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The regular check up

Posted on Thu Dec 14th, 2017 @ 8:35pm by Commander Aki Shagdac & Commander Landon Milo MD

Mission: For Honor
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Backpost

His shift was getting to an end and now that the Tornado was traveling at warp towards their new location in Klingon space. Aki had still get his regular checkup after the events of the death planet. It was required needs that Aki rather wanted to avoid. He enters the sickbay and was not quite focus.

The Chief Medical Officer was leaning against a biobed reading through a recent medical report that was handed over to him by one of the nurses from the prior duty shift. Taking back control of Sickbay, the Doctor’s attention was drawn towards the doorway.

Landon’s bright blue eyes flashed and a bit of a smile swept over him. “Well, hello there, Captain,” he said calmly. “What can I do for you, Captain?” added the Chief Medical Officer.

Aki looked at his Chief Medical Officer and shrugs a bit "Well after the whole Black Death planet, I am required to do some regular checkup for safety?" He looked at him waiting for what is actually expected of him.

The Chief Medical Officer smiled "Well, that's a first for me, Sir. I never have the Captain actually report to Sickbay by the book" teased Landon. "It is always me having to chase them down, lasso them, and drag them off into my Sickbay" added Landon. "Have a seat on a biobed and we will get you that check up done and out of the way for you."

So, he was not supposed to come on free will towards this checkup. Aki made a mental note to remember that as he sits down on the biobed "How are operations in the sickbay so far?" He asked as he looked at the good doctor.

"Not bad" replied Landon with a bit of a smile. "It is far away from the Captain's chair, not so many people are looking to shoot at me, and I quite enjoy that part of the job" he teased. "I'm not missing the big chair" he added. "But yes, overall things down here are running smoothly."

Grinning at that sentence "Well you can always try the chair of the Tornado" Aki pointed out "It has a certain weight to it when the ship has a history" As he rose one arm to let the Doctor check the side "I mean, I know some people are important. But damn what did Captain Takato do to get this kind of loyalty"

"Before my time aboard" replied Landon with a smile. "But my cousin has told me about her and I probably would have loved to serve under her. No offense to you of course" added Landon. "I am sure that you will earn the crew's loyalty and respect in due time."

Aki nodded towards him as he puts his feet back on the floor "I hope so, time will tell doc" He said with a smile seeing the results to be clear "Good, I better get going until...a few days for the next checkup!" With that said, he made his leave and left the sickbay.



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