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A little prayer

Posted on Wed Jan 10th, 2018 @ 12:43am by Commander Aki Shagdac & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth

Mission: For Honor
Location: Holodeck > Riaan Quarters
Timeline: Current

There were no words for the knife that pierced Riaan's heart as she looked at Ziara's frozen hologram. The hologram was frozen in the position that Ziara was last, laying on the ground after her ship had been hit by something and her mouth opening to say something to Riaan. Something Riaan might never know.

Before now, every time that Ziara had been in danger, real serious danger, Riaan had faced the danger with her. If the ship was lost, they would both be lost together. That's how she had assumed it would happen. That they would go together. Now, there was the very real possibility that she had lost or would lose her closest friend and wife.

Riaan was desperate to do anything to help. However, the USS Venture was near a nebula close to Romulan space and the USS Tornado was deep in Klingon space. It would take weeks if not longer for them to arrive at the Venture's position. There were lots of closer ships. There was nothing for them to do. The Venture was on its own.

Riaan's eyes filled with tears as she backed out of the holodeck. Away from her simulation and the frozen holographic body of her lover. Her eyes blured as she wandered the corridors, not knowing where she was going or particularly caring so lost was she in Ziara's trouble. "Ziara." She muttered in a daze.

Running through the corridor towards the holodeck as Aki slides to the next and does his best to get towards it. He heard from the Communication Officer that there was an abrupt connection drop towards the Venture. It only took Aki seconds to realize that something had happened "Riaan.." He mutters as he sees her walk out of the holodeck and without thinking he placed his arms around her as he saw her cry "You okay?!"

Riaan's mood was not helped by the Captain touching her. She forcefully broke loose, turning away from him. "No, Ziara's ship, it's under attack."

Getting pushed back, only realizing what he had done. It made Aki look away for a second and scratch the back of his head "Yea, I made the link when the Communication Officer said that the connection with Venture was broken. I order them to ...get a status on the Venture, so far nothing..." Aki shrugs realizing how awkward this is "I'm sorry about the... hug Lieutenant"

Riaan nodded, still shaken up. At the moment, nothing made sense anymore. "We were... dancing, then... then she was just... ripped from my arms.... then explosions... I can't... I can't... do anything." Riaan said, trying to stop crying, but failing.

Not knowing how to react, Aki was not used to these situations. His old cry, he was closer to and this crew ...want their old Captain just back. What would Captain Takato do? He looked at her "I can't turn the ship around due to the urgency of the mission, but I will use any if not all resources to find out what has happened to the Venture...even if it means breaking radio silence" Aki shrugs a bit.

Riaan stood straighter, working to dry her tears. The captain said what she already knew. Even though it was the right choice, the only choice. It still felt wrong somehow to Riaan. "I know that captain. Their far away, well outside our sensor range. There is probably a dozen closer ships, but none of them in a position to reach the Venture before something worse happens. When we were on the same ship, if something happened, it happened to us. Now, I just feel powerless and Ziara is in danger."

"I know, my answer is not the best and something you might already know..." Taking a deep breath as Aki thinks of what he could possibly offer her to reassure her a bit better "I can only give you the reassurance that I am doing everything I possibly can to get some information on the Venture" He thinks "I might be able to get some information from Vice Admiral Anin of Task Force command...she might know something?"

Riaan nodded, "Perhaps, but whatever is happening, it's happening now. Ziara might be crushed by a falling beam, or blown out a hole, or the reactor might be hit and the ship explodes." Riaan worried aloud.

Nodding softly towards her "And here we are, deep in Klingon space" He mutters a bit "What I mean...I know how you feel and by the prophets I hope you never get the news I received when my brother was killed in the Dominion war. So i know exactly how you feel Lieutenant. It is not pleasant and it eats you up... but the best thing you can do is keep your head up and hope for the best" He smiles a bit "From the records I saw of your wife, she is pretty skilled one and knows what to do in emergency situations. She will and believe in her" Aki said, hoping it would calm down Riaan.

Riaan looked for something else to think about. It took a moment, she tried to wipe the tears away, but they kept coming and so she wiped them again and they stopped for a moment. She took a steadying breath, "Do you believe in the prophets Captain?" Trying to think about something that would hopefully take her mind off Ziara.

"The prophets?" Taken away from what was going on, Aki had not been given this question for a long time "In some ways yes, it is part of my life" Aki said a bit puzzled "And in difficult times they do tend to guide me"

Riaan pushed out her thoughts about how Ziara had helped her spiritually. "I wasn't raised with a belief in the Prophets. I've only really believed in them for the past couple years or so. Most of that time, I've been on Starfleet ships. If there is nothing we can do physically, then perhaps we can pray." She suggested.

Scratching behind his ear, Aki nods towards her "It has been a while, but I am willing to pray with you for the sake of your wife and pray she is well" It was his way to reach out and it is something to give support.

Riaan nodded, and turned to enter her quarters. There was a large prayer mandala on the wall and a small candle holder. Riaan reached into a drawer and pulled out a new candle. "I'm still getting a hang of prayer." She said, slightly uncertainly, awkward that someone was going to be with her while she prayed.

Walking behind Riaan in the room, it felt strange for Aki to be in a room with a crew member. But then he saw the large prayer mandala and he stops for a second. It has been a while seeing that. Aki blinks and sees the candle and placed it "Don't worry, I bet it is great"

Riaan knelt and took a breath, "Ok, so I'm kinda freaking out here, Ziara's ship is under attack and I don't know what's happening. I'm so worried about about her, and there's nothing I can do about it. However, I'm fairly certain there is something you can do about it. So um... do. Ple..." Riaan started crying again, she barely manged to croak out the last two words "Please... do." Riaan's shoulders were slumped forwards and her hands had slipped from a position of prayer to hold her off the floor. New tears stained her face and fell to the floor.

Wanted to reach other to her, Aki remembers her responds in the corridor that pushed him away. Pulling back his hand and taking a deep breath as he closed his eyes and kneels down next to her "Prophets hear prayer, among the light you bring across the many suns in our beautiful galaxy. Hear my voice, that you not have heard since the loss of my brother, hear my request not for myself, but for Riaan, watch her beloved wife, the crew of the Venture and guide them back to safety..." Aki exhaled slowly and bows slightly.

Riaan did her best to smile at the captain but failed. "Thank you, now, I think it's best I am alone right now." She said, gesturing towards the door.

Nodding towards her he stood up and without anything really said he left the room and took another deep breath outside and continue his journey "Well that was...." he did not finish the sentence and continued walking


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