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Turbulence Issues

Posted on Tue Jan 16th, 2018 @ 5:26pm by Staff Warrant Officer Grace Grayfield & Lieutenant JG Mindo "Minduno" & Petty Officer 3rd Class Jasmine Shepherd & Ensign Bradford Keselowsky & Petty Officer 2nd Class Seepok & Petty Officer 3rd Class Vaimera Gherr & Petty Officer 3rd Class Tiffany Crismore

Mission: For Honor
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Current

The Tornado was traveling through Klingon space, but so far it has been a bumpy ride and it has affected the ship systems. The cause of it was not found directly until a Staff Warrant came in walking, telling something curious. Grace walked towards the Engineering as she felt another bump from the Tornado and heard the metal cracking "I better hurry..." She said and walked quickly into the Engineering looking around for the Chief.

Lieutenant Mindo hovered in front of the central console across Ensign Brad Keselowsky. He was not happy. Knowing Mindos was on board did not help matters. And despite being temporarily stricken of authority, that was temporarily waived as the Tornado absolutely needed its full Engineering staff to include the chief. As Mindo provided information unknown to Mindos and as medical proved that he still showed signs of the disease from that Klingon planet, Command confined Mindos to quarters and for Mindo to get them through this nebula.

"Good God! What are they doing up there?" exclaimed Mindo. "I'm adjusting port thrusters. Brad, divert power to aft and forward shields. We're flying apart here!"

Keselowsky and another crewman were both holding onto a conduit stabilizer as workers above were reinforcing the said conduit. He let go of it and turn to the nearby terminal. As the crewman he was assisting nearly stumbled, he kicked out with his right foot to add some weight to help the crewman maintain balance. Standing on one foot, with the other on the stabilizer, Brad was working the controls. “Power diverted, Sir!” He looked at the console a little closer. “Looks like I shut down all non-essential terminals on Decks 5 and 6. I guess no one is getting on FaceSpace for a bit.”

Returning to helping the crewman hold the stabilizer, Brad noticed Grace entering Engineering and gave a wave followed with an awkward smile.

Mindo noticed her as well, and seeing the turquoise turtleneck under the gray and black jacket, he assumed she must be medical.

"Finally someone from sick bay!" he exclaimed. "Crewman Gherr hit her head... where's your medkit?"

“Sir, reading a power overload on deck 3. The eps unit is on overload.” Shepherd said from a Damage control panel. “I’m taking my team to repair it.”

At first Grace did not notice that Mindo was talking to her and narrowed her eyes "Really..." She mutters and kept herself calm "I'm not from sickbay Chief, I am from Science..." Getting interrupted by Mindo within her sentence annoyed her.

"Science! Wow! Good for you!" Mindo said, cutting her off. "What can I do for you other than keep the ship together and pray to whatever god is out there that..." The ship shook violently, cutting Mindo off mid-sentence.

"OK, Miss," said Mindo. "I have no time and less patience. What does Science want from Engineering?"

"Can you drop the attitude sir?" Grace said annoyed as she reached out a PADD to him that gave the latest information about a nebula that they are passing "We are unknown what it is, but it is affecting our systems and we suspect that the nebula has effects of a plasma storm"

“That is all well and good ma’am,” said Keselowsky. The crewman up above gave a thumbs up to the reinforced conduit and he stepped away to a terminal by the Warp Core. “But whatever this storm is…well that is up to Science to figure out.” He went through a few screens, giving quick scans to their readouts. “What to do about it…that is also Science.” He stopped on a screen measuring coolant levels. “Where we go…well then that is Navigation.” He pumped up the coolant injectors by 5%. “Keeping our ship together…that is our job.” Seeing Mindo busy, Keselowsky took the PADD from Grace and looked at it. “Warp Core stabilized for the moment, Sir,” he shot his voice toward Mindo.

He looked over the readout and spoke his thoughts. “Yeah, this looks like a plasma storm alright.” The ship shook. “Does not look like it but it feels like a Category 12.” Looking at Grace, “any navigator would immediately see the big fat ‘Stay the Hell away from me’ sign, but,” he looked at the readings a bit more closely. “It does not show any sign of being a Category 12 from outside. You have to be inside the storm to recognize it.” He scrolled down the PADD. “Lieutenant, there are some minor cross shears within subspace. They are barely noticeable.” The ship shook again and a terminal off to the side sparked. An engineer ran toward it for repairs. “This shear would definitely effect Warp travel, but,” he returned his attention to the readings on the PADD. “I’ve seen something similar to this before, but only in Warp Theory class. If you ask me, there could be a subspace micro-tear at the center of this nebula…storm…thing.” He handed the PADD to Mindo as he was finally finishing his present task. “To find it, we would have to travel deep into this thing. And we would need to detonate a high yield anti-matter explosion the likes of a Warp Core to seal it.” He paused as Mindo hovered up and took the PADD. “In theory of course.”

"What's this?" said Mindo, taking the PADD. "Were you talking to me?" The ship shook again. Mindo hovering was the only thing that didn't seem to move. It looked weird.

“Yes sir, I was,” sighed Brad feeling a bit ignored. “I was just saying that this storm, which does not look like a Category 12, sure feels like one. The subspace sheer could be caused by a subspace micro-tear at the storm’s core. To seal it would call into need a Warp Core detonation.” He looked to Grace. “Or if Science can figure out how to duplicate such an explosion.”

"Sure, that would work," said Mindo. "Let me go to the storage closet and get that spare warp core we have lying around next to the spare ship, flying pigs, and Shagdaq's good side."

“And I keep that right next to your height,” Brad started to chuckle but trailed off as Mindo seemed to ignore him while Grace seemed rather unimpressed.

Looking at Bradfort and shrugs the ackward position the man was put in as she looked at Mindo "While I find the resulte of the Ensign a creative one, I don't think you will wing on Shagdaq good side with it. Is there any way to re-enforce the hull or shields to keep us from getting ripped apart?" Another shock hits the ship as Grace hits the side of a console "Arg..." Grabbing to her side and curses in her mutters "The Science department got the information from our scans when we entered it....we did not see this coming due the interference that the nebula created"

"Is there a way to fix it?" Shepherd asked. "And if there is lets get to it. I am starting to feel sick about the shaking."

Grace looked back at Mindo and the other Engineers in the room "Don't look at me, I am the Scientist here..." She shrugs waiting for them to tune in.

Mindo sighed and looked down at his console, making a quick adjustment to the shield harmonics.

"Here's an idea," he said. "What if we made a magnetic discharge from the deflector dish? If we make the right calculations we could fire it into the center of the nebula and hopefully reverse the polarity enough to dissipate the distortion. We would have to be precise, but I think it could work."

“Precise is an understatement,” said Keselowsky. “As you know, degrees are separated down to 60 minutes and then 60 seconds. A subspace micro-tear can be as small as several meters across and a few feet wide. Missing by a factor of a few seconds could possibly exacerbate things. Of course,” he looked at the readings again, “the closer we are the better our aim will be. But there will definitely be more turbulence deeper inside.”

"Hmm...we need to pass it safetly, I don't know if the Klingons would like it if we are going to start shooting stuff in their space" Grace pointed out as another shake came "Is there any way to to ...stabilize this without shooting?"

“Nope,” said Keselowsky. “Shooting a magnetic discharge is not the same as shooting a torpedo. You know…no explosions and such.” He shrugged. “If we have our aim right…or we don’t, either way there will be a highly noticeable result.” Brad highlighted a few areas on the display. “Either a more stable storm for ships to travel through or something impassable. Lieutenant,” he directed Mindo’s attention to the areas he highlighted, “do those areas look like places where ships can hide?”

Mindo examined the highlighted places. "Definitely," he said after a few seconds. "Though I don't know what you're getting at."

“What I am getting at sir,” Brad then looked to Grace and Jasmine, “is if the Klingon Empire or the SoK know about this, or if either of the two are daring enough to use this as a hiding place. If our allies use it, then we want to preserve it. If our enemies use it, then we want to disrupt it.” Keselowsky spoke with a definite tone of concern the likes that Mindo had heard only a few times.

Mindo nodded, seeing Brad's point. "I agree completely. However, I don't think either of us is qualified to make that decision. We need to go through Shagdaq first."

The ship shook again and another panel exploded. Crewmen scrambled to put the fire out.

"Then again," said Mindo, "if we don't do something, we're likely not to make it out alive. And neither will any other ship, ally or otherwise." Mindo sighed and wiped his sweaty brow. "Brad, Shepherd, prepare the deflector dish for a magnetic burst. I'll inform Shagdaq of our situation and see if we can get into a better position."

=^= Shagdac to Engineering, we are barely holding out here...but we got to pass this nebula. Got any ideas?=^=

Another shake came as Grace grabs a console "Speak of the devil..."

Shepherd stood up form the last explosion, she was starting to get worse from the shaking. "Get a stabilizer on that now!" She ordered and hold on towards a console. She took a second to catch her breath and force her dizziness aside.

Keselowsky ran to Shepherd’s aide and assisted with repairs.

Mindo tapped his badge and replied, "We need to move into a position to fire a magnetic burst into the center of the nebula. We believe this will change the nebula and possibly cause it to dissipate. We need a good shot, though. If we miss the center of the distortion we could cause a massive rupture, and I don't even want to think about what that will do."

For a moment it was silence as the ship took another beating "Coordinate with Science and amplify the sensor range. Fire at your judgment Chief" Aki stated and placed trust in his Chief Engineer.

"Brad, Shepherd," said Mindo, "get me that burst. I'll align our sensors to the target area. We've got one shot at this."

"On it chief!" Shepherd said turning back to her work on the console to work on the modifications Mindo would need.

Within moments, the ship was aligned and the magnetic burst was ready.

"Firing the burst," Mindo announced. The beam fired from the deflector dish and was a perfect shot. The nebula began to break up immediately.

"Got it!" shouted Mindo. "Great job everyone!"

The shaking of the Tornado stopped as the Nebula slowly became stable again. It grasp over the Tornado was released for now.


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