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Past is past

Posted on Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 @ 10:42pm by Commander Aki Shagdac & Lieutenant JG Mindo & Ensign Bradford Keselowsky

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Current

Wandering a bit around as Aki ends up at Engineering, ahh yes Mindo the Lieutenant that has quite an interesting history. Records stated that Takato already wave some of past away and with a remark on it, that repeat of this would cost this Lieutenant dearly. But there were still problems in that service record that made Aki concern the situation at hand a bit more.

As Mindo was away for the moment supervising work around the ship, that left Keselowsky in charge of Engineering. He was on the other side, at Crismore's station chatting away with her. He finally turned toward the entrance after Tiffany gave him a few aggressive throat clearings and attention tossings.

Seeing his Bajoran Commanding Officer, Bradford broke from his conversation with Crismore abruptly and marched over to Aki. "Captain, I am Ensign Keselowsky. I have not yet had the honor of meeting you in person yet...Sir."

Seeing the Ensign standing before him "Commander Shagdac, I am looking for Lieutenant Mindo" He stated quickly waiting for a proper response.

"Little Mindy...I mean Lieutenant Mindo is away at the moment. THough he should be back any second now. I assure you. Shall I comm him for you?" After a second's pause, he followed that up with, "Sir."

Mindo walked out of his office and saw Bradford Keselowsky, his "second" in command, blathering on to the CO of the Tornado. He approached from behind Keselowsky and said, "There's no need, Ensign," he said which caused Keselowsky to jump in a start, "had you been paying attention you would know that 'Little Mindy' came back an hour ago. At the time you were..." he looked back at Crismore, "working diligently to keep the ship running, as you always do."

"Yes sir," Brad said. "Always do sir." He stood at attention before both men, darting his eye between the two.

Looking at the interaction of them both as he chooses to focus on the Chief that stood before him "Lieutenant, status report of the ship. We have suffered quite some bit or so the reports say. Are we safe in Klingon space or should I be requesting another Chief?" Aki joked a bit as he waited for a response.

"Engines are at a hundred percent," said Mindo. "All systems are go, sir."

"I can vouch for that," said Keselowsky raising his hand. "Everything is as fixed as fixed can get," he said then furrowed his brow after hearing his own words.

"Good, we are going to arrive at the planet for another 2 weeks or so and I got no idea what will be thrown at us. So I want to the systems up to its full strength" Looking at Mindo "Is that a possibility that you can do?" Aki asked as his eyes shifted towards Keselowsky and then back.

"We're ready for anything down here," said Mindo. Beside him, he could feel Keselowsky struggling to not make a comment about Mindo's size and whatever "down here" meant.

Narrowing a bit his eyes as Aki looked at Mindo "You are pretty reserved person Lieutenant, your records different" He stated as he crossed his arms over each other "I mean from a macho man to a nodder is quite a change."

"He's pretty macho, Sir," came Keselowsky. He could feel a confused set a little beady eyes on him. "A small stature says nothing about his skills as an engineer. We all may be a bit 'reserved' down here sir, but when the shit hits the fan, reservations are out the window and we are all macho men."

"Women too," Keselowsky added quickly. "We have macho women too. Or would that be macha?" Realizing he had dropped formalities, he added, "Sir."

Mindo shot an annoyed look at Keselowsky, then looked back at the CO. "I wasn't aware you cared, sir," said Mindo. "I'll try to be more predictable in the future." Mindo was beginning to get a bit annoyed by this visit. He figured the less he said to Shagdac the quicker he'd be out of his hair. Apparently "the Shag" had a different impression.

"Oh don't presume something if you don't know the person and you don't know me Lieutenant, I do care and thus I am here to see if my staff and my crew are doing well" Aki notice the irritation and he liked that, makes a person more alert "Lets hope women will not have influence again on your career, it seems to be a problem in the past for you has it not Lieutenant?"

This is not going well, thought Mindo. I'm just about ready to punch this guy, Captain or no Captain.

Mindo replied, "My romantic encounters won't affect my performance on this ship as long as I am permitted to take the proper steps to avoid them." He was, of course, referring to his drinking on the job, which helped keep his strong libido out of the picture.

"I too don't let the women-folk interfere with my job either, Sir," said Keselowsky.

"Oh please," said Tiffany, still at her station. Mindo shot her a look. This was not the time to make Keselowsky look bad, even if he was a troll. "Sorry," she said, turning back to her station.

His eyes went to Tiffany and then back at Mindo, there was more going on here than meets the eye "I will keep an eye out on your...performace Chief" Aki looked at them both "Good day" He finally stated and made his departure from the Engineering.

"That went better than expected," said Mindo.


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