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I've been what?

Posted on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 7:17pm by Meera Deloria & Commander Aki Shagdac

Mission: For Honor
Location: Chief of Security's Office
Timeline: Present

Things had been fairly calm since getting back from that rock, and delivering the Klingon woman they'd found. Meera almost wished she'd gotten to do something more than prisoner duty, but still, putting boots on the ground was worth the boredom. Still, there was plenty of paperwork to get through at the moment.

Of course, as she finished signing off a new training regimen, there was an error that popped up on her PADD's display. "The hell?" She uttered, looking at what the error was saying. {INSUFFICIENT AUTHORITY - MEERA DELORIA - COMMANDER SHAGDAC NOTIFIED} That, made no sense. She'd had the authority just moments ago! Turning to her terminal, attempting to access IT revealed the same error. What was going on?

Sighing, she tapped her commbadge. "1st Lieutenant Deloria to Commander Shagdac. I'm getting some kind of error with my computers. Saying I don't have the authorization to do anything, and that you've been notified of my attempt to access it. Any idea why?"

She could hear most likely a deep inhale "On my way" the communication closed as a while later Aki walked into the room and saw Meera sitting there "Ahh, yes sorry for doing that. But I was ordered to revoke your access and rank" Aki said as he scratches the back of his head.

Meera remained at her desk, arms crossed as she stared at the error display. Looking up when the Captain of the ship entered, she stood and gave him a brisk salute. "Wait..." She paused as what he said sunk in. "What the hell happened that warranted that?"

"It seems Vice Admiral Anin, herself, received the order to let you stand down and be transported by the USS South Carolina back to Earth. This came from the Marine Corps themselves" He spoke with protest in his voice "We are to drop you off and resume our mission within Klingon space....until that time I am forced to relieve you of your duties Meera"

Meera cursed quietly in Orion and sighed. "Yes sir. I suppose I should get to packing my quarters then." She says giving Aki a salute before walking out of the office. She had no idea what the hell was going on, but it seemed she was getting some kind of transfer. On the surface anyways.


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