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By our honor and blood! (Part 1)

Posted on Tue Jan 16th, 2018 @ 6:02pm by Othin Darg

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: IKS yoH 'avwl' - Captains Room
Timeline: November 19, 2388; 11:54 am

"Don't be so naive son, the Empire is more fragile then you think it is" The old Klingon Da'tow stated on the small screen as Othin smirks at his old man reaction "I don't know what is going on at Qo'noS, but my reports state that rogue houses are becoming a problem. They raid supply lines, I got the Federation annoying me that our 'ships' are crossing my borders and attacking allocated positions that they deemed in their protective state" He took a deep breath and sits back in his chair.

"The Federation needs to focus on their own grounds, it is not our task to do their job!" Stating with a growl in his voice, Othin was not impressed by the lack of duty since the Federation had "We got our own problems to focus on if these rogue houses are really damaging the image of our house? Then we have to act and put them back in their place!" He slams with his fist on the table.

Da'tow shook his head slowly "You are blinded by your pride without seeing the real problem here son. The rogue houses play the weak victim by the lack of the High Council involvement towards our Empire needs and desire. People are using propaganda that we need to return towards our old ways of blood and lust for battle" He pointed his finger at the screen as if Da'tow was pointing towards his son "And don't underestimate the strength of the Federation. They might not see our ways as the true way, but they are resourceful, clever and tactical brilliant in some areas..."

That made Othin growl even more out of frustration that his father put him in his place "I don't care if you are impressed by some federation woman father. The Federation has failed over and over in history that they are suited to even hold their grounds without using diplomacy" Othin narrow his eyes "Let us not be blind that our own history speaks for itself on what our old ways have achieved father...." But was quickly interrupted by Da'tow before he could finish the sentence.

"... Don't presume that our old ways were the golden age of our people Othin. You have no idea what you are talking about, we have suffered greatly by jumping at the opportunity to be blinded by our own lust for war" Da'tow said calmly but yet directly at his son "I was not there, but my father, your grandfather was part of that history. You have no idea what kind of impact such war, such bloodlust can have on a person. I promised myself and your mother that I won't fall into the same trap my father did....." Da'tow focus was broken by the sound of an officer coming in his room that made him look away from the screen. In the back, you could hear the voice of a male reporting something towards Da'tow as he narrows his eyes and looked back at the screen "I have business to attend to, we will continue this conversation soon. Da'tow out" The screen went black.

The sudden change of his father behavior was somewhat worrying for Othin, was there something going on that was big enough for his father to close the conversation? He knows that his father won't close down a conversation that had no certain taste of urgency to it. Suddenly he heard a voice over the intercom "Darg, we might have a problem" He could make out who was calling him out "What is wrong Kurg?" He stated as he slowly stood up looking outside from his window into the docking bay of the starbase "The operation center of Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI' got itself into yellow alert and we are to standby" Othin blinks as he walked towards the exit of his room "On my way..."


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