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Pending Investigations

Posted on Sat Jan 7th, 2017 @ 8:33am by Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson

Computer code log with Erickson-Beta-2 Command.

Computer begin log.

Today has been a rough day. I haven't had a change to exercise with to many things on my mind. I am not sure when things will cool down again. The latest intelligence dump I got when I arrived back to the Sol system provided me with some gaps to several investigations.

Since I have been ordered to back away from the Tokato investigation, I have started to look back at previous open cases I have. The Eudinas investigation has come to stall. I feel it best to keep it that way. I don't want to prob into her live anymore. I know there are several unanswered questions, but I trust her enough to follow her lead and orders.

Commander Aki Shagdac is another story. I read his file and even asked access to several of the blacked out information. He is interesting but I don't yet think he has what it takes to lead a star ship. He has record like most Bajorans of being in prison camps. I wonder if he has ties to the Maquis?

-Pip open and investigation to backdoor ties to the Maquis and continue from there.-

His medical report shows him to have trust issues with species that have ties to the Dominion. I am sure he is not happy with an Changling executive officer. That worries me some as Caradan may been put into more dangerous situations. I know I will volunteer to ask her in any mission that I don't see fit. But Caradan is as resourceful as they come.

His background in Bajoran intelligence is also impressive. And as a mission specialists he does have the knowledge to be in command but I wonder if his background as a ranger would allow him to make the decision needed to lead a star ship and help calm the growing Klingon resistance.

Any ways, a new mission that is in the works has me pulling Pip on overdrive. Ensign Ries came up with an idea to get information from the Orion Syndicate. Using the name Qil-Fa'ari Varos, Pip was able to access the stolen Klingon database to determine that is her birth name. It would have taken me a few hours to draw too and too together. Sometimes I wish I could send on mission for me.

I am working on plan using a potential Orion ship that we can use. I am working on finalizing credible documents and ID's for an away mission and looking for low profile syndicate star base we can target to get more information from.

I miss Laurel I know she could find a way to help sort this stuff out and prevent me from getting an ulcer.

Computer end log.


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