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For Science!

Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2017 @ 6:48pm by Commander Aki Shagdac & Staff Warrant Officer Grace Grayfield & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth & Ivy Sharzin

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Science Deck
Timeline: backlog

Looking at the latest files that got in about the region, it was quite a feast for the Science crew to get all this data. Daystorm Institute would have a day trip when receiving this data. Grace taps onto the console as she analyze the information and notice the Commander entering the labs 'Great here comes trouble' Grace thought as she looked at the Commander "Captain what can we do for you?"

The Commander did not look at once at the Enlist as Aki took a deep breath "Where is your new Chief?" As he saw the Enlist point towards the office where Riaan was settling in "She is quite busy sir"

Ivy peaked her head out from an open doorway of a small bio-lab. She found the conversation quite misleading. The words she heard and the tension she felt were quite different. She certainly did not want to interfere, so continued to watch for the moment.

Riaan was busy, looking at reports and scheduling experiments. There was a lot of administration to her new job. She looked up at the commotion outside her office. It was the captain, and she felt a pit open up inside her. Even though he had been the one to promote her and give her the job, she still felt the fear when he was near. She knew it wasn't rational, but it was there anyway.

She looked back at the PADD for a moment while Grace played interference. She took a moment to steel herself for the conversation. Then she stood and pushed her hair back over the ear that had the bajoran earring. 'Prophets help me.' She thought and stepped outside of her office. "Something I can help you with Captain?" She asked in a soft cool voice.

Seeing the hybrid Cardassian/Bajoran standing there, he had to swallow in his past and gave a bit of a forced smile at her "Wanted to catch up on the status of all departments, how is yours doing Lieutenant?"

Riaan considered for a moment, trying to decide what would get him to leave the quickest. "Good, we are reconfiguring some of our sensors for better passive detection. We are also rearranging some of the multi-use labs to help us shift through the data. We are also working to acquire long range scans of the planet, and hopefully getting some good data on what is 'beyond' it."

Ivy continued her listening and peeking out the door toward the Captain and now Riaan. And that was the part that seemed even stranger. Riaan was explaining some things, but not everything. Especially not some major issues they were having with some of the scans. She knew it definitely wasn't her place to correct the Lieutenant. Ivy certainly wouldn't come out and interup. But she thought, What if the Captain asks her directly? What should I do then?

Looking puzzling a bit at Riaan as he noticed someone at the door. "Who is there?" He looked at the direction as he saw the curious plantish creature, "Ah...Ivy why are you hiding?" Aki asked as he looked at her.

Riaan also turned to look at Ivy in the door.

Ivy stepped out into the main room timidly. "I'm sorry. I did not mean to offend." She bowed slightly as she had recently read about, how one humbled themselves in a situation like this. "I was just curious and did not want to interrupt." Her lips came to a prim line, her eyes casting down slightly, still trying to be humble.

He smiled at her "Don't worry, you did not offend anyone about this," Aki said. "How is life for you on the ship so far? Anything you wish to report?"

Ivy stepped forward a few steps more, stopping a few paces away, with the reply, "I have been quite well. Thank you for asking." She had been learning many speach patterns and proper ways to respond in kind. She found much of it to be useless and redundant, but every culture had their quirks about communication and physical contact.

She smiled and added, "Report?" Saying the word aloud in the form of a question. She quickly added with a bit of excitement in her words coming from the universal translator, "I should report that I now have hair." She reached up and stroked her fingers through the thin bright green strands of leaves on her head that were about 8 to 10 inches long. The long thin leaves like blades of grass laid mostly over the top and down the back of her head. They were still in a bit of a mess, but she stroked them back and they mostly stayed out of her face.

Riaan's lips twitched, she wanted to smile. She was happy for Ivy and the progress that Ivy had been making. However much she wanted to, all she could manage was the tiniest twinge.

Smiling at Ivy, "Good, hope you are learning alot from Riaan?" Aki asked on a friendly tone looking at Ivy with curiousity as he awaits a reply.

"Yes," Ivy stated with a positive tone. "Riaan has helped a great deal, learning of science, social mannerisms, and some expectations by others."

Aki looked at Riaan for a second and then back "Good, I hope I can also relay then on you for future science questions Ivy" He stated "I would advice you to look the LCARS up for any information on history and science."

Ivy began bobbing her head to the positive, "Oh yes, yes. Access to the computer has been so very helpful," her eyes seemed to drift off slightly as she thought about her recent queries, "getting details on different cultures, expectations, hard science verses analytical presumptions."

Nodding towards them both "Good keep it up! I need to redirect my attention towards other matters, my apology" Aki stated as he nods to both of them with a friendly smile and leaves the Science area.


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