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Failure is not an option

Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2017 @ 9:32am by Commander Aki Shagdac & Meera Deloria

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Security deck
Timeline: backlog

The latest reports showed that the Security forces of the Tornado had dealt with severe and dangerous situations. The past few missions were hell for the crew and lost of life was most among the Security personnel. Aki knew that their Orion Chief did everything she could to get her team up to speed and ready for it, but an extra boost would always be welcome. He walked into the Security deck of the training area and observed his Chief at work.

His Security Chief being at work mostly consisted of dealing with reports, paperwork, and more. Granted, Meera had run a good crew as the Chief, especially through some rough moments. But still, she was here and trying to make it all work. As the door opened, Meera glanced up and gave the Captain a nod.

"Afternoon Sir. Anything I can help you with?" Meera asked, making sure to continue glancing over every so often to show she was aware of his presence even as she finished the latest operational report form to reflect the new members of security integration with those that were still aboard.

Looking at her "Lieutenant, wanted to catch up on the status of the Security force on the Tornado. Are we ready to face the enemy if needed?" Aki spoke as he looked at the training of some Security Officers "Sporty..."

"Yes sir. Some of the new crew are pretty green to combat, but the ones that aren't can hold their own. And the few that haven't been cycled off since I boarded are definitely ready to do what's needed." Meera replied.

Nodding towards her "Are you prepared for what is coming at us at the planet? Any suggestions on who you want for the away team that will go down there?" Aki asks as he looked back at the training Security Officers.

Meera sighed. "If I had my dithers on it Sir, I'd be one of those on the ground. Not a fan of all the desk work to be honest. But since I doubt that'll be an option, I'd probably have Corporal Higgins at the very least."

"I can have you down there, Reis can do the weapon control on the bridge. I need experience eyes down there and we can't fail at the lack of security down there" Aki spoke as he did not know what to expect there and he did not like it at all.

Meera nodded, adjusting the assignments she'd been working on. "Experience I've got." Meera states, glad to get on the ground again. She missed putting boots on the ground.

"Good" Aki replied as he looked back at his Chief "Erickson will be joining in the away team. So better get me that target Lieutenant" He smiles a bit at her.

"Oh you'll get them. The only question is alive or dead. I'd personally advocate alive, so that we can find out why the Empire wants her dead." Meera says, nodding.

Smiling at his Security Chief "I prefer alive" Aki pointed out "I better get going...there is still lot of things to do" He gave a formal nod towards her "Lieutenant" He stated and made his depart


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