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The way we think

Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2017 @ 4:22pm by Ensign Ixelom Vejeem & Commander Aki Shagdac & Commander Landon Milo MD

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Entering the Sickbay seeing everyone working and preparing for the upcoming mission. Aki stopped close to the new Chief Medical Officer "Settling in Doc?" Aki said as he looked around seeing the Nurse Sutherland and the Counselor Vejeem working on their projects also.

Landon's senses were still weak as his road to recovery was fated to be a long one and his own physicians and psi therapist were unsure if he would ever be 100% again, but the past several months had shown that he was a lot tougher than he looked and that his determination would be his best medicine.

Needless to say, he was doing a hell of a lot better than when he was bound to a hover chair and relying on others to assist him. He was up and about, walking again and able to use his abilities to sense lifeforms around him. He was a good 40 to 60%, a great improvement from when he was at a complete loss of his abilities.

The Chief Medical Officer was leaning against a work station with his jacket on, PaDD in hand. When the Captain came in, Landon felt nothing out of the ordinary until the man was a few feet away. Then he could sense the change of emotions in his proximity, alerting him to the new presence. He turned to meet the man. "Ah Captain, a pleasure to see you" said the bubbly half Betazoid ship's physician. "Yes, yes. I am settling in just fine. Thank you for asking. Everything has been going rather swell down here. The ladies have been keeping me company this afternoon" he said gesturing to his Nurse and the Counselor.

Looking at his side again towards the two ladies working at whatever they were busy with as Aki narrows his eyes and looked back at the Doctor "Did you not wear a red shirt a while ago? Why did you step away from it and why this area of space doc?" Aki was curious what the driven motivation was of this man to join the Tornado on such dangerous task.

"Oh, leave him alone, Captain," Ixelom interrupted breezily, although she smiled at the captain from across Sickbay to defuse her words. "Asking rude questions is my job, after all. Besides, as far as I'm concerned, switching from red to blue is a sign of brilliance and psychological stability. Your job in command is so hard!"

"Some privileges I want to keep for myself Counselor" Aki bites a bit back with a grin on his face "Being in Command is pretty much delegate everyone to do what needs to be done in the right moment"

It was the sort of questioning that Landon had been used to by now and one he was prepared to face. "Thank you Counselor, but I can handle the Captain" interjected the Chief Medical Officer. He shot a flash of a smile "A spitfire that one is, but probably a lot gentler and non invasive as her predecessors" Landon added, having full knowledge of the sort of tactics used by Laurel Oakley.

"Captain, my getting into the red uniform was not planned to begin with. I was the CMO on a starship cut off from the Federation and our Captain had to be put in stasis to save her life. That's how I got into that red mess, and when we did return home, I thought I'd continue, my heart and soul is in the field of medicine. Your starship needed a Chief Medical Officer. I was available and have more experience in my somewhat young career than some physicians with gray hair and wrinkles" he went on to explain.

Nodding towards the explanation of the good Chief "Well welcome back towards the teal suit then doctor. But who knows, you might be needed to step up as you are the second high ranking officers on the ship" He smiled as he looked at the counselor "Ensign what is the current morale of the ship crew? Any problems so far?"

I hope only for a limited time if need be thought Landon when the Captain suggested he may need to step up and possibly hold down the fort as needed.

"Nothing too serious," Ixelom said casually, turning away from where she had been inspecting medkits. It was an important job and the counselor truly didn't mind helping the small medical staff, but she was pleased to talk about her actual profession. "The crew has mostly recovered from the bombing, the battles and the capture of Captain Takato. There are still mixed feelings about you, but the crew in general trust you. Right now they're just restless more than anything else."

Nodding to them as Aki took a deep breath with a smile on his face "Alright, that sounds good. Don't let me hold you all up, got more runs to make" He said as Aki turned around and left the Sickbay.

"Nicely worded" said Landon looking at the Counselor. "It was very diplomatic how you handled that question about crew morale and how they have mixed feelings about him" the Chief Medical Officer continued. "And what is your assessment of him?" he asked curiously.

"Creepy," Ixelom said, shivering in discomfort. "I don't know...something about him just freaks me out. His subconscious mannerisms, his language, know...creepiness. I could be prejudicial, I guess, but..."

Landon chuckled "Tellarites are not known for being prejudice, just argumentative and opinionated, blunt and to the point equal opportunity offenders" surmised the Chief Medical Officer. "I concur with you though" he said shaking his head.

The Chief Medical Officer took a deep breath. "I have not yet come to fully trust my own senses again, but I'm cautious with what little I do read off of the Captain's emotions. He is...creepy" added Landon.

"So I'm not the only one?" Ixelom said reluctantly, her talks with Riaan, Mindo and Caradan on her mind even if she couldn't mention them. "Well, that's just peachy. I've got faith in your telepathic skills. Still...even if he's a bit creepy, that doesn't mean he's a bad captain, right? He could be great."

Tellarites were not known for being particularly good at shielding their thoughts and emotions. Perhaps because their culture was one of constant bickering and sometimes insulting among friends. Whatever the reason, Landon was able to get a quick flash from her that others did not feel too comfortable about this Commanding Officer either.

"No, it does not necessarily mean he is a bad Captain. He could be great. You're correct, but he also could be trouble, Counselor" replied the Chief Medical Officer crossing his arms. "If my cousin Laurel was here, she would be able to read him like an instruction manual. She could tell you what he ate five weeks ago for lunch and what he's planning on eating for his next Ha'mara feast" explained Doctor Landon Milo, growing anxious and mildly more cautious by the minute.

He let out a small sigh. "Not to sound like a Bolian conspiracy theorist, but Starfleet officers have gone bad before. Even Captains. Garth of Izar went mad, Rudolph Ransom threw his morality out the airlock in the Delta Quadrant, Calvin Hudson turned his back on Starfleet to fight alongside the Maquis...the list goes on" stated Landon.

He walked over towards a work station in Sickbay. "I can try to contract my cousin. She was First Officer here when Captain Takato was in command. She might be able to do some digging into Shagdac and turn over some stones." He looked at the Counselor "Maybe we should all be on the same page. If other members of the crew have their concerns about him, I believe a meeting should be arranged."

Ixelom hesitated, taken aback by how quickly the doctor was prepared to undertake such measures. She looked at him for a moment, rolling the question over in her mind.

"Let's take it slow, okay?" she urged, turning back to her own work with the medkits. "It's a slippery slope from 'meetings' to 'mutiny' and 'court-martial'. I're talking about undermining his authority, and the captain hasn't done anything really immoral or suspicious."

Even so the counselor couldn't help but add, "Yet."


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