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Back to basics

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2017 @ 6:13pm by Commander Aki Shagdac & Commander Landon Milo MD & Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas & Lieutenant JG Mindo "Minduno" & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth & Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson & Meera Deloria & Ensign Ixelom Vejeem

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: Current

The Chiefs were asked to report towards the Conference Room for a briefing on their new mission. The Tornado was fully operational and there were no real problems among its duties. Aki entered the room and put his PADD on the table and sat down in his seat as he takes a quick look at the information.

This is going to be interesting thought Doctor Milo as the man made his way down the USS Tornado's corridor, a PADD in hand. Being a Chief Medical Officer was nothing new for the half Betazoid. However, for the past year Landon had been aboard the USS Beifong as the starship's Commanding Officer. It was a long story and at some point he was sure someone would want to hear it, but not now, not here.

Rounding a corner and taking to joining corridor, Doctor Milo arrived at the Conference Room. The doors slid open and the Chief Medical Officer entered, finding the room was already occupied by the Captain of the Tornado. Unsurprising. I would be in here early making sure everything was ready thought Landon as his blue eyes locked onto the man. "Captain" he said with a polite nod as he proceeded to take a seat at the table.

Erickson held his cup of coffee in one had entered the briefing room. “Captain, Doctor,” he said sitting down at the conference table. He was ready to get back out into the deep black and get started in the new mission.

In her quarters, Riaan fiddled with the rank pips. The room seemed so much bigger with Ziara missing. She was not sure what to make of her new job as Chief Science officer, but she resolved herself to do her best. She slid quietly into the room. She wanted to sit next to where Caradan might be but she was still nervous about the Captain, so she sat down at the far end of the table. Her fingers running nervously over her earring.

Yup, still in the Starfleet uniform. Yup, still wearing the Lieutenant's bar. Looked like Meera was still here and continuing on her job of keeping the ship safe. Walking into the conference room, she was double checking her latest personnel report, since there'd been yet more transfers around under her. She had one, maybe two people at this point she still personally knew under her command from when she first boarded the ship. So, settling into her chair, she waited to hear what their next bit of trouble causing, or solving as it may be, was gonna be.

Ixelom was the next to come in, waving jauntily with a PADD in hand as she entered, her habitual wide grin clearly evident. The Tellarite didn't say a word as she sat down however, instead reading the PADD with interest.

As he studied his PADD, Mindo became aware that no one probably saw he was even there. He stood on his chair and set the PADD down on the table. The room was eerily quiet, and Mindo couldn't shake the feeling that it had been a while since he was in this room. The room hadn't changed. It was as he remembered it. But a light sleep the night before gave him a very long dream in which he was Chief Engineer of a ship called the Pandora. The dream spanned a number of months, and mostly consisted of a freak love triangle with his old friends Cailus and Shae. Mindo had stopped by his department and found Tiffany and Mindo's second, Brad Keselowsky, arguing over neutrino sequences or some such nonsense. At least everything was where it needed to be, though it was odd not having Zo, who had mysteriously transferred to parts unknown. Mindo didn't even get a "goodbye." Mindo propped himself on his knees and leaned against the table, ready for the briefing.

Caradan had become something more than a novice at ignoring Davmorda. The Trill walked along side Caradan as they both made their way to the conference room. Davmorda was looking at her Yeoman’s PADD, reading off a whole list of todos.

“Of course,” said Caradan to whatever Davmorda last said. “I will get right on that as soon as this meeting is over.” The doors slid open and Caradan eyed a room full of people looking back at her as though asking why the Executive Officer was among the last to arrive. She marched in and started toward her seat next to Shaqdac.

Davmorda followed suit and sat in the vacant chair opposite the man.

The Chief Medical Officer had a look around at those who had assembled. An interesting crew the man thought, he particularly was interested in what he concluded were the Chief Intelligence Officer and Chief Engineer. Erikson, Landon had never met but Laurel had shared some information about him. Landon had to admit his cousin had good taste in men. Then there was Mindo who was interesting because of his very youthful look which made Landon feel quite comfortable. Being part Risan, he always looked a few years younger than he actually was.

Erickson grinned slightly when he saw Caradan step into the room. He was ready to get this briefing started and getting back into his intel office. He had several projects that he was still working on an some others that he wanted to start. He closed his case on Caradan temporally. He trusted her and that was enough for him.

Landon had a good hard look around the room once more. Despite his youthful appearance praise good ol Risan genes, the Chief Medical Officer was feeling a wee bit matured. After studying the men and women in the room for a few minutes, the Doctor quickly brought his right hand up, curled the tips of his fingers and rested them against the pips of his collar to obscure them. Being a Chief Medical Officer and having taken the Bridge Commander's examination to earn your commander's pips was not unheard of.

Being in your mid 30s and doing so, less common, but it still happened. Case and point he was sitting in said situation. However, it was damn awkward to look at the head of the table where the Commanding Officer sat and seeing only three pips starring back at you. And even better, Landon, you have seen his medical records. You're older than him the Chief Medical Officer thought to himself nervously blushing and trying not to look awkward or uncomfortable. Throw me a lifeline...start the briefing...start the briefing he thought, almost praying for people to break the silence.

Of those present, Meera was probably the most 'beaten' of the crew, though not by the things the ship had been doing or anything like that. Nah, it was her time in the Dominion War that had worn it's edges into her. But even so, she was ready for this briefing to start. She needed to get things handled, and besides, she was curious to see what new trouble the ship was headed for.

Tapping on the table as Aki waited for everyone to sit down and get silence as his eyes shifted to his first officer and then back towards the rest "Let's get this briefing on the way, I cut the chase as we don't have much time. One of the fugitives manages to escape that barge and us. We are asked or rather demanded to go after her and fix the mistake" He rose his hand before anyone could interact "The Klingon Empire has a code of conduct when it comes to accepting missions, we accepted it and play by their rules. Even though they are in civil war, they keep to the honoring part. If we want Tornado to operate in their space, we finish this. Security gets the people trained to land on the surface of a hostile planet, we manage to get the information that she is heading towards a planet called...."

Aki looked at the PADD and smirks "Qlj Hegh...if I pronounce it right. Science this is a one of a life time opportunity to get scans from beyond the borders as so far records state, no one has traveled this deep in their space. Medical I like you to get staff ready for wounded, we don't know what to expect at that planet. Intel take all the scans you can take from around the area, but keep it low profile and keep an ear out for any Sovereignty of Kahless communication. Questions?"

Riaan for her part didn't have any questions. She acknowledged the captain's direction with a nod. Part of it was that she still felt a visceral terror about the Captain. How he was treating Caradan was not helping matters. She did her best to minimize the contact that she had to have with him. She figured the best way to do that was to do her job quietly and effectively. She glanced at Erickson, mentally noting that they would need to have a conversation later. She began working through what scans might be best to run. There was one good thing about being the chief science officer on a Starfleet science ship, you never ran out of toys to play with.

The Chief Medical Officer's eyes widened a bit with the name of the planet. Working through the subpar Klingon pronunciation, the meaning of the words did not soften the blow. "I will have my medical staff ready, Captain. Though I cannot say I am overly keen on the thought of going to a planet with that name assigned to it" Doctor Milo stated.

Mindo cleared his throat and sat forward. "You said there could be wounded. Is the ship included in that statement? I've finally got us running at one hundred percent. I'd like to keep her that way." There was a brief pause, then Mindo added, "Sir."

"We are doing this at the request of the Klingon Empire," Caradan spoke up. "The fugitive we are after can potentially be a great asset to the Sovereignty of Kahless. The weaker the SoK, the sooner this civil war is over, and sooner we can find Captain Takato." She glanced over to Aki to see if he showed any sign of being impressed. "For the sake of the captain," she continued, "we must be willing to take this ship to its limits, beyond even."

"We looking at a search and destroy mission, or an securing an asset for recovery?" Meera asked, already opening up her PADD and starting to pull together a list of her ground-team.

"The main mission is getting that person back, so the later one Lieutenant" Aki pointed out as he looked at his Chief Engineer "I can't really say what to expect, but I want this crew to be fully operational and read for whatever is there" He smirks a bit at the end and took a deep breath "Lets get this operation going, dismissed everyone!" He stated as he stood up and walked out of the room with his PADD's in his hands. Davmorda was quickly behind him.

Oh this was going to be so much fun on the ground. Asset recovery always had more issues than one wanted to shake a stick at. It just came with the territory. Still, that was the goal, and Meera would make sure that it would happen. Giving a nod as she stood up, she walked out of the meeting room only occasionally tapping at her PADD.

Erickson nodded and made a note on his PADD to bring up all the information that he could on the planet that the stolen Klingon database had on file. He stood and dismissed himself before leaving the conference room.

Riaan stood and left the room, having not said anything the entire meeting. She really didn't feel that there had been anything to say in the meeting, other then perhaps acknowledging what the captain had said, which she had done with a nod.

Ixelom, for her part, was utterly silent and undetectable in her chair, and among the last to leave. The typically merry Tellarite had restrained herself from speaking during the briefing, and indeed she even avoided making eye contact with anyone. Instead, the counselor had spent her time doing something productive, surretitiously watching everyone and observing as they reacted to their new orders.

Mindo left the room silently making notes on his PADD.

All this work and all the responsibility. On top of all that, Ari was the first to leave the room. The Captain was rarely the first to leave upon concluding a briefing. Caradan sat there a moment before gathering her PADD and slowly standing, making her way toward the door.


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