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By our honor and blood! (Part 2)

Posted on Tue Jan 16th, 2018 @ 6:03pm by Othin Darg

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: IKS yoH 'avwl' - Bridge
Timeline: November 19, 2388; 12:17 pm

Entering the bridge as the lights changed to dimmed red as Othin looked towards the screen and heard some of his bridge crew curse "Those Targs are making a move..." Ch'Kush slams on her console as she looked at Othin that walked towards his chair "Status!" Othin demanded to see the ships dropping out of warp into their sector "House of Targ are dropping out of warp and charging their weapons!" Ch'kush replied as her fingers slide over the console.

"Charge weapons Qanlash! Dallarr get security ready for a hit and run tactics on our ship! Those weak bastards finally are showing their targ balls!" Othin smiles as he leans back in his chair "Dontogh, move forward... Kurg inform the fleet to line up"

The K'Vort class ship began to power up its engines as seen from the outside as the dark red burst came out of the engine that pushed the ship forward and it slowly steers towards the incoming vessels. Other ships that were docked at the station released their claims and started to follow the K'Vort class, moving behind it. The incoming vessels made an intercept course towards the starbase. Things were going to be wild very soon as the two houses were going to clash harshly without any remorse.

"Communication put through! Defense Fleet deployed and moving behind us!" Dog'at replied looking at the screen seeing the enemy house coming closer "This will be glorious!"

Othin was actually also looking forward towards this battle, it has been too long that his crew had the pleasure of a good battle "Let's put those traitors back in their place!" He said with a smile "The jej tar is sending out provocations ha! They are saying that it is the end of the Darg era and that we should bow towards their supremacy" A grinning Kurg said and shook his head "They always make me laugh!"

The crew followed at that joke, but it was Othin that did not laugh and looked puzzling towards the screen "Qanlash, fire..." He waved his finger towards the screen and stayed relaxed in his chair. As the red burst of powerful torpedos and phaser shots were fired. The rest of the fleet followed the yoH 'avwl' example and shots were fired as a large wave of dangerous explosives heading towards the enemy house. Some managed to dodge the incoming fire, others were big enough to absorb the impact as they replied with shots being fired right back at Othin ships. The yoH 'avwl' dives down and manage to dodge the first volley.

While the battle continued and some serious impacts were made by the House of Darg towards the incoming enemy fleet. It was Othin that did not trust this as his thoughts were confirmed when Kurg spoke up "HoD Darg...Starbase Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI' broadcast a message?" Othin narrows his eyes and looked at his Communication Officer "On screen..." He looked back at the screen as he saw the First Mate of his father standing there with a smirk on his face.

"It is a glorious day for the Empire or should I say for the Sovereignty of Kahless! 'aj Darg has fallen and Starbase Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI' belongs now towards the Sovereignty" He raises his hand and the head of Othin's father was seen on screen. Everyone on the bridge curses as Othin looked at his headless father hearing the traitor continue "I advise the defense fleet to stand down and join the uprise of our power! Embrace your true blood Othin..." The screen went black and back towards the starport view as the bridge went quiet waiting for their Captain to respond to his father and starbase lost.

Looking upwards towards the screen as Othin slams into his chair console that breaks "They really want to die... Let us not make them wait for that! Dontogh stay out of the way of the Starbase shooting range! Qanlash aim at the jej tar and make sure it becomes one with space itself!" The yoH 'avwl' pushed forward towards the enemy and opened fire with everything it had. The ship gets volley after volley of impacts onto its shields and hull as another ship jump in to help their brother out and push the yoH 'avwl' back "Sir the defense fleet is breaking apart!" Othin shrugs "Traitors and deserters!"


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