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By our honor and blood! (Part 3)

Posted on Tue Jan 16th, 2018 @ 6:03pm by Othin Darg

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: IKS yoH 'avwl' - Bridge
Timeline: November 19, 2388; 12:42 pm

Most of the defense fleet either fled the scene, joined the efforts of the Sovereignty or destroyed by the starbase defense. Othin was facing the enemy almost alone, the yoH 'avwl' had lost its shields down to 10% and they were only able to destroy some weaker Bird of Preys and some damage towards the jej tar that was hunting them. This was getting out of control, Othin felt the morale of the bridge crew drop until someone had the nerve to suggest to maybe turn over towards the Sovereignty. The officer met his end by the blade of Qanlash as she looked at Othin that knew what he had to do "This hunting game is turning against us, we are becoming the prey here and they are overrunning us with dishonorable acts" Othin sits back in his chair as the yoH 'avwl' took another volley of torpedos.

The ship shook heavy as a console blows up by overloading "We have lost our shields and side blaster!" Qanlash yelled in a growling voice and tried to get a lock of the ship firing back "Take that you targ!"

But for Othin he was staring at the screen seeing the battle on the screen, ships of his house getting trashed as if they were nothing. The House of Darg was gone, this claimed space was no longer under his protection. He exhaled a deep breath and spit on the ground "Retreat..." Dallarr blinked and looked at his HoD "What..." Surprised of the newly turned of event that had occurred "Message the remaining ships, we retreat as this battle is going to be lost if we continue...there is no glory in death that has been taken by this so-called Sovereignty that has no honor" Othin pointed out in disgust.

"Understood, relaying the message now..." Kurg replied, partly in disagreement as he taps onto the console "This is the yoH 'avwl' disengage the enemy and retreat any offense. This battle is theirs...."

No one agree with this on the bridge, but when looking at the screen and saw what was going on. They tend to agree with what was going on. This battle ...was lost and there was no shame in retreating. But in the hearts of the yoH 'avwl' crew, they felt as if they had lost more then just this battle. They have lost their house, their home and partly their honor. The yoH 'avwl' and some of the other ships jumped into warp away from the sector.


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