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[Riaan and Scott]

Posted on Thu Sep 21st, 2017 @ 11:49pm by Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Intelligence office
Timeline: Before mission A little too close

After the meeting, Riaan went to Scott's office. She pressed the chime to let him know she was there and waited for his response.

"Come in," Scott said turning around from the main terminal.

Riaan slipped in quietly, moving towards the desk. "I figured we should talk about the upcoming mission." Her voice was soft and slightly sad.

Scott nodded. "I have some information on the Klingon planet we are heading too."

"Good. I'll need that, but I'll also need to know what we should be looking for? Not just near our destination but elsewhere." She asked softly as she took a seat across from him.

Scott pulled up the geogrphical maps on the planet and sent it to a padd. "Here are the maps on the area that the database has... are you okay Riaan?"

Riaan gave Scott a careful look, trying to assess what she could tell him. She sighed and sat back in the chair, "You already know what's wrong." She said.

Scott wasn’t really sure. Their was so much going on. Was she as worried about Captain Takato as he was? Or was there something more. “I understand. However we have a current mission to focus on. I don’t have enough information on who the target is. We need to be ready for anything.”

Riaan nodded, seeming ever so slightly relieved, but there was still tension there. She was not sure she wanted to talk about Ziara's leaving, her promotion, her fear of the captain, or how uncertain she still felt in her relationship with Caradan now that Ziara wasn't around. "Well, that's why I'm here. We have a lot of tools, but the problem is going to be putting our eyes in the right places." Riaan agreed with him. "I don't know where those right places are, I think you do."

"I have marked some locations that would provide us with tactical advantages. The ones in blue are insertions points, red are secondary areas and green lines are the most possible routs from each of the areas listed. Once we get more planetary scans we'll be able to determine the best possible outcome." Scott said. "I have map out some locations also for the shuttle to go in the event the Tornado gets held up."

Riaan shifted slightly to get a better look at the map. "Given that it's related to our mission, I can get scans of those locations pretty easily using powered sensors. We might even be able to scan beyond the planet with them. However, we are pretty far behind the border, so I'd like to know what else we should be looking at." She was focused on their work now.

“The area is very barren. There’s a class G sun, 2 inner plants and 3 gas giants. Dense asteroid field. The next system is 6.5 light years away. The planet itself has no tactical or political advantage. It’s a planet where one can go and hide.”

Riaan sat back, "Is that all you think we can do?" She asked, sounding disappointed not about the scanning, but in him.

"Once we get closer we can get a better idea of the layout. I have back ups for the back ups. For know this is all I can do, once we get boots on the ground it will be more clear. What is it that you are looking for?"

Riaan thought for a moment before replying, still disappointed. "No, I expected you to be better then that." There was a pause as she brought up the specs and her voice was professional, if still soft. "Our usual scanning routine is a few light-years, true. However, I don't think we are necessarily in a routine situation. I don't know if you have heard the latest from the Argus Array about subspace transmission interception. I think we can modify our passive sensors to listen much farther then we can normally."

Erickson raised an eyebrow. “Do you need to get something of you chest Riaan?”

Riaan took a breath, trying to sort out what she wanted to say. She didn't really have anything that she needed to say to him. However, she was disappointed in him, his lack of imagination about what they could do with the sensor array, his apparent lack of interest in his actual job description and what the captain had told them to do. She could say nothing, just leave it be. Then she remembered what Ixelom had told her.

Riaan sat forward, her voice returning to it's quiet disappointment. "It's nothing major mister Erickson. I'm just disappointed in you, I expected you to be better. You are an intelligence officer, it's your job to collect intelligence. Rather then try and figure out with me how we might extend the range of our sensors, targeting them for what we are looking at, you dismissed the possibility. You also seemed to dismiss the possibility of collecting data on route, I don't know if this is an oversight on your part or a lack of curiosity, but you should be better then that."

Riaan's tone changed and her voice rose to normal speaking levels, for her that was almost shouting. "Most relevantly, you underestimated me, I am the chief science officer of a Federation ship. They might praise the engineers who can turn rocks into phasers, but it is my knowledge that lets them do that. My sensors are the best that the galaxy offers. With them I can track every grain of sand in a Vulcan sandstorm, spot the distortions in the interstellar medium by cloaked ships from light-years away, and pierce the toughest interference. Mysteries remain unknown at my discretion." This was the most that Scott had ever heard from Riaan at once and it was not driven by anger, but by pride. Riaan was proud of her ship, her department, and what they were able to do.

“Riaan, I have never questioned your ability or the ability of my ship and crew mates. Before I was the Chief intelligence officer I was an infiltration specialist. I had all the information that was required for me to do my job. So trust me. I am good at my job. I am giving you the current information I have on a previously uncharted system by the federation, I’m getting this information from the Klingon database that I took from them. Finding the Klingon on that planet is my job. Leading the away team and preparing them for the extraction is my job. I don’t need an imagination to get the facts. I just need the facts.”
Erickson crosses his arms on his chest. He was hurt by her words. Even though she was right. Since Laurel left the Tornado he wasn’t able to focus straight, she helped him get his head clear so he could focus. When Captain Tokato was captured it broke him.
His job was to protect the crew. He needed to protect his captain and he failed her.

Riaan nodded solemnly, "Soon as we have scans of the planet and the area of interest, you will have them. I'll adjust the scanners so we can get it a bit farther out then usual, giving you more time to make your plans." She said, returning to the quiet soft voice she normally used and no longer sounding disappointed.

"Thank you, Riaan." Scott said, "Next time just tell me what I'm missing before you make feel like I am a disappointment." Scott said with smile.

Riaan nodded, she wanted to smile at Scott, but couldn't. "Sorry, I'm new at being in charge of some things. If I mess up, feel free to tell me." She said softly.

Scott nodded and got back to work.


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