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A Little Too Close

Posted on Wed Oct 4th, 2017 @ 2:10pm by Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas & Commander Aki Shagdac & Commander Landon Milo MD & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson & Meera Deloria & Ensign Ixelom Vejeem

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Shuttle/Surface
Timeline: Current

Lewis Hamilton flew the shuttle down from the Tornado toward the planet. Beside him sat Caradan, monitoring the scene and the readings. There was still only one life sign and enough interference to prevent teleporting onto or off the planet.

Caradan looked back to check on everyone riding along. Behind her sat Commander Shaqdac and Lieutenant Erickson. Mindo, Ixelom, and Corporal Higgins were in the back of the shuttle performing final preparations. Following behind was another shuttle with more engineers, security personnel, and equipment. That shuttle contained Lieutenant Deloria and Doctor Milo.

“Entering atmo now,” said Hamilton.

Caradan checked the readings. “Captain, our ETA is 10 minutes. Hamilton, set us down a few kilometers away from the derelict shuttle and life sign.”

Looking up at Caradan and simply nodded as Aki looked back at the PADD with the information about the planet.

Higgins was mostly checking over his weapon systems and kit. Like most Marines, he seemed to be much more comfortable in the Marine Utilities over Starfleet uniforms. Nonetheless, he was focused on his job, which was providing security for the first team.

Meera, in the second shuttle, had already done what Higgins was doing, and now seemed to just rest in the shuttle's bay, utilities and equipment settled onto her from comfortably as combat experience taught her, while they descended. "So Doc, when's the last time you had to do a field treatment?" Meera asked, cracking open an eye to look at Commander Milo.

The Chief Medical Officer's blue eyes flashed over to look at Meera. I feel overly protected right now he thought with the security personnel around. "When is the last time anyone told you that you looked a little green?" he retorted back at her with a smile. "I did not earn this rank by sitting at my desk in Sickbay, Lieutenant. I can certainly assure you that much" he added.

Landon was triple checking the medical equipment that he had brought along with him. Not quite enough to constitute being a mobile hospital, but he had definitely ensured that he came prepared. "I'm no stranger to house calls and I am no stranger to being on the front lines" he added to his previous response.

=^="All hands this is Lieutenant Eunidas,"=^= came Caradan's voice, =^="We have a hurricane 200 kilometers due north. It will not be any trouble at all but doe expect some turbulence and wind shear."

Caradan looked at Hamilton as the shuttle rocked a little. "Just get us onto the ground Ensign."

"I guarantee that is going to happen."

"In one piece," she added.

Scott looked up from the sensor station he had changed into his infiltration uniform with his gear ready to hit the ground running. "I didn't count on a hurricane coming into the area."

"It should not be a problem," said Caradan. "Sensors do not show it moving in our direction nor toward our destination. It is just giving us some wind shear."

Meera chuckled. "Never a 'little green'." She says, and nodded. "Just thought I'd ask." Still, listening to the comms cause Meera to shrug, and settle a bit better into her seat to relax for the trip down. "Just give me a heads up when we're 5 minutes from LZ. Till then? I'm gonna haze on out." She states to the pilot, closing her eyes and relaxing into her seat, seeming to go into a meditative or sleeping state.

And it only took five minutes for Caradan’s voice to come over the comms. “Five minutes to LZ. Pilots, keep an eye on your attitudes. This wind shear is causing some turbulence.”

The shuttles descended through the atmosphere gracefully and their trajectories smoothed as they got below 5000 feet. The second shuttle followed suit as Hamilton piloted the first to a clearing not a terribly long walk from where the life sign was detected. A fair hike in the other direction was the derelict shuttle and possibly some more equipment Engineering would probably find interesting.

As the shuttles set down and started powering down, Caradan was the first to set foot onto the ground. As she looked around, surveying the area, everyone else was preparing to depart the shuttles.

“Security,” she called out. “I need 360 surveillance. I need to know of any threats, concerns, and the best path to our Klingon prisoner.”

Higgins was more than a little upset that Caradan deboarded first, but he made damned sure he was second off, rifle up and scanning physically for targets, before he took a knee a standard 5 meter distance from the shuttle to create a security bubble.

Scott moved out the of shuttle behind Caradan, he started scanning the area with his tricorder. "Still reading just 1 life sign."

"Be sure to also scan for any wildlife," said Caradan whilst looking over the somewhat desolate landscape. "Though I think we may luck out there. Have your men keep an eye out though. And scan for dangerous flora, anything poisonous, airborne allergens and bacteria. A planet capable of supporting life yet has no life on it. I want to know why."

"Don't complain, no wildlife means no predators," Ixelom interrupted grumpily. The Tellarite counselor had silent for the entire trip down to the surface, and now she looked downright disgrunted as she departed the shuttle. "I really don't like this planet. It's cold."

Meera piped up as she disembarked, the last member of Security to do so. "Caradan, do you want to do my job? My people aren't so stupid as to not know how to perform their job." She stated, checking over the perimeter established even as she did so. So far all good.

"No bacterial hazards from what I can tell. The wild life could be scarred from the shuttles landing or from the hurricane around the area. I am not picking much on the scanners. The transporter interferes could also be a hazard to the small animal life." Scott noted.

Caradan stepped up to Commander Shaqdac as he was stepping out of the shuttle. “Commander, everything seems to be going according to plan.”

She was trying her best to much towards Aki liking but played along "Understood, continue the operation" Looking back at the rest of the staff "Keep in mind folks, we are here on unwanted grounds...relics, ancient stuff and stuff like that is no touching. Thought I wont stop you from scanning"

“Which means no souvenirs showing up on the Tornado,” Caradan called out. “Squads, form a Wedge Formation around the Commander , pointed South Southeast. Maintain constant scans and keep your eyes and ears open. All of you. Lieutenant Mindo, gather your team and head to that derelict shuttle our prisoner rode in on. See what you can make of it. Prepare to move out.”

Meera couldn't help but roll her eyes. Since Commander Shaqdac took command, Caradan had been trying to do EVERYTHING it seemed. Including micromangement. "Alpha Squad, you're on point. Patrol Formation. Bravo, with me. We're on security bubble on the non-combatants." Meera ordered, watching as her people formed up and readied to move out. Looking to Aki, Meera nodded. "Ready to move on your order sir."

Caradan looked back to Shaqdac whose washboard of a nose was stuck in his PADD. She turned back to her 12 0’clock. ’No. Don’t think like that. Maintain professionalism.’

“The order is given,” Caradan called out. “Move out,” and she made a large circle in the air with her arm which was body language for what was just spoken.

The Doctor interjected "And let's remember that I'm rather fragile and irreplaceable. If one of you get injured, I might be able to save you...if I get injured..." Well, then we are probably screwed thought the Doctor.


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