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To be prepared of the unknown

Posted on Mon Sep 11th, 2017 @ 4:51am by Commander Aki Shagdac & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Intelligence Deck
Timeline: Current

The first and utmost importance of having the right information at the right time. Aki knew that they were radio silence and Starfleet was pretty much blind on the operations of Tornado, only the Klingons could pass that information to them. So whatever was going to happen, it was something that could endanger them and every step should be considered with lots of wisdom "Lieutenant, report" Aki orders as he walks towards him.

"Captain," Scott handed him a padd with all the information from the Klingon database that he is able to pull and other information that other intelligence operatives that had scans of the area that is within the ship's computer. "I have some other plans that I am currently working on with Lieutenant Riaan."

He takes the PADD and nods at the information "Do enlight me of the information you have for me or your plans as it most likely impacts the ship's health" Aki pointed out as he scans the information "This Civilian War is taking shape and the Empire still looks away when Starfleet asks about it, meanwhile our people are still prisoners" He mutters out of frustration.

Scott nodded and ativated the display behind him. “I have some surface maps of the planet of interest. Possible locations for a hidden base of some kind as well. The planetary information hasn’t been updated a few years inside the Klingon database I captured a while back. So the information is still sketchy. This area here the most likely location for a base of operations. There’s breathable air on the planet but the gravity is 1.2 of standard. For ground teams I would recommend a three person team to each of these locations. The system is located deep inside Klingon teratory. No house has claimed it under their own. The recourses are limited to simple mining and hasn’t been able to keep an active economy for even the minor houses of the Klingon empire. It’s a perfect place for prisoners to hide out on.” Scott pulled up from the map of the surface to show the main moon orbiting the planet. “This moon is heavy with unable metals that radiate down to the planet. Transporter usesage to the surface is limited to area where the moon is on the other side. If the prisoner is hiding in the projected area we may need to take while ship down or a shuttle to deploy a extraction team.” Scott paused for a moment in the event the captain had a question.

Nodding towards the information of what was given to him "Good good, this is the kind of information I expect from my CIO. I will keep Tornado closer in orbit to make an easier escape if it needs, it would require our engines to run double shifts, but it will hold. You on the away team?" Aki asked.

"Yes, sir. I would be more useful on the ground then onboard the ship."

"Alright, consider you on the ground team. Any information you find, documents, records or whatever is down below there. Scan it and we will analyze it on the ship. Alright?" Aki asked of his CIO.

“Aye Captain,” Erickson nodded.

"Good, I look forward towards the field report you make then Lieutenant. We can gain lot of intelligence from this mission" Aki pointed out as he leaves the room "Good luck on the surface Lieutenant"


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