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My 2 Mindos Part I

Posted on Sun Mar 11th, 2018 @ 6:16pm by Lieutenant JG Mindo "Minduno" & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson & Ivy Sharzin & Chief Petty Officer Davi Ran & Crewman Joey Logano

Mission: For Honor
Location: Science Lab

Following the initial gathering of scientists, the different groups separated into different labs or areas of the department. Greyfield, Sharzin, and Ran found themselves in an alcove with a console and large video screen.

Ivy looked to the Warrent Officer as she was the senior officer of the group, and both had greater experience than she. For this investigation, she felt experience was definitely a high priority.

"I need more coffee to operate. Do you want anything?" Ran asked the rest of them, before standing to stretch from the alcove.

Ivy made a slightly annoyed expression due to the scientist leaving their group. She realized it was only for part of a minute. She came to terms that he probably needed the chemical booth to focus on the task. She shrugged and smiled letting the thought go. She turned to Greyfield, “Do you have a particular place for us to begin?”

“I have s…s…something,” Logano raised his hand. He was going back and forth between his PADD and his terminal. “If I may, I suggest we first look at the RNA sequencing of both Mindos…the Lieutenant…and the copy…the clone…” He grew uncomfortable and simply gave up finding a way to reference to two. “If we analyze the RNA scans of both samples. We may find some form of growth accelerator.” He ended with a shrug. “It’s a place to start.”

Ivy nodded agreeably, “Yes, that is one direction. And there are others to look at as well, but . . .” She looked thoughtful for a moment then added, “And so as not to sound too prejudice to either Mindo, I think we should not want to use a term derogatory or negative, like ‘clone’ or ‘imposter’. I suggest we refer to the Mindo That left he bridge as Mindo 1. And the Mindo that was found in the quarters as Mindo 2. This way we don’t set one higher than the other. Do you agree?” She looked at the few faces in the group for some kind of consensus.

"Agreed, I'll start working on a program to find any type of growth accelerators." Davi said setting back at the desk with his coffee in hand.

Ivy spoke up, “As for analysis, I will look at the blood chemical levels as regards to weaknesses or age.”

“Uh…s…s…sir,” said Joey with a raised hand. As he started preliminary scans to make sure the computer picked up lifesigns of both Mindos, “They are headed this way now.”

Ivy turned with many of the others in the room to see the doors whoosh aside.

The doors parted displaying both of the Mindos. Unless some awful trick was being played, they could tell their Mindo; the original Mindo, as he still wore his Starfleet uniform. Despite the rank and insignia, his authority was stripped from him unless required. The other Mindo; the one they have been referring to as Mindos as opposed to Minduno wore civilian clothing. Behind them both was the security crewman Darrell Wallace.

Ran looked at both of them before returning to his work at hand. He didn't know Mindo and felt bad for him.

Minduno was the first of the two to speak. "We've just had our physicals," he said. "Docs say I'm healthy as a targ while this one is a bit malnourished and has a considerably reduced blood alcohol concentration, which could affect his judgment," he explained. He knew he didn't have to tell the Science team about Feserian's constant need of alcohol as pretty much everyone on the ship knew of Mindo's drinking habits.

Ivy spoke up curiously, “I assume you are kidding about the blood achohol?” She knew that consuming alcoholic beverages was done on a regular basis by many and found to be socially acceptable. But, she never understood the desire to have one’s brain damaged or reduced to a state of semi-ineffectiveness.

"Feserians drink alcohol to stifle their sex drive," Minduno explained. "We're easily distracted."

"I forgot we had a talking tree," said Mindos. The original shot him a dirty look.

Ivy frowned slightly, looking from the 2nd Mindo, to the one she knew, then back. She wasn’t mad. She realized the comment was in the form, derogatory. It was just odd to her. It was the first time since coming on board that a derogatory comment was made about her species. She then glanced down in discernment. She wondered if this comment would prejudice her evaluation of ‘this Mindo’?

This all took place in the matter of a long second or two, where Ivy then looked at the 2nd Mindo and stated clearly, “That’s a ‘walking tree’ to you. And you should keep your unrequested comments to a minimum until this investigation is completed.” Her eyes did not leave Mindos, as she realized just how many rules she may have just broken, let alone possibly put herself out of the investigation.

Minduno smiled at this. "I'm beginning to understand why people don't like me... or maybe they just don't like you," he said, turning to his double.

"It must run in the family," said Mindos. He looked back at Ivy. "I'm sorry for the remark. I'll show you the proper respect from now on."

The serious expression on Ivy’s face softened into a slight smile and she gave him an accepting nod of her head. Her translator spoke up with a, “Yes.” Ivy then felt a little embarrassed, grabbing the translator locket in her hand, holding it in a tight grip of foolishness.

“You d…do that,” said Joey. Despite being a crewman, he felt the authority to speak to Mindos thus as the Feserian was technically a civilian at the moment. “In addition to being a sentient being, sh…she is a wonderful asset.”

"Yes she is," said Minduno. "And she learns really fast! She's already an excellent Starfleet officer!"

Ivy looked at the faces that spoke on her behalf with an expression of thanks and gratitude. She looked back at Mindos, released her translator and stated, “We will begin momentarily.”

Erickson stepped in to the science lab. He had a padd in his hand looked over to the two Mindo's. "Lieutenants? These are temporary access codes for the ship. Your current codes are deactivated until we get this sorted out. These will give you civilian access to the ship and to the replicators." He had two isolinear chips in his hands and handed each one to them. "Sorry about this Lieutenant Mindo, ship safety first."

Crewman Darrell Wallace was standing behind the two Mindo's, keeping his eyes and ears open. It did pain him some to know that the Feserian he served with on the Klingon planet of Black Death was now reduced in authority to nothing more than a civilian. Though it was hopefully temporary, he knew it was the best measure. As there was a possible imposter or a sleeper agent in their midst, he knew every precaution needed to be taken. He remained silent as everyone continued about their duties in figuring out this enigma.

Minduno and Mindos took their chips. "We understand," said the Lieutenant. Mindos gave an understanding nod.

Minduno put his chip in his pocket. "Are you interviewing us both at the same time, or separate?" he asked, not sure what the process was going to be.

"I'm going to let the science staff work on you guys for a bit and while I observe you,” Scott replied and stepped back next to Crewman Wallace.

The science members present looked at each other for a long moment. Ivy then spoke up, “I think separate interviews would be appropriate. We could later compare answers and information. Thoughts?” She then looked at the other science officers for their opinion.

Ran nodded. “Agreed,” he said.

After a few more looks of confirmation about the scientists, Ivy looked to the ‘mouthy’ Mindo and directed, “I would like you to follow me into that science Lab,” she pointed to her right, “where we will begin your questioning.” The Cadet looked to the others for confirmation and/or questions, and then asked Mindos, “Any questions?”

"None at the moment," Mindos replied. "Lead the way."

Ivy looked again at the faces present and stated, “Wallace, Logano, why don’t you join me for this ‘debrief’.”

“Aye ma’am,” said Wallace immediately.

“Let me grab a few things,” responded Logano.

With a nod Ivy lead the way into the science lab she had pointed out earlier.

Darrell Wallace broke from his attentive stance and marched forward directly behind Mindos, but keeping a safe distance. Feeling himself to believe this version of Mindo was the duplicate, he removed himself from having to watch Lieutenant Mindo out of a conflict of interest. His courses in Security at the Academy conditioned him to keep a precise distance behind a possible enemy. Not too close to give any would-be opponents a chance at his weapon and not too far to give them a chance to duck and hide before he could send a few stunning rounds.

In keeping that precise distance, he bumped into Logano.

“S…sorry,” said Joey as he also dropped his PADD. Picking it up from the floor, he also grabbed a tricorder and a microscanner. He joined what seemed to have been an interrogation procession. Ivy leading the way toward the Science office, the civilian Mindo, whom everyone has been calling MinDOS, looking as though he was the prosecuted and awaited judgment, Wallace was behind them ready to dispatch and put down any outburst. Following them all was the awkward scientist; Logano.

Once everyone was on the room, Cadet Sharzin, Crewman Wallace, Crewman Logano, and Mindos, Ivy instructed, “Computer close the door and begin recording of audio, video, and lifesign function changes of all present.” She watched the door close slowly and then heard what sounded like a vacuum seal to the room.

There was and audible chirp sound, then the computer responded, “Recordings have been initiated.”

To Be Continued...


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