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Loose ends, haunt you

Posted on Fri Sep 1st, 2017 @ 11:35pm by Commander Aki Shagdac & Ensign Elena Reis

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Current

Day to day operations was getting back on the way as Aki was reviewing past logs and old records of the previous Captain that had served the Tornado. Her name was Ryoko Takato, legendary in her tactical and direct choices, known by many people as the Ice Queen that did what was asked of her. But still, a name kept popping up at her reports on various duty assigned assignments 'Elena Reis' as he made it towards the Lounge to grab some food. He noticed the good Ensign and approached her with an apple in his hand "May I sit Ensign?"

It had taken a moment for Elena to notice, lost in some thought or song for the time, despite those minuscule movements that proved at least part of her was aware of him. She finally gave a glance up and a nod, "Of course, sir." She said with a brush of her hand across the table, away from the plate she had barely touched in front of her. "You're always welcome." She said politely, most likely instinctively.

"Thank you" He nodded as Aki sat down and took a bite from his apple "Riddle me this" He sat as he looked at Elena "The previous Captain, rest her soul to the prophets wherever she is at moment, was quite enjoying of having you around. Could tell me why?"

Elena glanced up for a moment and stared at him. She didn't say anything for a time before finally giving a smirk, "I don't know, sir." She said with a shrug. "I couldn't explain it to you if I wanted to." She glanced at her food and then back at him. "Maybe I'm the only dedicated tac officer on board. Maybe we had some similar experiences." She sighed. The truth of the matter was she didn't particularly want to talk about it - it was a sore spot, and one she knew would get poked if he was legitimately on to something. "Maybe I forgot my meds during transfer." She then quickly added, "Why do you ask?"

Looking at the Ensign that was bad at not showing her emotions 'So I poked right' Aki thought as he smiled at her taking another bite of the apple "Because while Captain Takato is viewed as a cold hearted....bitch...I mean we can be real about it. She was a royal pain in the ass for many officers both her own crew and flags" He pointed out as he tried to get under her skin "But I know for a fact that her logs changed before a month or so before she sacrificed herself" And Aki smiled again and points at her "And you are mentioned to many times in my taste"

Elena gave a little laugh. She nodded, "She could be a bit of a bitch, yes," She spoke, leaving out the little devious memory in her mind for a moment in her agreement. "I don't know anything about her logs." She paused for a moment and thought about it. She could just tell him - what did it matter now? She shook her head, and in her usual irreverent tone she asked, "How many times?" She said with a sip of her drink.

Looking at her as he winked at the last question "Why you want to know?" Aki smirks a bit as he takes another bite of the apple "I lost count after 30" He pointed out "Maybe it is my mind going wild that the Takato had a love interest in someone. Thought it would explain if she was falling for women, only men worked mostly under her"

"Curiosity," She didn't say much more than that for a moment. She wasn't sure what to say. So. she just pushed the subject. She was pretty sure she knew where he was going, so she just went there. She was tired - and there were a thousand other emotions swirling about in the back of her mind as well. "So, you think she might have been falling for me, hm?"

Looking at her as Aki was eating his apple and observing the Ensign "So, you miss her don't you?" He smiled as Aki leans backwards in his chair and thought about it for a second "Don't worry about it....I will keep it to myself but Takato was not really good at hiding it"

The Ensign gave a smile and shook her head. She felt his movements for a moment and closed those large eyes. She sighed and didn't answer that for a second. Then a thought hit her mind. "Yes," She said softly, barely audible. She realized that if they never found her, it didn't matter. If they did, she wasn't going to hide it when they did. Neither thought was calming to her. She shook her head though. "But, we'll find her," She added.

He nodded and soft up himself a bit as Aki looked at the clock-house of the apple remains "Be prepared for whatever status she will be in. Remember, those that are war prisoners don't tend to come back as themselves and need all the support they can get to recover" Aki pointed out as he looked at the Ensign.

"There isn't much that can prepare," She said softly, "But I've lived through an occupation. I know what helped me after." She gave a weak smile, "Maybe I can help, or help her find someone who can. Until then. Thank you for checking, sir."

With that said he stood up and smiled at her "Anytime Ensign, now better get focust. I need you on the bridge when we arrive at the planet. I got no idea what this person as planned out for us" He pointed out as Aki nodded at her and made his leave.


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