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Final salutes

Posted on Sun Dec 3rd, 2017 @ 4:47am by Commander Aki Shagdac & Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson & Ensign Elena Reis & Ensign Ixelom Vejeem & Corporal Johnathan Higgins

Mission: For Honor
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

The USS Tornado was at the borders of Klingon and Federation space waiting for the USS South Carolina to arrive. The ship had been given new assignments to travel back into Klingon space and give them the support they needed to get the situation back in control of the Empire. However, the news was spreading fast around about their vague mission and the sudden transfer of certain personnel, but most importantly First Lieutenant Deloria sudden leave.

Tapping on the side of his chair, Aki looked at the information that came to his console about reports of ship status and such. The USS South Carolina, a defiant class vessel dropped out of warp in close range of the USS Tornado.

Riaan sat at the science station, monitoring their sensors and the experiments. When the USS South Carolina came into range, she noticed and pinged it. The IFF returned the information about the USS South Carolina. 'Defiant class? Why is a warship taking her back?' Riaan wondered as she spoke. "The USS South Carolina has arrived and is requesting to come alongside." She announced formally.

“Affirmative Captain,” said Caradan from her station. “There are no signs of Klingon warp signatures. No sign that the Empire is aware of the South Carolina’s presence. Looks like Kri’Shya can disappear and the Empire will never know.”

Nodding towards his First Officer "Lieutenant Rrareth, let the South Carolina know that we are transporting additional personal per request of Starfleet. One Kri'Shya and Meera Deloria" Aki spoke knowing that the last name would bring up some questions.

"Lieutenant Deloria, sir?" Reis piped up a bit from her seat at the tactical station. The little cygnian twisted around a little bit, drawn away from her the little diagram of the defiant on her console.

Looking at Elena as Aki tapped the side of his chair "Yes, Meera Deloria has been dishonorable discharged and was asked for transport towards Earth for final debriefing by the Marine Corps" Akia looked at the screen "Ensign Reis you are for now the Chief of Security and Tactical" Sitting back in his chair "Lieutenant Rrareth please inform the South Carolina with the message"

Riaan's hands danced across her console. "Aye, message sent Captain."

=^=Commander Shagdac, this is Corporal Higgins. Both of the... passengers are ready for transport. Just awaiting the okay from the South Carolina to receive.=^=

Giving that message a short nod "Alright Operation give the Transport Chief the go. Helm set course towards these coordinations" Helm blinked and looked at his Captain "Ehh sir that is deep in Klingon space?" Aki nodded "Warp 7" he simply said as he looked at the screen.

Scott kept quite while he was looking up for information in the ship's database. Once he found what he was looking for he ran a few quick searches. "Commander Shagdac," Erickson said from the intelligence station. "The discharge orders are not adding up right."

Looking at the direction of his Chief Intel "Can you be more precise? I mean what exactly does not add up?" He looked at his counselor "By the way, how is ship's moral so far Counselor. I did not had the time to ask"

Caught offguard by the sudden question, Ixelom shrugged from her seat at one of the auxiliary stations at the back of the bridge. She sure as hell wasn’t going to give an honest appraisal in a public setting, so she settled on her favourite mode: being a smartass.

“Headed deep into Klingon space, outnumbered and outgunned, in constant mortal peril and trying to save the entire Klingon Empire,” the counselor said glibly. “Or, as we call it, Tuesday. Don’t worry, captain, everyone is happy. We’re Starfleet, and ‘risk is our business’ as the saying goes.”

=^=Corporal Higgins to Ensign Reis. Both passengers have been disembarked.=^= Higgins reported over combadge.

"Sir, the orders have been rushed, they skipped over several heads in the Marine Corp, they have a specific way of doing things. They don't skip steps in there actions." Erickson stated. "I believe we should confirm the orders with starfleet command before the South Carolina departs."

Nodding towards his Chief as he heard the transported was a success "That will take some time Lieutenant, because the Corp is an own department with their own rules in regards to ...well personal" He looked at the screen seeing the Defiant warp away "Helm warp please" He stated as the Tornado jumps into warp. He stood up and looked at Scott "Contact them, see what they can find out"


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