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Helping Engineering Part 2

Posted on Fri Dec 8th, 2017 @ 5:16pm by Lieutenant JG Mindo "Minduno" & Ivy Sharzin

Mission: For Honor
Location: Jefferies Tubes- Sector B-5, Deck 4
Timeline: Current 1420 hrs

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This is Deck 4 and looks like part of Deck 5. I then identify the point of failure - the surging of the AUD. I confirm power flow is stable on the secondary routes. I then close of switches at these three points.” She pointed to the conduit switches that were nearest the AUD. “I deactivate them. I reconfirm secondary power is flowing about the neutralized area. And I take sensor readings again for that sector.”

“Well Sir, I would recommend rerouting power for the moment, so that we can shut power flow through that junction. Then, we go there and replace the unit. “ She smiled slightly and raised her eyebrows in hope that she had chosen the right solution.

It looks like an AUD Unit is surging on Deck 4." She turned to Mindo.

Mindo glanced down at the panel. "Those are connected to the computer subsystems," he said. It was a pretty common error, but one that needed personal attention by an engineer. Looking up at Ivy, Mindo recognized a chance for a learning experience.


Mindo removed a panel from the wall, exposing the interlocking tunnels within the ship known as "Jefferies Tubes."

Mindo began to crawl inside, motioning Ivy to follow. "I hope you're not claustrophobic," he said.

Ivy smiled simply, “No.” As the Lieutenant entered and passed through the hatch, She thought, You really have no idea. The Cadet followed, closing the hatch behind her.

"These tubes are an Engineer's best friend, and also second home. I like using them because it's good to know the insides of your ship. If there's some sort of power failure, or an invading force on the ship, or some other crazy threat, the Jefferies tubes are the best way to get from deck to deck."

Ivy was crawling behind the Lieutenant and considered his words. She had never thought of the Engineering passageways as a way of evading a boarding party. She thought she should think about that more in depth when she could really take the time and think about it.

Mindo continued, "Once we've hit the end of this junction, we'll take a ladder up to Deck 4. How does the toolkit feel attached to your waste? Any bother?"

Ivy stopped mid crawl and turned to look at the toolkit that hung slightly lopsided from her waist. She continued crawling and replied, “It’s fine. I guess. It bobbles around a bit, but doesn’t hurt.” She thought another second and added, “It seems suitable for hanging on my waist when I’m standing, not so well when I’m horizontal as we are.”

"I know what you mean," said Mindo. "Try turning it so your tools rest on your back. Should make it easier."

Ivy thought about it a second and the with one hand rotated her belt slightly so that the toolkit laid on the small of her back. That’s better, she thought.

They reached the juncture and Mindo led the way up the ladder. Even the ladder was close quarters, but they had just enough room to move.

They soon got to Deck 4 and Mindo made a right at the juncture, but paused to make sure Ivy was keeping up.

Ivy was getting tired by all this movement on her ‘knees’. She had considered, for just a second, to allow vines out of her body to allow her to move more fluidly through the confined space, but she was trying very hard to remain in a bipedal form to fit in better.

When Mindo stopped, Ivy caught up with him in the confined space, she asked, “I guess we are at our destination?”

"Indeed we are," said Mindo, repositioning himself to more easily access the terminal in front of them.

"OK," he said with a smile. "First step is to remove the panel. You'll want to use a tricorder to release the safety measures, then pry it open with your hands using these holds here." Mindo pointed to the two handles on either side.

He handed Ivy the tricorder. "After that, it's a matter of removing the AUD unit and installing the new one. Pretty simple. Go ahead and try. I'll stop you if you're about to blow up the ship... um, that's a joke," he added.

Ivy listened to the Engineer as he explained the procedure. It seemed quite straight forward. She looked at the tricorder that Mindo had handed her. With it, she accessed the appropriate file and caused the device to send the appropriate release signal. With that done, she set it aside. Her eyes darted toward Mindo, but just for a second. She wanted his approval, but knew he was not going to give her constant praise as she went through his procedure.

Ivy gripped the panel and pulled, but it did not move. A concerned look came over her face, her eyes again darted towards Mindo and then back to the panel in question.

"You've almost got it," Mindo said with a nod. His reassurance also hinted that he was not about to step in just yet.

The young Cadet looked closer at the panel, examining the edges. Everything seemed to be fine until she touched the lower right corner. She pulled her hand back to see something the size of sand that was refracting the low light in the cramped area. She looked to the Engineer with uncertainty. She had never seen anything like this before.

Mindo furrowed his brow. This should have been easier. He looked down at what Ivy was looking at and found his brow furrowing even more.

Without missing a second, Mindo pulled out another tricorder from his toolkit and pointed it at the strange shiny substance.

"This panel appears to have been accessed already," he said. "And whoever was using it somehow managed to damage it."

He looked over at Ivy almost on reflex. He then realized she was just as puzzled as himself.

Mindo carefully took hold of the panel and removed it slowly. A small amount of smoke came out, but there appeared to be no fire. Inside was a burnt out AUD unit and several burnt isolinear chips.

"This is odd," said Mindo. He removed the AUD unit and examined its socket. Fortunately the backups had kicked in, meaning some of the auxiliary power was being used to temporarily run the system until the problem was fixed. Redundancies like this were all over the ship, but were always meant to be used for a short amount of time; the idea being that whatever system was damaged would be repaired soon. They had about four hours to fix this particular unit before ship went to automatic yellow alert. Such a problem was usually fixed in twenty minutes or less.

Ivy followed the Engineer’s procedures, taking note of all safety measures during this process. She was a little concerned about the scores and damaged socket.

Mindo was not worried about the damaged socket. He'd fixed worse before. But there was something wrong... something peculiar about this case.

His comm badge chirped. =/\= Crismore to Mindo... we're reading an intruder alert down here. =/\=

"That's great," said Mindo, mostly ignoring the report. "That'll give security something to do."

=/\= Sir, the alert is coming from your quarters. =/\=

Mindo's eyes widened and he looked up at Ivy.

Ivy looked back at the Engineer with concern. She had been working on human interaction, most recently comedy and how it releases the pressure of a situation or temporary high stress. The Cadet asked, “Where you expecting guests?”

"This can wait," said Mindo, ignoring Ivy's response. "I've got to get to my quarters. Why don't you come along?"

Ivy smiled She then looked slightly fearful, “I’ll try to stay out of the way.”



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