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Posted on Thu Aug 24th, 2017 @ 1:39pm by Ensign Ixelom Vejeem & Meera Deloria

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Holodeck A
Timeline: Current

"Standard training drills people. NOT ad-hoc! I see someone do something NOT in the standard training cycle again, I will personally put your ass in the deck and have you promptly cycled to a station duty far from any border-region!"

For all the additional training programs Deloria had been running, in particular the ones helping bring crew up to Marine standards for weapons handling, ship combat, and of course, as today, Close Quarters Combat, or CQC, it was still important to make sure that everyone was able to still match the standards expected of them. Mind, today was NOT one of those additional training sessions. Everyone but her in the holodeck today were Starfleet Security, who were all needing to re-up on their evaluations for, well, Security Restraining Training.

Meera knew these programs, she made sure she herself was up-to-date on them. That was why she was running the evaluation. Only a small number of the crew at this point had been on board as long or longer than the Orion Marine. Gave her a warm fuzzy feeling from time to time thinking on it. Mostly though, it was just a whole lot of headaches as she had to rework her programs to deal with things.

The holodeck in this case was arrayed in a generic training space, so there wasn't anything in particular 'special' about the space to define it.

Ixelom Vajeem, the Tornado's portly Tellarite counselor, was lost in her own thoughts when she walked past the open holodeck door. A few meters past the door, she stopped, frowned, then backpedalled to peek inside the holodeck.

"Is that even anatomically possible?" she asked with bemusement, staring with amazement as a small human woman twisted her opponent's torso in a way that simply looked impossible.

Glancing back at the voice that spoke up, Meera nodded. "Yup, and done correctly too. Let him go. Computer, reset subject Alpha for next evaluation." Meera stated, watching at the Security officer let go of the man, and then the hologram 'reset' into his armed and aggressive stance.

"Ensign, you're up." Meera said, pointing to the Andorian next in line. "Something I can do for ya Councilor?" Meera asked, watching the next Security officer go through the evaluation program.

"Oh no, not really..." Ixelom mused, still hovering on the holodeck threshold as she looked in at the various men and women grappling with their holographic opponents. It was oddly fascinating, seeing them grapple, throw and strike with such fluidity and speed. "I was just passing by and...well, I was curious. Oh, I'm sorry Lieutenant, I really don't mean to be nosy, but you could sell tickets to watch this show."

Meera snorted in amusement. "Maybe. But I wouldn't be able to give regular showings, as this Security folks here are going through their evaluation tests to keep their rating, and more important, their job." She says, watching as the next person went though the program.

"Though I can only imagine one show many on board would love to see. And I ain't getting that flimsy of wear." Meera says, shaking her head at the matter.

Ixelom glanced at Meera with surprise, then walked up to her, carefully navigating the various training pairs. It was a testament to their discipline (and, Ixelom thought wryly, just how much authority Meera had over her people) that the Security officers didn't spare the squat Tellarite more than the odd glance.

"So I get this is necessary and all," Ixelom said curiously as she came to a stop beside (and below) Meera, "but is it really that much fun? Because they look like they're enjoying themselves. A lot."

Meera shrugged. "For some of them, it's determination not to let a few, incidents that happened to us never have a chance to happen again. Others, well... I can't really say." She replied, watching over the training personnel, and only sparing Ixelom a glance as she approached.

Watching the various men and women, Ixelom placed her hands behind her back. "They have a variety of motivations, really," she said more quietly, so that only Meera could hear. "Some of them just want to be the best, no matter what, and some, like you said, don't want past events to repeat themselves."

Ixelom jerked her chin at one security officer who successfully grabbed his opponent's hand as he blocked her strike, then swiftly flipped her onto her back in a furiously quick movement. "He, on the other hand, is angry. Really, really angry."

Meera looked over at the person in question, and nodded. "Yeah, some people have anger issues. This sort of thing let's 'em get the anger out and not get in too much trouble." Meera remarks, chuckling. Of course, she was also writing down scores for the evaluation on the PADD she had in hand. It was nearly over though.

"Anyways, Once I've gotten these last couple of eval's done, we'll be vacating the holodeck." Meera states, giving Ixelom a nod and a smile.

Rolling back and forth on her heels, Ixelom smiled back in response. "Oh, I wasn't planning on using the holodeck. I'm just being a nosy busybody. It's half of a counselor's job, really. Anyway dear, if you ever want to chat, you know where to find me." Turning to leave, she added cheerfully, "Maybe I can give you tips on how to stop your subordinates from staring at your tits!"

"Ha, I have to maintain SOME Orion traditions!" Meera replies grinning, before focusing on the evaluations she needed to clear up.


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