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[USS Venture] Connections

Posted on Mon Dec 25th, 2017 @ 7:54am by Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth

Mission: For Honor
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: 1600hrs

Riaan waited on the holodeck. The holodeck was a recreation of a formal ball hall. Riaan wore a blue dress that she knew Ziara liked. With the Tornado spending so much time deep in Klingon space and the Venture near the Romulan border, they had been unable to get any connected holodeck time together. However, today they had managed it finally after months of trying.

Riaan had spent a lot of time thinking about where she wanted this date to be. After a while, she had settled on a garden program that she had been working on. It wasn’t complex, it was a traditional Bajoran garden. However, Riaan had carefully selected the species that grew there, grouping the plants by what she thought were interesting biological similarities. Such as the Chameleon rose, which changed color based on the mood of the person holding it, was placed next to the Vulcan orchid, which lived in a similar ecological niche.

"Connection successful." The calm voice of the computer announced as Ziara materialized. She wore a little black dress that she favored. It fit with her white fur and black stripes. Riaan could tell that Ziara felt feminine today. She walked differently and her chest wasn’t bound as it often was. Ziara’s expression lit up when she saw Riaan with an easy grin. The couple hugged for a long moment. There were no words that needed to be said.

Ziara kissed Riaan gently, her lips grazing Riaan’s playfully. Riaan blushed as Ziara moved her hands lower, massaging Riaan’s back in the way that only her hands could. Riaan had missed this, the casual way that the two were intimate. The way that Ziara could feel the tension in her and then release it with a careful motion of her hands. “Your tight, is everything ok over there?” Ziara asked gently.

Riaan loathed to break the hug, but she did to lead Ziara over to a bench. “Everything’s well, everything.” She said less then helpfully. Ziara motioned gently for Riaan to straddle the bench. She then took up a position behind Riaan and resumed her massage. Riaan could feel the tension washing more away at Ziara’s touch.

Riaan composed herself and thought before continuing. “I’ve talked to Caradan about Mindo, but I think I need to talk to Mindo. I’m still terrified of the Captain, we still haven't connected. It was a lot easier to avoid his notice when I was an ensign and not a department head. Even though it was completely warranted, I hated busting Logano down a rank.”

Ziara purred gently as she worked to relieve Riaan’s tension. “From what you’ve already told me, it was the right decision. I’m certain he’ll come back up with perhaps a bit more wisdom next time. He seems like the good type. I’ve had some more problematic cases in my time. The best thing you can do is let them suffer the consequences of their action and believe in them, that they can be better then they are.”

Riaan nodded as Ziara’s hands drifted to her neck, “what about Mindo?” She asked.

“Go talk to him, he’s not the one to hurt you on purpose. I’m sure if he understands your fears, then he’ll keep them in mind. Also, we connected, so there’s that.” Ziara commented.

Riaan shook her head, “Ew.” She said leaning forward, slightly disgusted. “He’s not my type. Although Caradan seems to connect to him.” She said as she stood and offered a hand to Ziara.

Ziara took it and let Riaan lead her to the center of garden. “I thought you liked the short types.” She said with a teasing grin.

Riaan pulled Ziara into an easy dance in the Garden. “I do, it’s just thinking about him that way still brings back some bad memories.”

Ziara moved with grace as she considered what Riaan said, “Perhaps you need to make some new connections in your memory.” She pushed gently.

Riaan laid her head against Ziara’s shoulder as they danced. “Perhaps. But why now?” She asked.

“Because now you understand that you can keep only as much as you are willing to let…”

Ziara was suddenly ripped out of Riaan’s arms and thrown across the garden. There was a loud explosive sound, the sound of a ship being hit by weapons. Riaan could hear the red alert siren, “ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS!” someone yelled over the intercom. Ziara looked up from where she was on the ground at Riaan. Ziara's mouth started to open, but then her body froze.

As Riaan stood there in horror, the computer’s ever calm voice said, “Connection lost.”


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