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001 - Gratefulness

Posted on Wed Dec 28th, 2016 @ 10:35pm by Ivy Sharzin

Ivy sat at the computer console. She had learned so much of the universe about her. It was all so wonderful and overwhelming at the same time.

It had been recommended to her to begin a journal of sorts on the computer. It could be verbal, recorded in her own language or in English by the translator. Or, it could be written. Writing out her thoughts could be done by utilizing the keyboard or by speaking and those words would be translated down into written format.

Ivy decided to begin her Jornal in a verbal way and have it recorded in her language, in English, and written in English words. It was wonderful to find out that all three could be done at the same time by the computer. She wasn't sure that the Miglaxan computers could even do that.

With the universal translator next to her on the console,
she activated the computer recording, "Journal entry one."

Ivy looked upon the screen and saw letters forming words. She didn't understand that language yet, but given time she believed that she could learn to read and write in English.

"It had been 7 sun cycles or days since I was rescued by the crew of the Tornado. I must say that I feel that it is a strange name for a ship of science. As I understand it; a Tornado is a violent cyclone of air caused by a major collision of temperature conflicting air masses on a planet. I just don't see how or why a space vessel would be called a tornado."

"My intentions for this Journal is to document my thoughts and feelings as I learn more about myself and this crew and all that may await me in the future. I find it quite a stimulating concept. As I recall, the Sharzian species had very little written language and had relied upon verbal story-telling as a way of passing on history and information to the generations to come."

Ivy turned in the chair as she tried to refocus. "In the last 7 days I have gained most of my strength back, from the verge of death from freezing, lack of water, and light. In a way the lack of water actually helped me limit the amount of freezing damage that did take place."

She felt she was still not speaking about her current situation. "In the last 7 days I have molded my vine body to resemble these bipedal species, most are Human, but there are many other species that I have personally seen and well, mostly listened to he descriptions by he computer data. I'll explain that in another moment. My body is slowly being formed so I can fit in better, but am having difficulty with a surface covering the body framework. I'm not sure yet what to do. I'm sure it will come in time."

Ivy picked up a protein bar with her hand, wrapping her fingers about it fully, as she began to absorb the nutrition. "There have been several significant crew members that I have to thank for their help, up to this point. Peter Ward has been with me daily, during his working time period, his off time, and sometimes during his sleep time. I think he has finally began to at least sleep in his own quarters now."

"There is another subject that I may have to ask someone about. At some point I will need to ask, if I can have my own quarters and not just stay here in this Laboratory for plants. In a way, it's quite dimeaning, but not humiliating. At least not yet."

"Another person to thank is Lieutenant Caradan Eunidas. I understand she is a very important officer aboard this vessel. She is also one of the most unique species. She can actually change the structure of her body, like me in a way, but much greater detail and flexibility. Actually, there is very little comparison."

Ivy sat thoughtfully for a moment and continued, "Caradan was the first that I was able to communicate. She actually scared me with her changing, but I got through that. She was so patient with me." Ivy stopped speaking, then added, "I can not find the right words to describe how much I appreciate her."

She waited until her emotional state calmed a bit, then continued, "There have been several others. I'll mention them later, but would like to end this Journal Entry with a few things I have learned."

Ivy looked back at the computer and began slowly thinking of the words carefully as she went, "I was given access to their computer which has thousands of years worth of history, from dozens of species, over a multitude of worlds. I don't know if I will ever be able to look at it all. So, I have been focusing my questions about the species of people on this vessel, about this United Federation of Planets, and Starfleet Command."

"Since I could not read the words, I was very greatful that the computer could read the written words for me; the addition of the pictures also help."

"So, now when I speak to Peter, that's crewman Ward. When I speak to Peter, if and when I have a question, I simply ask the computer to provide pictures and to read the information provided."

"Well, I guess that is all for this Journal entry."

"Computer, end recording."

All that speaking had made Ivy thirsty. She walked over to the soil box and sat down. She extended the coiled roots, hidden in her bipedal form, and extended 4 of them into the soil. She then tapped a control button that added water to the soil box. Ivy couldn't help but smile inside and it also showed on the outside.


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