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Just hold on...

Posted on Mon Oct 23rd, 2017 @ 7:44pm by Ryoko Takato

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Prison - Unknown Location
Timeline: Current

"Arggh..." Sergei had difficulty keep his momentum up as he was put back on his knees by two Klingons "Your will is interesting and very strong like your fellow colleagues..." Maharf stated with a smile on his face as he points his blade at him "I almost envy you..." As Julia screams out of pain as another Klingon guard pierce her shoulder with a blade slowly "You bastard...leave them alone!" A logical reaction from Sergei, he was a man that would sacrifice himself to ensure that everyone is alright. Look at his latest action a few months ago, he saved his crew by deceiving the Klingons so that they could escape. But it was at the same time his biggest weakness "... don't hurt them!" Sergei said again.

Maharf smirks as he closes by to Sergei face with the knife at his neck "Give me the codes and we will stop...this enjoyable parade of wonderful screams" He grinned at the broken Captain that was on his knees in cuts, brushes, and wounds as he wanted to speak up to give in to his demands "I...I..."

"You are so lame..."A laughing voice came as Maharf grin disappeared as he looked a the direction of the voice "Ryoko...don't" Sergei begged as Ryoko looked at him with blood strip dripping down the side of her mouth "You think he has the codes? Really? I mean come on, are you a member of those ehh" Ryoko shook her head as if she was thinking "Those...that renamed themselves ...from being Targ?" Maharf growls and stood up with a quick move slammed Ryoko in the face with a fist and she slides onto the floor as she coughs blood onto the floor "Yea...only wuss from those Targs hit like a woman" Ryoko barely got out as she tried to get up as another guard hits her into the stomach as she lifts off the floor and twist against the wall "Argghh"

"I...I have stories of the woman that survived a Klingon sniper shot. Those are deadly Captain" Maharf points out as he grins again "You know, the ways of our people have changed so dramatically that it is the right call for the SoK to finally see the real ways" Maharf became totally religion on that topic as if he was putting the idealism of the Sovereignty into a holy term.

"I...really don't like you so much" Ryoko smirks as she let her head fall to the side to look at them "I mean, at first I thought you were trying to seek your manhood. But really did loss it?" Ryoko smirks as she tries to sit up. A Klingon wanted to hit her again but the gesture of Maharf stopped him.

Maharf smiled on a dirty way towards her "You know what was so fun in the old days, their methods of keeping order" He looked at Sergei "Choose your victim Captain" Sergei looked at him confused and then towards the other Captains then back "What you mean by choose?" Maharf walked towards him and looked down at the weak man "I mean that you need to choose your victim. Will it be one of those women or yourself? We Klingons keep order in chaos, it is our method to turn you against each other...choose or you will die" Sergei eyes were big, he had to choose one of the two colleagues that were already suffering as bad as he was only to make it worse?

"CHOOSE YOUR VICTIM" Maharf scream as he tied his grip on his knife.

Conflicted by emotions, Sergei was broken in his principals of self-sacrifice for great good. Give the codes would mean hundreds or even died, choose someone and that person will get whatever Maharf will live or die by his blade. He could not choose, as a tear rolled over his cheek he could hear a voice "Choose me, Sergei...." His watery eyes looked at the direction of the voice as it stopped at Ryoko that looked directly at him "Do it.." Sergei closed his eyes and looked away as Judith looked down to the floor. Maharf laughs seeing Sergei point at Ryoko "Have fun boys....until next time Captains" With that said Maharf turned around and left the cell as three Klingons charge into Ryoko kicking and punching her, showing her every corner of that cell. While Judith kept her eyes closed as fear hits her, while Sergei tears rolled over his cheek. Both unable to do anything to help their friend.

After a while, they left the cell with Ryoko bearly breathing on the floor. Both of them went to her "Ryoko, I am so..soo sorry" Sergei said in tears as Judith did her best to path her broken friend up "We can't keep going like this, where is Starfleet?!?" She growls as Ryoko opened her eyes still in agony of pain "They...will find us....Tornado won't give up"


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