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Unknown side effect

Posted on Wed Jan 24th, 2018 @ 2:40pm by Commander Aki Shagdac & Commander Landon Milo MD & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson & Ensign Ixelom Vejeem

Mission: For Honor
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

The days in the sickbay has been quiet, some sneezes and cuts here and there, but nothing exciting for them to deal with. But suddenly that would change "Doctor?" A voice came into the sickbay as Aki held his hand against his head "Someone around?" He kept his eyes closed as if it was sensitive to light

"Get your butt over here and state the nature of your medical emergency," said the Chief Medical Officer as he approached the man. "Sorry, Captain. It has been rather uneventful down here" said Landon.

He noticed that the Captain was keeping his eyes shut, practically squinting. The light of the room seemed to be bothering him. "Computer, decrease Sickbay lighting by 15%" Landon said aloud, ordering the ship's computer. The room dimmed a bit. "Have you been hitting the liquor cabinet, Captain?"

The lights dimmed did help somewhat as he slowly opens his eyes "Oh the humor in that Doctor, I wish it was that easy" Aki pointed out as he rub's over his head "I got no idea what it is, but somehow I can barely see, light hurts the hell out of me and I start to feel sour muscles on various locations of my body" You could clearly see that Aki eyes were red and vain's in his eyes had cracked.

Landon looked at the man "I see" he said as he started to assess the Captain. "Well, I wouldn't really expect you to have any idea what it is. That's my position and duties, Captain, not yours" added Landon teasingly towards his patient.

The Chief Medical Officer turned his head and looked over his shoulder. He was going to call for a nurse but it was just him holding down Sickbay at the moment. Letting out a sigh he returned his attention to the Captain. "Remind me to speak with you later about getting me more medical personnel.”

As if on cue, the Sickbay doors opened as Ixelom and Scott ambled in. The lieutenant leaned a little on the tiny Tellarite girl, and despite his best efforts to stand upright, she panted mightily as she half-carried him in.

“Doctor!” she gasped, extraordinarily red in the face.

Looking with painful eyes at his chief getting helped into the room "What is with him...aaaa" Placing his hand over his eyes as another strike of pain hits it. Aki leans back on the biobed and waits.

"Doctor," Scott said, "I feel like I am being attacked from the inside. I would be laying on the floor still if this ensign hand't caught me."

“Caught...and carried...” Ixelom huffed, hauling the much larger Scott over to a biobed and dumping him there with an exhausted gasp. The counselor bent over, her wrinkled features flushed, panting hard. “You...are...really...heavy...”

“Sorry Ensign. I don’t think we have been formally introduced yet. Lieutenant Scott Erickson, Chief intelligence officer.” He got situated on the biobed and was starting to feel the throbbing calm down a bit. “I’ll be sure to work on the heavy part.”

A nurse stepped at her Chief side and started the investigation of Scott "Your blood circulation is being troubling....can you tell me what has happened to you?" Looking at the Counselor "Any details would be helpful right now"

“Destabilised equilibrium, dilated irises, increased blood pressure, heightened temperature aching muscles, ocular hypersensitivity,” Ixelom rattled off. She glanced at Shagdac and grinned. “You also both look awful, but that’s a pre-existing condition for humans and Bajorans. Not everyone can be as stunning and sexy as Tellarites.”

"Umm.. Okay," Scott said, "I feel like my heart is beating to fast then too slow, almost like it can't make up its mind. Could this be a side effect of the last mission we took?"

"Maybe," Ixelom said cautiously, although she doubted it. "Don't worry, hun, you're in good hands Landon. You'll be right as rain in no time."

Nodding towards the observation of the Counselor "Yes, these two gentleman are suffering from the side affects of the plague we earlier had to deal with" She shook her head looking at the readings "Got to investigate the blood samples, but it only effects the humans in this case"

"I don't mean to step in on someone else's department here," Erickson said. "But if this is affecting the humans onboard, we should follow standard quarantine procedures, and lock the ship down. In the event that we are boarded, or attacked." He said.

Shaking her head as she taps a few times on the console "No no Lieutenant, lets not create unwanted panic" As she glance at Aki that still had his hand over his eyes "This effects only those that were on the away team so far..."

"A lot of those people are senior officers. Captain with your permission, we need to restrict there access to the ship and to the computer core," Scott said trying to sit up the pain in his head was making him feel drunk.

Aki looked at his side and tried to peek through his damaged eyes "Are you suggesting that these side effects have impact on our computer core Lieutenant?" Closing his eyes again and placed his hand before it again "I don't really think that is required, I would however advice all members to be checked"

The nurse nodded as she got the blood results back "Indeed, I would like to check everyone that was on that forsaken planet" She pointed out and shrugs.

"Aye sir," Erickson said and put his head back down. "Anything for the headache you can give me now doc?"

Nodding towards the Lieutenant as she grabs some tools to load up the painkiller. This little outbreak was going to give them some troubles. But it should be fixed in the long run.


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