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My 2 Mindos: The Meeting of the Minds

Posted on Fri Jan 12th, 2018 @ 3:02pm by Crewman Joey Logano & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson & Ivy Sharzin & Chief Petty Officer Davi Ran

Mission: For Honor
Location: Science Lab 2
Timeline: Current

Following the appearance of the 2nd Mindo. They were escorted to sickbay under guard. The doctors are doing a JP. The scientists are doing a JP. We will both report back to the XO at the appropriate time.

Cadet Sharzin, be sure to tell Riaan to pay special attention of mental scans for any sign of memory tampering, any implanted or secret conditioning. We need to rule out the possibility of a sleeper agent.”

Yes Lieutenant,” Sharzin replied confidently. This meant that a very serious examination of the individuals and possibly brain scans by the Intelligence Officer.



The Scientific Method is something that has been written about for centuries. The goal is to end up with a logical understanding of a situation, with evidence based on factual information. It was always a challenge, especially when friends are involved.

Cadet Sharzin walked into the Science Lab and considered the best course of action as she waited for the other officers. She knew it wouldn’t take long, since they all were interested in the outcome. When she heard the door ‘whooosh’ open again she raised her head to see who it was.

Joey stepped into the Science Lab. In one hand he has his PADD. In the other was a blue and grey no-spill coffee cup complete with the Starfleet emblem on the side. He looked around fully expecting everyone else to be in there already. He was pleasantly surprised to see he was the first to answer Ivy’s call for attendance.

“Morning…er, afternoon,” he said to Ivy. “Whichever it is.” He hardly kept time aboard the ship. Without a sun, it really did not matter. He even had the computer stop telling him the time and just wake him upon time for his shift. He knew there had been an intruder alarm earlier but it was quickly done away with. He did not know the situation. Why would anyone feel the need to inform a lowly crewman? It really did not bother him in the least. Joey was just happy to be of use in whatever it was Ivy needed. Considering the timing, he hoped it had something to do with that intruder alarm. He thought it unwise to inquire into it. He would be notified when he needed to be notified.

Ivy looked over to the Crewman, finding his slight confusion of ‘Time’ a touch humorous. She would have thought that humans would need a consistency of the day for mental stability. Although, she could understand. When she was first taken from her world as a ???child??? , it was difficult for her to adapt to living aboard a space vessel with no sun in the sky any longer to help regulate her daily cycle. It wasn’t until her rescue and coming aboard the Tornado that she was able to begin again with a day and night schedule for herself.

Joey placed his PADD and coffee by his station and took a seat. He immediately signed into his terminal.

To Logano, Ivy asked, “Crewman, have you been informed of our mission?”

“Hmm?,” he hummed as he looked up from his terminal. “Oh, no. I just got your message to assemble here. I…I…I am curious. But that can wait until the Lieutenant and the others arrive.” He pointed to his terminal. “I have other work to get through in the meantime,” though his list of duties was actually blank. “Ma’am,” he added completely forgetting that Ivy was field promoted to an officer. “Sorry, ma’am.”

Ivy smiled slightly at his concern and simply replied, “That’s alright Crewman. We can wait for the others.”

Riaan stepped out of her office quietly, holding a padd. She glanced around the room, and settled into one of the chairs to wait for the rest of the team. Her eyes were red from crying earlier, but she had stopped and there was work to do. At this point, the word that the Venture, where Riaan's wife was stationed had been attacked and was now missing had spread through the grapevine of the ship.

Davi ran in with more updated information from the long range scans. "Ma'am, new updated scans." The young trill handed her the padd with the information.

Ivy followed the young Trill with her eyes as he approached the Lieutenant. She lowered the PADD that she had been looking at, waiting for the details to be shared.

"There are slight variations in the blood work between the two objects, one has been exposed to more events related to radiation then the other, its not a lot but its some thing." Ravi said.

Riaan took a breath and looked at her assembled team. "I'm glad all of you are here. As you may be aware, there is something that has happened to Lieutenant Mindo. Ivy, I believe you are in the best position to brief us on this matter,” she said.

Ivy was just a little unprepared emotionally for the task, but she squirmed for just a moment getting her thoughts in order. She then took a half step forward, looked at the others in the room, and then began, “I can provide a firsthand observation of the incident. I arrived with Lt. Mindo at his quarters to check on the intruder. What I saw was another person that looked identical to Mindo, but dressed in civilian clothing. With a preliminary scan with my medical tricorder, I happened to have, I could say that both of the Mindo’s were the same person. Where the other Mondo came from or how he came to the the Quarters is the reason for our investigation.”

She looked again at the faces in the room and added, “Both of the Mindo’s walked toward Main Medical without any challenge to authority, where they will be more thoroughly tested.”

Riaan nodded, "Thank you Ivy. Now, as you know, there can be a lot of reasons for a duplication like this to happen. They range from biological to astrophysical. Medical will be sending us more data as they get it, however, I want us to focus first on how the duplication happened as that will inherently suggest a solution. Grayfield, you have the best knowledge of anomalies, and so I want you to see if there are any that might have caused this. Ivy, Ran, you'll be working with her. Logano, your area is anthropology, so I want you to prepare a background on Mindo and his cultural background to help guide the Councilor when she talks to them." Riaan went on to suggest several more avenues for the rest of the teams to work on.

As the groups broke up, Riaan motioned Ivy over to her.

Cadet Sharzin stepped over to Lt. Rrareth, nodding to others as they passed her going to their group. Stopping next to the Lieutenant, Ivy asked, “Yes Riaan?”

Riaan looked at Ivy, "Before you ran off I wanted to tell you that you did a good job with the briefing." She said in her quiet, gentle way of speaking.

Ivy thought for a moment, considering the word spoken, and then the intent. Ivy realized that Riaan was providing praise and encouragement to her. This was not something done in her previous life before coming aboard the Tornado. She had learned about it from her friend, Peter, when she initially came on board. She remembered from him that it is sometimes appropriate to thank the person for providing a word of praise or encouragement.

It was only a second delay before a shy smile came over Ivy’s face and she replied, “Thank you. That is kind of you to say.

Riaan nodded, "Any time, now lets get back to work."

Ivy then recalled her instructions, speaking up, “Oh Lieutenant. Lieutenant Caradan said to pay special attention of mental scans for any sign of memory tampering, any implanted or secret conditioning. She said for us to rule out the possibility of a sleeper agent.”

Riaan considered for a moment what Ivy had told her, "We do want to rule that out as much as we can our side. That should probably mostly be done using a manchurian test by the medical staff. However, if you see an opportunity, take it. I trust you’re to use your own initiative if you see something someone else might have missed."

Ivy nodded and confirmed, “Yes Ma’am”, trying to treat the situation as professionally as possible. “I will definitely be looking for anything to help solve this mystery.”


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