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The House that burned down

Posted on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 1:18pm by Rear Admiral Anin & Commander Aki Shagdac

Mission: For Honor
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Current

Tapping on the table in his ready room, Aki thought about the events that had happened the last few days. He did expect some force of the Empire to make sure Kri'Shya would not make it off that planet alive. Thought there were none and Kri'Shya was safely dropped off at the Federation borders an hour ago "Captain, you got a prior one communication hail from Providence Fleet Yards" He heard as Aki took a deep breath and knew whom that was "Put it through towards my ready room" Aki stated as he tapped onto the side panel letting the interface screen appear before him "Yes sir" As he looked at his screen he noticed the hologram communication appeared seeing Vice Admiral Anin standing there "Well that is unexpected Admiral, I was just mentally getting ready for your face on my screen. I don't think I was ready for a full you" He said as Aki leans backward in his chair.

"Good day Commander Shagdac, my direct line on this communication path has to do with the fact that I will be in an emergency meeting soon" Anin stated still standing there with her arms behind her back.

"Really? What did I do wrong this time?" Aki said annoyed as he had no time for these kinds of jokes. Whatever was going on behind the scene, it was having its effect on the Tornado "Look I gave Kri'Shya over towards Federation Diplomats to handle it, I am not good in that type of law" He pointed out.

Anin did not answer at once as if she was observing the Commander behavior "Kri'Shya has been transferred towards Outpost Curtiss, where she will be transported towards a civilian facility for the administration work. She is not the current problem we are facing, I have dealt with the Klingons on the matter"

Blinking at the word choices that his Admiral had said, it means that something big is going on. Aki was more interested now about what Anin was calling about "What kind of emergency meeting Admiral? What must the Tornado do?"

"The President of the Federation will announce publically that the Sovereignty of Kahless is terrorist. That our borders will be the strength with more forces and that we will be supporting our Klingon allies in this" Anin did not seem pleased about this, but it was difficult to see, as Vulcans emotions are hard to read.

He taps his finger on the table as he thinks about it, seeing that the Tornado was close towards the new formed SoK borders he shrugs "I will order my helmsman to retreat towards Federation borders at once Admiral" Aki said quickly ready to pull the Tornado out of Klingon space.

Raising till midair her right hand "No, Commander I want you to go deeper into Klingon space. You are the only allowed vessel in Klingon space that we got. I need you to travel at maximum towards RaQ'Al" Anin spoke, letting her hand go back on her back "You will need to convince the son of the recently passed away Lord Darg to return towards the aid of the Empire. Othin Darg is a key in this civil war"

"Why is that?" Aki stated as he placed his arms over each other trying to understand why this person was important "Did the house of Darg not fall after Lord Darg was defeated?"

Nodding towards that answer, Anin smirks a bit "Because he is your ticket to sovereignty grounds, yes you heard me correctly. I need Tornado personal to get into the heart of the enemy" Anin saw that Aki was going to protest as she continued "We have recently to believe that Captain Demets, Captain Ivanovich and Captain Takato are at the former battleground Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI'in the Narenda system"

That made Aki stop as he heard the name of the former Captain of the Tornado and knew that he would have a rebellion on his hand if he ignored this "Understand, we will be on our way towards RaQ'Al" Aki said against his own will as he saw Anin nod towards him.

"Good, one final note" Anin spoke as she got his attention again "First Lieutenant Deloria, your Chief of Security and Tactical is to be transferred towards the USS South Carolina and this is per order of the Marine Corps" Anin stated

"What?" Aki replied surprised as he stood up "I am losing my Chief for what reason?" He raised his voice looking at the Admiral.

"The details are ... vague to me, but it seems that she is discharged dishonorably for continue of her duties. Some heavy evidence has been found and presented towards the Marine Corps that JAG has concluded with the wishes of the Marine Corps to discharge Deloria and transfer back to Earth. No arguments Commander, you got your mission. Good day" With that said the hologram disappeared as Aki slams onto the desk and breath a few times to calm himself.

"Computer, revoke access level of ...First Lieutenant Deloria to civilian access and remove her rank and station of our manifest"

[Acknowledge, First Lieutenant Deloria has now only civilian access and removed from the Tornado manifest]

With that done, he knew that some officers will get to his ready room as he drops down into his chair and took a deep breath "Well this is how a Klingon feels without a weapon and tied down" Aki mutters.


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