Weeping Woman

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The prison barge's shuttle was not found with the shuttle and one prisoner was unaccounted for. The USS Tornado's job, while failed in getting the barge, is not done as they receive orders from the Klingon Empire's High Council asking them to locate the prisoner with a heavy price placed upon the prisoner's head. Alive or Dead, the Empire wants the escaped fugitive, but an emphasis was definitely placed on the latter. When the High Council amend the orders with updated intelligence reports that the escapee is on the planet Qlj Hegh on the very outskirts of the Klingon Empire, in a system that they no longer acknowledge as part of the Empire, the Tornado appears to be in for a relatively easy mission.

Part of The Klingon Civil War

Behind Enemy Lines

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This story is a side story focused on the events happening at the prison where all Starfleet personnel and other prisoners are taken. Narenda might have been friendly in the old days towards outsiders, but now it is controlled by the brute and savage Sovereignty of Kahless.

Part of The Klingon Civil War

For Honor

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Contacts on the Klingon Intelligence Force has leaked out information towards USS Tornado about the location of Captain Takato. The problem with the information is the location. The former battleground of the House of Darg, Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI'in the Narenda system. The area is now under full control of the newly reformed House of Si'tac that now also controls the Northern Klingon borders. The KDF is still struggling with the civil war that is going on and already in key systems, so they can't support the rescue.

Shagdac turns to an old friends son, Othin Darg, the banished son that was humiliated by the House of Si'tac by destroying the House of Darg honor and killing his father. The hope was there that Othin could come to aid towards the Tornado desperate act to save Captain Takato. Yet Othin was drinking his own honor away in an old K-7 class station and not frankly caring about the friendship Ryoko had with his father. Commander Shagdac is forced to challenge Othin to combat and barely wins, only to receive the news that the only hope to get the Captain back is to turn on Caradan.

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Walking with grace

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This is a prelude of the USS Tornado-C. While you noticed that this mission has no mission 1 or 40 stand before it is purely Command choice. Use this mission as entree towards the USS Tornado, while the Command team is busy with recruitment to achieve activity status. In summary you will find further details of the IC plot.

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Portal of Chronos

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This is consider as the 'first' mission of the USS Tornado-C. The Portal of Chronos mission will be focused on the events happening at the Romulan borders. The location where it happens, is last known location of the disappeared station named MTRF (Mannheim Temporal Research Facility). Further IC details you can find in summary.

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We Will Rock You

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This is consider as the 'second' mission of the USS Tornado-C. We Will Rock You mission will be focused on the events happening on the starbase Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI' in the Narendra System. The crew is to enter a various of tournaments to unmask a rogue house that wants to harm the image of the Klingon Empire and place the Federation on edge.

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The Gorn Connection

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As the Tornado recovers from the attack, the location of a House Lo'rok supply depot is revealed. Who is supplying the renegade house? Who attacked the Tornado? The answers to these questions await at this remote supply depot.

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The Three Sisters

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The grieve news has arrived at the Tornado, the USS Bradley has been destroyed while being on recon at the Klingon Empire north borders. Captain Takato and its crew has were killed in action of an unknown attack.

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Locking Horns

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This is defined as the sixth mission of the Tornado and the crew faces with moral choices again. What will the crew choose, what will happen in their choices.

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Dishonorable Detour

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An old run down Klingon prison barge nearing its finals days as a prisoner transport vessel is heading through Klingon Empire with a load of prisoners en route to the Klingon prison on Rura Penthe.However, midway through their voyage, the barge is forced to make a brief stop at an old Klingon K-7style space station for assistance in repairing their faulty warp engines. The repairs are estimated to only take several hours to a day, however, the detour it has provided the prisoners time to develop a plan of escape. Upon the prison transport's departure from the old K-7 station, the prisoners mount a surprise riot and gain control of the prison transport vessel, forcing it to
change course.

The prisoners have made contact with one of the more radical and disgruntled rogue houses of the Empire, pledging their loyalty to the house in exchange for their freedom and servitude to the house. The barge was carrying nearly one hundred and fifty dishonored and condemned warriors with a strong blood thirst for revenge on the ruling houses of the Empire. The last thing the Empire needs are more warriors in support of these rogue houses. The search for the barge ensues and the USS Tornado is dragged into the manhunt as well as the Empire hopes to locate and retake the barge before the prisoners reach the freedom of a fleet of rogue Klingon vessels. Critical information might be found to the whereabouts of Captain Takato.

Part of The Klingon Civil War