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Out of breath?

Posted on Mon Dec 19th, 2016 @ 7:57pm by Ryoko Takato

Mission: Behind Enemy Lines
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Unknown

Feeling the cold fluidic pass touching her skin that reacted in cold. As the hair spreads over the area while the female head struggles to resist. Not out of fear, not out of rebellion but gasping for the very basic thing that everyone, well almost everyone needed. Air, another gasp of air bubble escapes as the struggle continues when she finally pulled up and the woman drops to the floor coughing up the water that got into her lungs as she leaned forward with her wet hair hanging down dripping the water down.

"Tell me" A Klingon kneels next to hair "How does it feel to suffer under the requirement needs that you humans desire" The Klingon grins as he looked at the woman that did not answer and grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her back "Answer me that Takato"

Heavily breathing trying to get some air in as Ryoko looked at the Klingon "Captain Ryoko Takato, Commanding Officer of the USS Tornado-C. My mission to explore the Scientifically unknown and create ..." She gets push down to the floor "... Diplomatic relationship with the Klingon Empire....hufff" Was the end sound of Ryoko as she gets kicked in her stomach that made her crawl up and gasp for more air.

"You Humans are useless beings that have the annoying nature of thinking to be right all the time" The agitated Klingon replied as he walked around her in the small room "You proved to be incompetent to choose a direction. You got aggression in your blood that rage for battle, but don't act on it? You seek out new life and welcome them in your arms, rather than to let them kneel before you" The Klingon lifts the light weighted Asian Captain and looked at the tired face of her as she spits in his face as throws her back into the pool of water and keeps her head down "Spicy one..... I like that"

A few minutes later he did already a few times Ryoko head down the pool and left her on the floor the get back strength. He sat there eating some meat and ripping it off with his teeth as he spoke with his mouth full "You Starfleet Officers are more resistant than they promised us" He spits out a bone to his side and swallows the meat "But who am I to complain, it keeps me working!" He looked at her with pity "Come on, tell us what we need to know and your suffering is over"

"Captain Ryoko Takato, Commanding Officer of the USS Tornado-C. My mission to explore the Scientifically unknown and create Diplomatic relationship with the Klingon Empire" Ryoko barely got out as she dropped a few times to the floor seeing that the Klingon shook his head and stood up "Well girly, its resting time for you and tomorrow we shall begin the whole circus again....I look forward to it" With that said she blacks out as her remaining energy flows out of her.


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