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Barge after match..

Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2017 @ 1:00pm by Commander Aki Shagdac & Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas & Ensign Elena Reis

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Before the Briefing

Leaning backwards in his chair he had his eyes closed as the silence was sinking in. The report of what Aki had to do towards both Starfleet and the Klingon Ambassador was everything but pleasant. Their failure to get all prisoners were put on his shoulders and he perfectly accepted it. Yet the new mission was something he was not all too excited for. He had summoned his command team to report, to get operations moving again.

Elena was surprised to be summoned to the ready room. She didn't take much time to arrive once she was called though - a bit more sullen than her normal self. The Cygnian was a bit quiet, a bit tired - but ready to jump at the sign of a mission direction. "Commander," She added after arriving, and stepping to one side of the ready room.

"Just make sure they are all fully repaired for the next encounter, Eunidas out," Caradan spoke into the air as the doors parted and granted her entry into the Ready Room. She slapped at her commbadge thus deactivating it. "Commander," she said as she saw the man. "Ensign Reis," she nodded to Elena. Caradan also made a quick scan of the room and noticed Shaqdac's Trill was not present. Was he gaining some form of camaraderie with her Changeling XO? Somehow Caradan knew that was not the case.

"Nice to see you make it to this private party Lieutenant" Aki stated as he leans backwards "We are facing a problem, one of the prisoners has escaped our grasp and the Empire wants us to get her" Aki smirks at the end of his line.

"I reviewed the profile that the Klingons have on her during our last search," said Caradan. "The only bit of information that was provided was a name, Kri'Zhya Hur'q. There was no other information, no image, no criminal charges. If I understand Klingon culture well enough, then this lack of information means she has been a bad girl. So bad they the Klingons decided to erase her very existence and send her to Rura Penthe."

Nodding towards Caradan "Yes that is correct, But it seems the planet that we are going or where this Hur'q went to is a cursed world by the Empire. I got no idea what to expect there, but it doesn't feel right. So I want the ship on alert and ready for anything" Aki pointed out to both of them.

"I will see to it that Yellow Alert remains constant," said Caradan, "and that Battle Stations are manned at all times. All departments will be fully staffed during all hours of the day and night." Caradan was unsure reminding him that she was Changeling was a good idea. Still, she wanted to make sure he knew the options he had. "If my talents and abilities will aid us in this mission, sir, then I am yours."

Elena gave a quick nod. She hadn't said much. "We'll be ready," She said after a second. She didn't have much else to add, but there was something about the orders that made her uncomfortable. Maybe it was just the region, or the idea that someone slipped through there fingers. Or, maybe something else. She couldn't put her finger on it, so she didn't speak up.

Nodding towards the young Ensign as Aki thought for a second about what was needed next "You are both dismissed, resume your duties as best as possible" Aki stated as he made a mental note to himself to get ready for the debriefing.


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