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Posted on Mon Jan 1st, 2018 @ 8:17pm by Staff Warrant Officer Grace Grayfield & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth & Ivy Sharzin & Chief Petty Officer Davi Ran & Crewman Joey Logano

Mission: For Honor
Location: Science Lab
Timeline: Current

The one department that was doing the most work was the indeed the Science department. Commander Shagdac had given the order to explore and record the unknown space of Klingon space. So that is what they were doing, taking this one of a lifetime chance in their hands.

"This is amazing, these Klingons have so many sectors and so much that I bet every scientist wants to explore..." Grace said totally in her element as her hands were sliding over the console "My spider senses are going crazy..." Making a reference towards a comic superhero what most of her colleagues won't know.

Ivy stood behind the other science officers as they were grouped together. The Staff Sergeant’s comment about a spider confused her. The Cadet didn’t understand the correlation. She leaned over slightly toward Riaan and whispered, “Are we going to be looking at star systems or life-forms on those worlds?”

The quiet Chief Science officer considered for a moment before replying. "As much as we can. I'm personally quite interested in the xenobiology of these worlds. However, stopping to smell the roses may not always be an option."

Logano was likewise working away at his terminal and was performing long-range scanning for carbon-based lifeforms. “Klingon space is rather large and not even the Klingons have surveyed it all. I bet there is some sentient life out there.” He adjusted scans into area where star charts showed little interstellar travel.

“It looks like the Gum nebula,” Davi said, adjusting the angle of the nebula. “The size is definitely a lot smaller, though. If it’s like the Gum nebula though there’s a chance we won’t find much life in there.”

Smiling at Davi, "That my good lad is not what it seems, that is a plasma class four nebula. Chance of life is indeed slim.” Grace did, however, tap at the side of the console as she looked closer at her console "Hmmm".

Ivy recognized that sound, as one a humanoid makes when they find something interesting. The Cadet stepped closer and stood just to the right of the Warrent Officer glancing toward her console. “Have you found something interesting?”

Riaan raised her eyebrow, quietly waiting for Grace to tell them what she had found. She was not an astrophysicist, so she would wait until she had more information.

"We might be up for a wild ride, the Tornado is going to pass a nebula that is reading equality of class 4 maybe even 5 plasma storm" She slides her fingers over the console as she shoves the image forward as the holoemitters reacted and dimmed the lights in the room. A red cloud appears that showed blue interaction among its cloud "It's radius is going lightyears and we can't avoid it...that will delay our mission significantly" Grace spoke "Collecting data..."

Ivy was very curious. She had studied the many different types of stars and Nebulas, but had as yet not the knowledge of plasma storms. “May I ask what the difference is between these to types of storm?” She looked to Riaan for encouragement then back to Officer Greyfield.

Riaan nodded encouragingly, it was a good question. She wanted to hear from the expert about this before making a decision about how to allocate the ship's resources.

Ivy lifted a PADD from her pocket to make some notes, but then realized that it might seem that she was being rude to make notes and not pay attention to the Warrent Officer. She decided to keep it in her hands, but looked directly at Greyfield with a pleasant smile as she waited for his explanation. Ivy knew she could make a note at any time afterward.

Looking at all fo them "It is basic...." Grace was a bit overwhelmed that she was looked at by all of them and that they did not know this "Nebula's come in all variations and strength out there...Some are harmless and others can be very dangerous. You got various classes in those type Nebula's and this one comes towards a dangerous plasma nebula with highly volted storm reactions in it that can affect our ship"

“Shouldn’t we then avoid it,” same Crewman Logano. As the eyes turned to him, the lowest rank in the room not to mention only an enlisted man, he felt small and insignificant. “Sorry ma’am, but…if this nebula is that dangerous then we should just go around it. At least skirt its horizon.”

Ivy looked to Logano and gave and approving slight nod of her head. She found the Crewman’s logic to be quite sound. Looking to Greyfield Ivy asked, “Would not a level 4 probe be just as adaquate for information gathering, due to the possible dangers present?”

Riaan shook her head, "No, not necessarily, to both of those questions. The excited energy states found in Nebula often create what are described as 'pathways' in subspace. Shortcuts that are more useful then they are dangerous. Time is value, and risk is also value. Probes also have limitations, mostly having to do with range. Their sensor package is also not as complete as our own. Their great for point targets when you know mostly what you are looking for, but can't go there yourself. Also they are relatively shielded, meaning even a small discharge would destroy it while the Tornado can take quite a beating. Their not great for general science, large scale search patterns, or dangerous situations. Their a useful tool, but have their limitations. The Tornado is a small science ship, we're designed to tackle things like this Nebula and come out the other side."

The Cadet listened to the explanation, thinking through the situation as explained. She nodded her head slightly to the affirmation. Then added, “I understand. You have great faith in the capabilities of the Tornado.”

Riaan nodded, "I do, not just of the ship, but of the crew as well. Mindo is a great engineer, and our science department rivals that of any I have worked with. My experience is that mysteries remain unknown at our discretion."

That was the most confident Joey had ever heard the lieutenant speak. He felt a bit of authority and confidence emanating from her when she had to discipline and demote him, but that was normally just the bravery it took to get through a tough situation. This…what she just said, was more of a department head’s pep talk and Joey did not even notice that he was standing tall, his eyes, ears and attention fully on Riaan, and the confidence she expressed filling even him.

"The other problem we are having is that we have to get towards the system within a certain amount of time. At least that is what the Commander said, right Chief?" Grace looked at Riaan and then back at the holo map. "We have to presume that we got to work with Engineering to keep the ship together and Navigation to keep a clean route..." The ship began to shake for short brief moments, “And we are already starting to feel the effects of it.”

Ivy gripped her console, reacting to the uncertainty of the situation. She was pretty sure that an eddy in the Nebula was effecting the ship’s course. She reminded herself to just focus on her work and let someone else handle the ship’s course.

“Could our engines be drawing the turbulence toward us as well?” Ran asked.

Riaan thought as her officers talked. "Possible, it's more likely that we are dispersing pockets of energetic material though. Start running a flow analysis to figure it out." She suggested.

This was the first time that Riaan was giving out orders and it gave a smile on Grace’s face. “Yes sir,” looking back at the console and setting up the scans. “Davi, get me those results of the build-up of those energy patterns. Ivy...can you get me a PADD and look at how I do this scan. Memorize it, as these scans are common, so you can do them yourself.”

Ivy looked to the Warrent Officer and replied, “Yes, of course.” She then turned to a near by console and extracted a ‘fresh’ PADD and began entering search perameters, looking for the right program.

Nodding towards Ivy as Grace shows her the scans as she finally looked at her Chief "Lieutenant, I would like to bring this report towards Engineering, we are getting a more rocky ride" Grace asked.

Riaan looked up from her own observations, and thought about it for a moment. "Go ahead. Hopefully they will be able to use it."

"Got it" Grace responded as she downloaded the schematics towards a PADD and nodded towards them "I will be on my way back in a minute" With that she leaves the Science Department as the ship shakes again.


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