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003 - Comes Down To Modesty

Posted on Sun Jan 1st, 2017 @ 7:59am by Ivy Sharzin
Edited on Sun Jan 1st, 2017 @ 8:16am

Ivy sat down at the desk and activated the console, "Computer. Begin recording personal log."

After the translator spoke the words in English the computer responded and activated the text screen and stated, "Begin Log Entry".

Ivy paused for a moment to get her thoughts together. This had worked well several other times, where she would speak in her language and then the UT would respond in a English, which the computer would record. "Today is a momentous occasion. This morning I completed my new appearance. So, when Peter, I mean Crewman Ward, came in this morning, he found me standing in the middle of the Botany Lab as I was examining how things turned out."

"Of course this scared him just a little. Well . . because it was like him looking at a naked human almost. Of course he quickly provided for me some clothing to cover up, so I would appear more modest to him and anyone else that might come in. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I should explain my thinking and what I was able to do last night."

"Over the last 7 days or so, I have been reading about how other animals bound or linked individual scales, making them 'one flesh'. I realized that I might be able to do that with the many leaves that covered my vine woven structure of a bipedal humanoid. So, I began to practice linking the leaves on the back of my hand. After many hours of trying I got the leaves to bind together at the edges, to become one surface. Because the leaves were smaller he color turned to a lighter green, not quite yellow. I hoped that the color might transition to more of a tan, but we'll see."

"Of course, I then noticed that the small leaf shapes seemed to be trimmed in a slightly darker tone. That didn't bother me so much, but I did realize that the thin and delicate leaf was easily broken or torn. So, for the next few days I worked on a way to make the leaf structure more durable. I was able to grow out an under lining to the leaf that I use in my body for insulation."

"I was quite pleased with my testing of the samples, but doing it all over was going to be another matter. Ya see, even though I had been working on different things for several days, I had not changed too much. Making a big change costs a great deal of energy. I didn't want to have to make a big change and then have to go back and rearrange things. Way too much energy lost that way. I preferred to work out he details, and then make the change."

"I was about to do this the other night when I realized that this new leaf covering would fit more snugly than anything I had tried previously. So, I felt the under structure should also be considered. The rest of that day I examined the structure of human women; muscle tone, fat, and shape. I even asked Peter about what he found attractive in a girl. He said, that for him, it was the shape of a woman's hips and breasts. I really don't think Peter understand the question or why I was asking, because when he answered he seemed to be staring off into the other room, where Crewman Porter was working on some bedding plants. As Peter described things, he didn't take his eyes off of her."

"So, now that brings me to last evening. I knew what I needed to do, which would take me all night long probably. I decided to just sit on the soil-box, that would allow more of my surface area exposed to the air. It's much easier that way to make changes to my structure, etc., than when lying on the soil. I also kept the UV lights on to help provide some additional energy."

"I restructured my framework of vines first, then mutated and added my close leaf structure. Like I said earlier, the leaves were made smaller and thicker. I then bound them together at the edges, making one smooth transition across my exterior surface. The length of the leaf stems was reduced to almost negligible, which tightened the surface to the under structure."

"By morning I was exhausted. Thank the 'Goddess of Light' I was well rooted and had eaten well the day before. I then uprooted myself, drawing my roots back inside my frame, and then finishing that portion of my surface that had been next to the soil."

"I guess I was a little weak when Peter arrived, because I was a little unsteady on my feet. He was so sweet and patient. As I said, he was so concerned for the morality issue. I really don't understand all that just yet. I guess I will learn in time. Up to this point the only thing I never wanted others to see of me was when I was discarding a waste nodule. I wonder if humans have similar reservations?"

End Log


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