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002 - A Daily Routine

Posted on Thu Dec 29th, 2016 @ 10:04pm by Ivy Sharzin

Ivy Sharzin held a large PADD in her viney hands. They were not yet well defined, but she had been trying different things. She tapped a button and said, "Computer, begin Journal entry."

A chime came from the PADD, it replied, "Begin recording."

With confirmation that the Universal Translator was next to her, she began, "This is my second Journal entry. It's now been 16 solar days since my rescue from the freezing black of space. I have fallen into a somewhat consistent routine now. I eat, well consume food, twice each day. They call it eating, when using their mouths. Since I still use my hands and arms to consume food brought to me, I'd consider that consuming and not eating."

She picked up a stalk of vegetable and looked at it carefully, thoughtfully, "Over the last couple days I have considered that I might try to consume my food by putting it into my head-shape. It would more resemble the Humans when they eat. I would need to grow the specific vines that have the digestive juices and consuming apertures in them." She wrapped her hand around the stalk and began to consume it."

"Also, as part of my day, I either sit in a chair at the computer console or just sit in the soil-box with a PADD. I will then have the computer read to me about what interests me. Besides a lot of basic information on species and general history, I have a curious interest in the technology used by the vessel and modern technology on the many known worlds. I have found that much of it, well at least the details of it, are considered secured. I guess I have not been given authorization yet to learn about these detailed things. I'll have to ask Caradan about more access the next time I speak to her."

"After reading for several hours, I'll lay down on the soil-box and bring up the ultra violet light for an hour or so. This is also when I will root down into the soil. I root down twice a day, for that couple hours in the afternoon and then for the long rest period, when most of the crew sleep. They call that night. I don't actually grown out new roots each time. Growing out new vines and new roots take hours. I will just retract the root into tight coils inside my bipedal frame. That way I can then bring them out without recreating them. A great deal of energy is saved that way."

"During the afternoon, ship's time, I try to interact with one or more of the crew. Talking has been a little difficult, so I have ended up playing games with them. Simple games really like, dominoes, poker, chess, and many others. I especially like the games where we can take on a different character and have to discover a mystery. I think Peter never wants to play poker again with me. He said something about me having the best 'poker-face' he has ever seen. I'm not quite sure what that all means, but I'm glad others still play it with me. I am quite enjoy playing it."

Ivy picked up another food bar in her viney hand and began to consume it. "In the evening I will consume another meal of nutrition, from a variety of sources. Peter has been trying very hard to please my curious nature and provide things for me to consume. There have definitely been a few things my body just didn't like. One of those was mushroom or fungus. One time I felt like I was floating with no gravity in the room. I was later told that I was flailing my body about the room wildly. I don't remember any of that."

"The last couple hours of the day are usually now set aside to watch a fictional history portrayed by professional actors. Peter calls them movies. There is such a wide variety. The other thing we do is lower the lights and listen to music. It seems that each culture from every world have their own way of making sounds with equipment and tools. They then add their voices to the rhythm. The songs tell stories, of adventure, of war, of heart ache, of encouragement, of love. When I hear a song about love, I think about my mother when I was only a 'Youngling'. I'm sure if I had tear ducts, I would cry."

"I finally end my day by laying back on the soil and allowing my roots to burrow into the soil for the long rest."

"I guess that's all for now. Stop recording".


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