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Posted on Wed Dec 20th, 2017 @ 11:18am by Commander Aki Shagdac & Ensign Elena Reis & Corporal Johnathan Higgins

Mission: For Honor
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Current

The Tornado was a few days underway deeper into Klingon space. It was no surprise that the tension on the small ship was high with various things colliding at the same time. The crew generally did not feel safe flying in the hornet nest itself and most knew the history of what Klingons are really able to do. Then the sudden leave of their Chief Security/Tactical Officer that was replaced by the all young and inexperienced Ensign Reis was not great either for the morale boost.

"Man, sometimes I wish I was back at Starbase 14 doing my regular dull job that I did every day," Ensign Ito said as the Bolian at his meal slowly thinking of what he got himself into.

Corporal Sh'taotror nodded to that and smirks as she spoke "The ship is not really the one that needs to be here, we can barely defend ourselves" The Andorian spoke "We already lost our Captain, we got a joke back and now we also lost our Chief Security that is replaced by an Ensign" She did not lower her voice in telling her opinion as she could hear a fist on the table and looked over her shoulder seeing some Tornado veterans sitting there "What? It is the truth... we are in a shitty position"

"So? Does that mean you can talk the replacement crew down?" Ensign Garrigué replied annoyed as he looked back at the Andorian "Captain Takato gave her life to save us, Commander Shagdac has his hands tied with what Starfleet Commands wants... we are running a tied vessel here, not because we want to, but it is needed"

The Androian laughed as Sh'taotror shook her head and took a bite of her meal "A sacrifice you say? How weak...leaving your crew in time of crisis. I believe the Klingons made an actual facepalm when she did that" Suddenly she got a plate of food overthrown over her and stood up "What the hell!" Looking at the woman that stood there, pff another from Security.

"I advice you to take that back" Ensign Scrima replied looking at the Andorian as the Bolian stood up now too.

Higgins had been listening to the 'discussion' was going on, before the sound of a plate getting thrown. Turning the Marine cursed. Standing up himself, he strode over and glared at both parties. "Stand down! Especially you Corporal!" He barked, crossing his arms.

"Yes, we're in a shit position, not a single person on this ship is going to disagree. But you shouldn't expect anything more Corporal. Especially wearing the Marine green." He states. "We're MARINES. Our JOB is to be in the shittiest situations and win. Even the L-T knew this." He points out.

"You weren't here when the entire ship was practically on lock-down Corporal. I was. And you know what? We were in a worse shape then than we are now." He replies. "So suck it the fuck up. We can't be fighting amongst ourselves when the enemy is out there waiting to jump on ANY vulnerability we show."

Reis hadn't entered the Lounge before all of that. But she had sat outside listening in. She had just stood outside on the other side of the wall, just letting her natural Cygnian ability keep tabs on everyone. She didn't know what she was doing - and they knew that as well as she did. She brushed her uniform off and tapped her headset off. She killed the music, and as much as she wanted to just slip by and let them sort it out, she knew she couldn't now. She took a breath and pivoted around to enter the lounge. She had heard the last few bits of the conversation, at least Higgins' rebuttal.

Then she had a choice - try to be an upstanding officer, take the traditional leadership tone... She was never able to hold that out for long. It didn't work in the academy, it wouldn't work here. "Listen to Corporal Higgins," Reis said with a shake of her head. "And then please explain to me what exactly is going on here." Those words were much politer than the somewhat angry tone the little cygnian's voice had raised to.

Higgins looked over and nodded at the Ensign. "Ma'am." He said politely. Even he wasn't sure how well Elena was going to fare as the Chief of Security, but hell, cherry officers were a thing to expect eventually. Especially when said cherry hadn't even realized she was getting the position in the first place. "Might I ask a question, Ma'am?" He asked, wanting to voice what exactly was on most of Security and Tactical's mind about the First Lieutenant's dismissal. It'd been so sudden and handled so quickly that the scuttlebutt was just alive with rumors.

So getting a chance to clear it out now was worth the risk of upsetting the new Chief.

"And being here, deeper in Klingon space without an experience Chief Security, no offense Ensign does not make me legitimate feel better that our Captain knows what he is doing," Ito said as the Bolian looked annoyed back at them and noticed that Sh'taotror was actually impressed by his stand up.

Sh'taotror turned towards her fellow marine "While I understand the code of conduct that we Marines have to ...suck it up. It is our safety that is in danger and going deeper into the lion den without any plan makes me want to get off" She pointed out

Reis took a second to take a breath, before looking back at the team. She sighed, and for a second just took int the conversations, mentally adding that she'd come back to the Marines in a moment. She cleared her throat and there was a light shake of her head as she nodded her head towards Higgins' "Go ahead, ask away." She said quickly, drifting a glance towards the conversation, nodding towards the marines. "I'm going to come back to that statement, though."

"Not to sound insubordinate Ma'am, but why the fuck was the LT given the boot? One minute she was in charge, the next I was escorting her and the Klingon woman to the transporter room to be passed over to the South Carolina." Higgins asks, and explained his reason for asking.

"I don't know," Reis responded quickly. She twisted her head to one side. "I found out on the Bridge - the same time you were escorting." She shook her head. "I've not had a lot of time to look into it - but I can say her clearance and security settings were wiped. So everything defaulted to me." She sighed, "It came down from the Corps though, so I doubt I'm going to be able to find out much. I have a hunch though." She stopped there and then added. "I'll just say its a familiar protocol for me..." For a minute her tone dropped back to her usual, there was a bit of sadness to it even, a small vulnerability, "Seriously, I wish I could give you more information - and will when I have it. Anything else on that front?"

Higgins nodded and sighed. "Thank you, Ma'am. At this point, I think it's just a matter of getting people to calm down and breath..." He says, looking over at those who'd been complaining earlier.

"Yeah, speaking of that," Reis sighed before turning to the other security officers and marines, "What exactly is the deal here? What's with the infighting exactly?" Reis waved her arms around the room, "We're in the lounge, so feel free to say what is exactly on your minds. Why exactly do you all went off, or think throwing plates at each other is going to help?"

Sh'taotror smirks "I somehow got covered in food for stating my mind ...sir" She narrowed her eyes and smirks at Higgins "We are in a shit situation, we got an inexperienced Captain and a crew that is not working together"

"Yeah, I can see where you're coming from," Reis said softly. "But, Shagdac has some tricks up his sleeve." She paused for a minute and shook her head, "And I agree with you that it's a bad situation. And I bet my inexperience isn't helping the whole thing." She held out a hand and waved them toward her, offering to take on things, "So, let's hear it. Concerns, feedback, what you guys want. Whatever. No holds barred."

"Let's hope he does Ma'am," Higgins replied, shrugging. "Honestly, my biggest concern right now, is are we gonna hold up. Most of our crew haven't been in combat, much less combat-type situations... We lost one of our most veteran leaders who was also working hard on getting people trained for such, considering what we'd been dealing with. Are those training periods going to continue?"

The rest of the crew was not less pleased or pleased with the answers that were given. But did accept the situation to be rather unique and bad in the same way. The tension in the lounge was resolved, but the question that might be hitting Ensign Reis, how long until the next outbreak was going to be there?


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