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Cold Realities

Posted on Thu Aug 24th, 2017 @ 4:55am by Ivy Sharzin & Lieutenant JG Riaan Rrareth

Mission: Weeping Woman
Location: Riaan's Quarters - Holodeck 2
Timeline: Current

Riaan sat in her chair, reviewing some of the results that she had been getting. The door chime activated and Riaan told them to come in.

The door slid open to reveal Ivy standing there in an over stuffed and thick fur coat. The fluffy fur was all white and seemed to have hair 3 to 4 inches long. A big smile was on Ivy's face, so big her eyes were even squinting.

Riaan wanted to smile at Ivy, but couldn't. There were only two people on the ship that she could smile easily at, Ziara and Caradan. "Ivy, welcome, It's good to see you. I wanted to talk to you about the results of some of the tests we have been running, so you could stay up to date on what we are doing."

Ivy stepped into her friend's quarters and was intrigued by the information provided. "That sounds interesting. Will it take long?" She really was interested, but was actually more interested, at the moment, in another idea. "I understand one of the holodecks has a public use time with a frozen ecosystem to explore. Would you like to come?"

Riaan thought about it for a moment, she would have to rearrange things on her schedule around a tiny bit, but she could do it. "I'd love to."

Riaan's answer pleased Ivy, who smiled and added, "I have never seen snow, nor any quantity of frozen water before."

Riaan filed that away in the back of her mind somewhere. "Then this will be an interesting experience for you. There are some places where snow is very common." Riaan said, putting together the PADD.

She stood and handed the PADD to Ivy. "We can walk and talk. This Padd contains everything that we've managed to learn about your species from you. While we can't generalize yet, there is a lot of fascinating trivia we were able to learn."

Ivy accepted the PADD, very surprised that someone was coordinating the information about her and her species. She followed Riaan out of the quarters as she was focused on the display in her hands. Ivy couldn't take her eyes off of the many pages of descriptions and definitions laid out. There were several diagrams as well.

Riaan continued, "Also, when you leave the Tornado, you should take at the very least the data here with you. It will help any doctors that try to treat you."

"This is truly amazing," Ivy exclaimed. She looked to her friend with a big smile and said, "Thank you."

Riaan wanted to smile at the compliment, but couldn't so she just blushed slightly. "Thank you, we worked hard on it, and if you let us, we'll keep building on it."

"Oh," Ivy began, "that would be wonderful." She looked down again at the display as they continued down the corridor.

Riaan nodded, "It's what we, the federation, do. A lot of us are out here because we want to find new species, explore strange new worlds, to boldly go where no one has been before. You're a part of that."

Ivy thought about the entirety of Riaan's statement. She was slightly transfixed by its enormity. She looked to her friend with a blank face, "I know I have read that before, but I guess never understood it . . until now."

Riaan nodded, "I think that we're not out here as some sort of interstellar tourists, but here to do good. To help wherever we go." She said as they arrived at the open holodeck doors.

Ivy's expression changed to one more of clarity and confidence, as she stopped before the open door, turned to her friend and replied, "Then that is exactly what I want to do as well. Now, I just have to find out how I can help the most."

The edges of Riaan's mouth quirked upwards for an instant. But the almost smile disappeared. "Then welcome to the team, we'll help you figure out what you'll be best at."

With that said, they both stopped, arriving at their destination.

[Holodeck 2]

The large doors opened and Ivy turned to look into the holo-deck to see fields of white below evergreen trees. Before them was a packed path in the white fluffy snow. Her hands went up to wrap around her front, as she began to feel the freezing cold air waif through the open door.

Riaan felt the cold, and shivered slightly. It was a rather forceful reminder that Cardassia was a warm world. Although she was always cold aboard human ships, it was a difficulty she had learned to live with. However, to her, this cold felt different, almost threatening. She grimaced as she stepped into the holodeck and saw that there was a small closet with long coats provided. She took one down and handed it to Ivy and took one for herself. "Here, the coat will help keep you warm," She said.

Ivy accepted the coat gratefully and quickly wrapped it about her, fastening up the connections in the front. Her body did not create much heat. She knew this was going to be a real challenge. The feeling in her shod feet began to feel numb, and began to stomp them a little looking down, but then saw some overshoes in the small closet as well. She reached past her friend and picked up a pair that wrapped about her. She was then also grateful to see that they were heated and activated the thermal system. This would do wonders for her circulation while in the fridged chamber. She stood up and looked to her friend to see that she too seemed ready for the white and cold temperatures. Ivy shyly said, "Well, . . I think I'm ready for this."

Riaan nodded, slipping on the heated shoes as well. "This is going to be an adventure for us both then."

The two of them walked along the trail through the wood. Every so often there was a sign that talked about the various kinds of trees and wildlife that the holodeck was simulating for them. Riaan stopped at one of them, 'The Hengrauggi is a predatory creature native to the ice planet Delta Vega. It competes with the Drakoulias while hunting for prey both above and below the surface of the frozen seas of Delta Vega.' The sign read.

Ivy felt a little nervous after reading the sign. She asked, "They sound very dangerous. I wonder how big they are?"

Riaan spotted the creature starting to emerge from the ice. "I think you are about to see." She said, pointing at the huge creature.

Ivy's expression went blank as she saw a massive creature erupt through the ice sheeting that covered the frozen lake. She involuntarily took a couple steps backward. She had feelings of terror, but knew this to be a program and supposed to be safe, but that knowledge didn't seem to be helping her at the moment.

Riaan looked at Ivy, "don't worry, it's just a hologram. The safeties would keep anything from happening, even if it did come for you. That and it's probably going to prefer to come after me, I'm made of meat."

Ivy was about to say 'I know' to her first statememt, but it wouldn't have been a very good response to her last statement. Though, she was right about the creature probably preferring meat. Ivy's next though was if the creature could discern the difference from this distance. Ivy stood her ground and simply responded, "Ya, but I would rather not see." A smile came to her face as she looked to her friend.

Riaan tried to force herself to smile at Ivy, but couldn't. "Lets see what's next then." She suggested.

Ivy gave an approving nod and looked toward the creature. Ivy pulled her left collar a little which allowed another eyepod to slip out of Ivy's neck. It opened slowly.

Riaan looked at the eyepod, "That's intresting. want to keep an eye on the creature?" She asked.

Ivy smiled in response to her friend's curious question. She then explained, "With this eye I can see in the ultra violet frequencies. Unfortunately, this is not a real creature and the computer has only created enough for most humanoids to see it."

Ivy continued, "I guess I was hoping to see something of the animal under its skin." The eyepod in her neck closed up and retracted itself into her neck.

Riaan contemplated this for a moment before nodding. They walked on, the bitter cold seeming to get worse as they wandered from exhibit to exhibit. Riaan thought that they had gone a touch overboard with the temperature. Then suddenly she realized that Ivy was no longer with her.

Riaan doubled back, looking for the plant. It did not take her long to find her curled up in a ball against one of the rocks. Riaan knelt beside her. "Ivy, what happened to you?" She asked.

Ivy heard the translator say her name, and then something else. It all seemed so far away and darkness was about her. She couldn't feel the extremities of her vines. It was a very odd and slightly scary feeling, rather like when she was in the Escape Pod. With a bit of concentration, Ivy forced herself to expend energy creating internal heat, at a great expense, and tryed to open her eyes. Above her, she could see Riaan standing over her. She asked curiously, "Why are you standing over me? What's going on?"

"I think..." for a moment Riaan's mind blanked out for her as well. She could feel the cold effecting her too. "I think we should get out of here." She said, reaching an arm out to Ivy to help her up.

A bit of relief was expressed on Ivy's face. "Exit!" She called weakly, but with authority. They took steps toward the opening door. She was glad that Riaan was there . . and cared. They walked together, toward the exit, clutching each other's arm for warmth. Ivy felt very happy to have a friend in Riaan.


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