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Starfleet Horror Story: Davmorda

Posted on Mon Sep 11th, 2017 @ 1:47am by Lieutenant Davmorda Rex & Commander Landon Milo MD

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Current

Davmorda had her eyes stuck in her Yeoman’s PADD as she trekked on down the middle of the corridor. Others had to move out of her way to avoid collision. She took note of the people she passed; male, female, those who were talking and what conversations they were having, who took special care to steal a few glances at her before, during and after passing her by, regular crew, petty officers, officers, children.

Davmorda stopped in her tracks and looked up from her PADD. Her brow furrowed as she looked ahead and down the corridor. There was no one else in sight or even within earshot.


Scrolling through the list of the crew she noticed no listing of any children on board. There was the Feserian but what her peripheral saw was, in fact, a child and no short adult, no Feserian.

She started walking again in the direction of where she saw the child and, as soon as she turned a corner, Davmorda saw the last glimpse of the child’s foot disappear around the next corner. The child appeared to be running and Davmorda quickened her pace to that corner only to be met with the same thing as she rounded it. The last glimpse of a child running and seemingly playing. Only, this time, there came the faintest hint of a giggle, though a bit heinous sounding if Davmorda had to describe it to any detail.

She did not call after the child knowing fully well there were no children on board. Being the Yeoman, Davmorda knew who was or was not on board at all times. She pressed on toward where she last saw the child and, rounding that corner, saw the same scenario. Only, this time, the final glimpse of a foot disappeared before the doors to Sick Bay closed in its wake.

Davmorda looked this way and that and still there was no crew about. And no one came out of Sick Bay.

’Got you now.’

She placed her PADD on standby and held it by her side as she walked on toward Sick Bay. Standing erect with her head back, she entered through the parting doors. “OK. No more games,” she said to the air as she saw no one else in the room save for Commander Milo in his office. She looked around and there was no sign of any child and the good doctor did not seem to have been disturbed by anyone or anything entering mere seconds ago.

The Doctor heard some commotion but thought little of it until the Captain's Yeoman came in looking as though she was trying to find someone. "I can assure you, I am not playing any games" he said with a small chuckle. "Yeoman, can I help you with anything? I don't have any patients at the moment. Were you looking for someone?"

’Your head on a pike.’

Davmorda looked around briefly and saw no child or even the presence of one. “I thought…”

’You thought you saw a child. Go ahead. Tell him.’

“I thought…I saw…a small…” Davmorda ended her quest to find any trace of the child. She straightened and composed herself. “A small swarm of fireflies. Just before my eyes. It happens to us Joined Trill at times during fluctuations in our isoboramine levels.”

’Quick thinking there.’

“Could you check me out, doctor? To make sure I am in no danger of rejecting my symbiont?”

Five minutes later, Davmorda was out of Sick Bay and on her way about the ship, venturing in the general direction of her quarters.

’Don’t want to be alone with me do you?’

Davmorda nodded to a few passers-by but kept her attention primarily on her PADD though it was the exact same information from minute to minute. She did not scroll or swipe. She just wanted to look busy.

She made no conversation with anyone, even decided to ignore the presence of another Trill, ’Unjoined? They still let those offworld?’

Davmorda swiped about on her PADD to display something different. Anything to distract her from that inner voice. And…that child? She could have sworn she saw the final glimpse of that child from earlier as he disappeared around a corner.

Ignoring everything, Davmorda hurried to her quarters and entered. Sealed from the rest of the ship she marched right over to a bottle of Trillius Brandy waiting on her.


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