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True Love, Shared Love?

Posted on Fri Jan 12th, 2018 @ 2:41pm by Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas
Edited on on Fri Jan 12th, 2018 @ 2:41pm

Mission: For Honor
Location: Caradans's Quarters
Timeline: Immediately After "And Mindo Makes Two"

With her pinky finger bending at an unnatural angle, almost liquefying and nearly attempting to fall free, Caradan flicked her hand moving that small column of her liquid state into her palm where she reabsorbed it and reformed her hand as it should be. She felt her organs inside twitch, backup, and fail in their duties.

Caradan had nearly lost all concentration and decided a simpler form was needed. Still looking human enough on the outside, though a bit pasty, she reformed her innards into a slow current of viscous fluid; her natural state.

With no desire to return to the Bridge, Caradan also decided to stay away from her office. The Bridge was fully staffed and no one seemed to require her at the moment. Running to Riaan was an option, but her other lover was about to be busy discussing and dealing with the two Mindos.

Caradan worked hard to maintain her form as she marched back toward her quarters where she could fall into a literal puddle of emotions.

She kept telling herself that true love is a shared love. It is what Ziara had always said and what both Mindo and Riaan seemed to practice. So why was it so difficult for her to accept the presence of two Mindos? As one would grow tired of their activities, she could simply call upon the other. But that was the real problem she realized as she stepped into the turbolift. She loved Mindo and Riaan equally but still differently. It was the loving of two people in the exact same fashion that troubled Caradan. Even if she managed to find a way to fool herself into thinking the other Mindo was HER Mindo, there would still be that gnawing in the back of her mind that she was reallocating some of the love she reserved for Mindo and Mindo alone to another, even if he looked and sounded and smelled and felt and acted and loved exactly the same.

She could not love both of them even if the other had the same feelings for her as the original Mindo. How would she decide? Caradan was closing in on her quarters and was struggling with thoughts on how to handle the situation.

Being the Second in Command, Caradan did not want to show much in the way of weakness before the crew she passed on her way toward her quarters. She had to maintain form. A slight whimper of emotion escaped from her mouth and she immediately did away with her vocal chords. Her uniform was beginning to merge with her skin and her boot started to liquefy. Caradan was losing control of herself but did not fight for control as her door was only meters away.

Maybe she could invite both Mindos to her quarters and the three of them could try and…

Her hair merged into massive clumps and her back shifted and started turning into liquid.

The door did not open fast enough and she splashed through. Her right shoulder collided with the still opening door and moved to the middle of her back. She left her foot just inside and s stream of an unbroken liquid followed her to the middle of her quarters. As the door slid shut, the seal sounded and granted her the ability to just let go.

Caradan fell into a puddle. Though there were waves of agitation, there was no splashing about. Within her torrent of emotions, Caradan did not even think to visit the counselor but she would also not want Ixelom to see the result; her falling into a puddle right there on the couch.

Deciding to regenerate right then and there, outside of her bowl, Caradan found a little solace in only one decision. She would have to distance herself from Mindo, from both of them. Her involvement was a conflict of interest.

She drifted into a slumber whilst dwelling on the thought that she would have no social or personal interaction with either of them. Unless it was professional, Caradan declared her and Mindo to be off limits.


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