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Settling In

Posted on Mon Jan 22nd, 2018 @ 2:41pm by Lieutenant Davmorda Rex & Ensign Elena Reis

Mission: For Honor
Location: Security Office

Crewman Darrell Wallace’s eye shot big as he stepped out of the Security Office. Standing just before him was Davmorda Rex and he had heard that her symbiontic name suited her well. He did everything he could to extract himself from her path as she marched into the office. Wallace continued on with his duties.

Davmorda stepped into the Security Office. It seemed Ensign Reis was still getting used to the idea of being the Chief Security Officer as well as making her office and desk more her own. It looked like Elena was going over some reports that Meera had left behind. Davmorda arrived half way between the door and Elena’s desk and stood there awaiting recognition.

Reis had been mostly quiet about her sudden promotion to a position she didn't feel she was qualified for. Or at least she seemed quiet. In truth, it just took her a long time to finish anything, as she wasn't as familiar with the security side of things and had to go back over procedure time and time again for anything beyond the most basic parts of the job. She sighed, and didn't fully glance up - just letting her eyes drift over to the trill, "Lieutenant. What can I do for you?" She asked quietly, a hint of frustration in her tone - though it wasn't likely directed at anyone in particular.

“Actually, I came to see if there was anything I could do for you,” Davmorda said as she stepped up and took a seat. “Studying my profile you will see that my previous host had a security background. He…”

’That is enough. You’ve said enough.’

Davmorda ceased her words and sought a different train of though. “He was a Trill Elite Marine. I am sure I may possess some bits of information to help you along in your new position.”

"I appreciate the offer," Reis said quietly, not looking up from the files for a few moments. "I almost feel like I should just keep studying, and make sure I am doing this right. At least I'm sure I haven't forgotten how to do that yet." She shook her head a bit. "I'm sure this is just sort of a temporary thing, since I am basically the only sec/tac officer who has completed command and bridge training." She took a breath and sighed, "But, I'd take advice."

“I am sure it goes without saying that the Safety and Security of this ship and its personnel is your top priority. Not even the captain can lawfully interfere with that. My best advice to you…” Davmorda felt a wiggle in her torso as the Rex symbiont reminded her of it presence. “My best advice is to go with your gut instincts. Hesitation could prove disastrous in tight situations. Suspicion is never an accusation of guilt. If something happens and you believe it possible for a particular person to have been involved, then you need to pursue that possibility until you deem it impossible. You have a team beneath you and they are your arms, eyes, and ears. Use them. I do not envy your position as you have both a Bajoran commander who the Cardassians and the former Dominion labeled as a terrorist as well as a Changeling XO whose involvement in the Dominion or the war is unknown. As for their individual goals in Starfleet, I assure you Starfleet Security wants to keep a close eye on both. In my observations, Shaqdac and Eunidas do not seem to get along very well. Additionally, there are still some aboard the ship who harbor harsh feelings stemming from the Dominion War.”

"I don't think hesitation is something I struggle with Lieutenant. That's probably part of my problem." She let out a little sigh, and finally looked up. "And I understand my position. I'll keep the ship safe, regardless of who wants to get in the way." She sighed, and pushed away some of the padds on the table. "I naturally don't trust people, so that probably helps." She glanced over to the trill, "There's an odd theme here, though. Seems like the crew, the command team, even you... two... kind of," She said waved her hand towards the lieutenant, "...pushing towards a sort of conflict within itself. I'm more worried about us tearing ourselves in half before we even get to the Klingons..." She said, "But I might just be worrying about it. Part of the job now, though, I suppose."

Davmorda sat and listened to the woman. “Yes, it does help that you naturally do not trust people. When it comes to Security, trust should work opposite of justice. People are innocent until proven guilty but no one should have your trust until they prove, to you, that they are trustworthy.” She sat back and thought a bit on Elena’s statement about the crew and ship tearing itself apart. “There does seem to be some racial and political divides among the crew. For the time being, it seems everyone just agrees to disagree without meetings their problems. It is like that metaphorical bag of trash sitting in the corner that everyone ignores and accepts the smell. It will eventually become too much to bear but the timing of that event cannot be predicted. Coming from a Security background myself, I do not envy you. After reading your profile and reviewing your performance aboard this ship, I am confident the safety and security of this ship is in good hands.”

"Good." Reis said softly with a little sigh, "As long as someone is, maybe I can pull this off." She shook her head. The little cygnian paused, and then sort of the stared at the Trill for a moment. "I'll keep the ship and crew safe until we get a real chief. Then I can go back to configuring phasers and things."

“Speaking of configuring phasers,” the Trill straightened with sudden realization, “I recall looking over a report where Lt. Deloria and Ens. Keselowsky were designing a new phaser rifle. Based on Deloria’s designs and Keselowsky’s engineering skill, I understand they came up with something…shall I say…not entirely authorized by Starfleet, but certainly seems to pack a punch. Meera allowed these weapons to be made as she actually encouraged it. Whether this is to continue and whether or not you utilize these weapons…that is now up to you.”

"I haven't really looked at the designs." Reis said with a shrug, "I'm not a security officer. So I handle a handheld, or maybe a carbine..." She shook her head. "I should make a note to bother Keselowsky about it." She took a breath, "But, I don't expect to be CSec-Tac more than a mission or so, so..." She shrugged, "I don't plan on changing SOP, unless that changes."

“Understandable,” Davmorda said. She saw a bit of underconfidence and even a bit of hesitance in Elena. Perhaps she was not security material. Rex felt it would worsen the situation to hear her confess to that. ’As long as that information does not get out.’

Davmorda stood. She had taken up enough of Elena’s time. “Until such time however, the job is yours. Even if it is temporary, use it to broaden your experience. Should you need advice…”

’Enough. You’ve said enough.’

Davmorda gave a nod after ceasing her words. “I shall take my leave then.”

"Lieutenant," Reis said with a little nod, "Thank you." She paused for a moment. She thought about speaking up again, and then took a deep breath. "Wait. One second." She stood and walked around to the edge of the desk. "I do appreciate it. I'm sure I'll ask around for more as the time comes." She smiled, and gave a small bow towards the Trill. "And if you have anything you need, don't hesitate to ask."

’A scapel.’

’Quite you.’

Davmorda gave Elena a nod. “I shall not hesitate. I also invite you to the same. In my experience, even in symbiontic memory, I have found there to be times I felt I could not express myself to a counselor. Should you feel the need, you know where my quarters are. Good day.” With that said, Davmorda turned and started away.

"Until next time, Lieutenant." Elena said, watching the trill leave after a quick nod.


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