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Arrival at RaQ'Al

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 2:10pm by Commander Aki Shagdac & Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas & Lieutenant JG Mindo "Minduno" & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson & Lieutenant JG Natalia Parrino & Ensign Elena Reis & Petty Officer 3rd Class Taru Eclipse

Mission: For Honor
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

The Tornado had survived the effects of the Nebula as it arrives at the RaQ'Al system to find the remnants of the House of Darg that got blown away in the north of Klingon space. The Tornado jumps out of warp "We have arrived at RaQ'Al system, I got a yoD QIn'je Class on the scanners sir" The helmsman replied as he slides with his fingers over the console.

"Alright, Eunidas, Reis and Erickson you are with me, report towards transport room 1" Aki stood up "Helm plot a course towards the starbase and request a docking port" The helm nodded and plotted a course towards the planet as he turns towards Rrareth "Lieutenant, could you go to Lieutenant Mindo and help him with modifications towards the scanners so that we can detect the earlier Nebulas" He thinks for a second "Also go over the data you collected and review it with your department, give me a report on your findings as soon as you can" He taps his combadge "Shagdac to Mindo, Lieutenant how is she holding up?"

=/\= Mindo here. I've got perfect stability in the core; all systems are running just fine, though we're still a little beat up down here from that nebula. =/\=

"Aye sir," Reis had said quickly, hopping up from her own station and heading towards the turbolift on the bridge, as another security officer took her place. She summoned the lift and stood to wait for the others.

Erickson nodded and walked over to join Reis at the lift.

Riaan nodded, "Aye sir." She tapped on the science console to assign several of her team to it. Then she headed to the turbolift as well to head down to Engineering.

Caradan was wrapping up at her station. She did not show any sign of hesitation or even shoot Aki a glance upon his order. Taking the captain, 1st officer, and 2nd officer off-ship would, of course, leave his yeoman, the Trill in charge of the ship. Caradan was not sure how she felt about that after going over much of Rex’s records. “Aye sir,” was all she said as she stood after syncing her PADD with the main computer.

Joining the others by the turbolift doors, they awaited Shaqdac.

The orders were given as Aki nodded towards himself and turned around to get towards the turbolift as he stops at the door looking at Caradan while the helm called him back and looked back over his shoulder towards the screen and narrowed his eyes.

"Captain..." The helmsman replied and on the screen, three BoP jumped out warp "They are charging weapons and on an intercept course to us..."

Aki rolled his eyes and looked at the turbolift "Battle stations seems the Sovereignty have more balls then I had presumed" He said in disappointment and walked towards his command chair and sat down "Reis shields up, get a lock... Erickson get intel on those ships, Rrareth get a wide scan of the area to see if there are any other ships that on route to us. Caradan inform mister Mindo that his engineering skills now"

"Aye," Reis nodded with a quick step and hop over to her station. The tactical officer took her station as soon as the other had moved. She brought up her station. "Shields coming up now. Tactical scanners up, picking targets. Locking vulnerabilities." She confirmed.

“Computer,” said Caradan as she stepped toward the XO station, “remove all restraints of authority for Lieutenant Mindo.” The computer bleeped its affirmation. Before slapping at her commbadge, she turned to Aki. “Captain, would it be prudent to invite the aid of Lieutenant Mindo’s double? Scans thusfar have shown no sign of subterfuge. And we will need as many hands as we can if we are going to take on three ships.”

A bit of doubt was for him to react to that, yet in this case he needed all help to keep the ship going "Report him for duty, thought put two security guards with both of them. Safety of our crew is at stake here" Aki responded

“Understood.” Caradan turned her attention to Elena. “Ensign Reis, assign two security personnel each to both Mindos.” Slapping her commbadge, “Eunidas to Mindo. Battlestations, we have incoming SoK vessels. Eunidas out.” And after that, “Computer open a channel to the civilian Mindo.” After a bleep, “Eunidas to Min…dos, you are being activated to aid in Engineering. Two security personnel will escort you there shortly. Eunidas out.”

Riaan took her seat at the science station. "We have two more coming in. It looks like an ambush." She announced calmly.

Erickson moved over to the intel station and started working on projections for shield frequencies based on the three birds of prey. "Picking up shield signals from the three BoP, sending to tactical."

“Erickson, Reis,” Caradan called out, “Coordinate with Engineering. See about expanding the shield radius a bit and use the deflector to send a low band photonic beam containing exterior ship schematics to bounce around inside the shield. That should make the Tornado appear a bit larger to their sensors, reducing the event of a direct hit. It worked before.” She looked at the viewscreen and at the tactical display of the three incoming vessels. One was attempting a flanking maneuver. “Hopefully it will work again.”

In agreement towards what was going on, Aki sat back in his chair and looked at the screen "We are a science vessel...." He mutters and looked at his side towards Riaan "Lieutenant is there a way to ...blind them? Does the Tornado have the ability to give us the advantage we require to take the lead in this?"

Riaan analyzed the sensor data. "If we absolutely had to, I think we could. We'd have to get away from that station though. Five on one are not good odds. They are flying in close formation so we could set up a photonic shockwave between them and use that get away. Probably only work once though."

"If we could find a way to add sound to that, it'd be incredibly disorienting. Might buy an extra few seconds. Hard to chase someone with your ears ringing. Well timed hail or decoy might work." Reis added as she twisted from the tactical station a bit. "Shield controls switched and ready. I can match engineering when ready for the size - unless I'm shooting."

"We can use the comm system to generate a loop that is above the Klingon hearing range that could would slow them down." Scott replied.

Parrino had finally settled in after the ride aboard the Carolina. It felt like she would never have made it to her final destination.

True to its name, the Tornado was quite a flurry of activity as red alert klaxons sounded. She was in the Intelligence Department wondering where the Chief was. After a few moments, Natalia queried Erickson's location and found out he was on the bridge.

"Parrino to Erickson, do you need help up there?"

“Lock into the Klingons ships communication system and hold the comm line open. I’m getting the signal ready,” Erickson replied to Parrino.

Deck 3

So that would be a yes, Parrino thought to herself. She was an analyst, not a communications officer! Parrino sprinted to the OPS Station on Deck 3.

Thankfully it was on the same deck. Where was everyone? Parrino thought. This ship was a lot smaller than she was used to... did it even have a Chief Ops?

Parrino tapped in some commands at the OPS terminal. It was largely connected to life support systems, yet she was able to navigate to communications.

"Erickson, Parrino, channel locked, although you better make it snappy before they find out this port is open."


Aki nodded and looked at the screen "Do it, make them blind and deaf" He orders as he looked at the screen seeing the BoP closing in "What about the station Riaan? Do they respond at all?" Seeing that they were quiet the whole time with the new arrivals.

“Captain,” came Caradan from her station, “quick analysis of the Klingon’s formation suggest they may be attempting a move on the station itself. We may just be in the way.”

“Bridge to Security,” Caradan called after slapping her commbadge. “Chief Eclipse, ready phaser rifles and prepare for possible close quarters combat.”

Riaan prepared the modification to the torpedoes and then sent the signal to Reis that the Torpedos were ready with the targeting data for where they would need to be fired. Then she took a moment and quickly analyzed the communications band. "No communications from the Station, but there is a jamming field in place." She responded to the captain.

"Torpedo modifications in the system. Torpedoes load. Targets acquired," Reis spoke up, now back to watching the console in front of her. "Ready to fire on your command, sir."


Taru quickly scrambled into the armory and got out a couple of phaser rifles, including his 'personal' phaser rifle. All were loaded and in good condition.

The other security officers having just arrived at the Armory were given their phasers. Corporal Higgins was loaded with an extra pair of phaser rifles and ordered to get to the bridge and dispense them to some of the crew, who would use them only if their security team had failed, and then to meet up with the rest of Security at deck three where they would converge and then prepare for a fight.

"Security to Bridge, phaser rifles and Security Team are ready. Also expect a pair of phaser rifles that are being brought to you all as we speak. Awaiting further orders..." With everyone and thing accounted for, Taru could only wait and be ready for what would happen next...


Reis gave a quick response to her team, "Noted." She said quickly. "Expect the worst. Keep an open line to the bridge. Reis out."

With everyone performing admirably, the ship was at Condition Red and her crew occupying all battle stations. The Tornado was ready for anything and in record time. Defense strategies were already in place and any number of maneuvers could be initialized at a second’s notice. It would only take one torpedo or the first spray of phaser fire for the space above RaQ’Al to turn chaotic.

“Holding position,” came Hamilton’s concerned voice. “Birds of Prey still on approach.”

“Steady,” said Caradan. As Shaqdac sat in his chair, his eyes focused on the viewscreen, the XO needed to keep the personnel calm and clear-headed. “We let them make the first shot.”

Erickson nodded and had the signal ready to go, he was just waiting for the word.

"Let see what they..." Aki stopped as he saw a different patron in the flying of the ships.

The Klingon vessels continued their approach, grew closer, to the point that they did not even need sensors to acquire targets. Manual working of the controls could land a direct hit. Eventhough the Tornado still reported targeting solutions, the Klingons did not fire. The Birds of Prey passed by overhead, to the side and underneath. They drifted by the Tornado on half impulse and continued on toward the station.

“Captain,” said Hamilton at the helm. His voice was one of relieved surprise, “targeting solutions gone. The communications jam has been lifted. He turned in his seat to look back at the captain and commander.

“Eyes forward Ensign,” Caradan nearly shouted. They were still at Condition Red. Anything could happen still. As Lewis was returning to his controls, Caradan strolled over to Aki. “Sir, could the Klingons have been toying with us?”

The Birds of Prey were behind them by this point, and easy targets had Starfleet been one to shoot first. Caradan could see the irritation in the commander’s eyes. He seemed poised to show the Klingons what the Tornado was capable of. He wanted a fight. And the SoK Klingons snatched that away from him.

The SoK vessels were apparently showing up for some kind of quasi and temporary truce. This was common during the previous Klingon Civil War. Crews from both side would get together, engage in honest brawls, and drink each other under the table before returning to their ships, returning to the war. Apparently these Klingons wanted to test the mettle of the Tornado’s crew in the stead of testing the mettle of the Tornado herself.

“Helm,” Caradan stepped away from Shaqdac, “Remove Red Alert and take us to Condition Yellow. Contact the station and request permission for us to dock or beam aboard. Ops, Tactical, I want battle stations manned at all times and every department aboard this ship fully staffed. We need to be prepared for anything."

"Yellow alert." Reis said as she switched the standing a bit reluctantly. "Aye, aye. We'll stand watch." She answered quietly about battle stations.

Caradan slapped at her commbadge, "Eunidas to Petty Officer Eclipse." She also turned to Ensign Reis. "You and Ensign Reis are to see that everyone wishing to set foot on that station go through you two first. Develop a refresher course on dealing with Klingons in physical, semi-violent, and non-threatening ways."

Looking at the screen "Get us docked with the base....want to know what is going on" Looking at Caradan that was approaching him.

"Commander,” Caradan returned to the captain’s chair in which Aki still sat in irritation, “may I speak with you in private?”

Nodding towards Caradan "Alright, Away team collect yourself in gear at the transport room and get ready to investigate the base. Lieutenant office please" Aki spoke as he walks towards his own office.


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