And I understand that." She gave a little shrug, "There's a complexity there. And even monster's have souls." She glanced down, "I'm glad you got to see that, and you were seen, as it was."

Riaan nodded lost in thought for a moment, "So, do you want to dance?" She asked.

"I'd love too," Reis said with a nod, "But only if you want to. I understand the Orion thing isn't just a skin color thing... and don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything. Especially now."

Riaan thought for a moment, "I'm trying to get over it. Figures it's just my luck to get stationed on a ship with two Orions." Riaan said wryly as she got up.



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